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Recruiters and contractors that hire to fill offshore rig vacancies; auxiliary job offers

Danos & Curole, US based oilfield service company that, according to several reviews, from time to time searches to select and offer hiring for good candidates that could work offshore or on landbased rigs in some of the positions, like: Materials Coordinator, offshore; Scaffolder - Scaffold Builder to work offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. Good candidate for any of these positions could be described, as someone with experience of working on land based rigs and in a possession of both skills and knowledge how to help crane operator by guiding loads, assist welders and pipe fitters, and, of course, be apt and quick in assembling and disassembling of scaffolding. Shouldn't fail to demonstrate good oral communication skills and understanding standard set of orders in the English language, be able to function as a part of team and work at heights reaching 200'; the listings of their other offshore vacancies have included: Production Operator Trainers; Drilling and Production Engineers; Construction and Maintenance Crew Members; Roustabouts/Floorhands; Rigger; Roughneck; Dispatcher; Rig Clerk; Electricians; Mechanics; Offshore Clerks; Roustabouts; Barge Engineer; Rope Access Technician - entry level oil rig job: Painter; Cement Pump Operator; 10 different completion jobs; Welder / Fabricator, Boilermaker; Subsea Trainee; Subsea Technician, Lead roughneck, Roughneck/Pump at Seadrill, Lead roughneck at Seadrill, Roughneck/Pump. The list of jobs can go on and on, with new entries and amendments following one after another.
Danos & Curole
U.S. Corporate Office
13083 Hwy 308
P.O. Box 1460
Larose, LA 70373, Phone: 985-693-3313.
Also has offices in Houston (TX), Lafayette (LA), Lagos (Nigeria), Luanda (Angola - Africa)

Chelsea Crewing Ltd

Chelsea Crewing Ltd is a recruiting firm, focussing on outsourcing staff for offshore oil rigs of all types and in crewing maritime oil tank ships. For decades has been connecting employees and jobseekers. Head Office address: 105 Harbour Yard, Chelsea Harbour, London, SW10 0XD. Ways to contact: Resumés can be sent to the e-mail address: nf@chelseacrewing.com. The set of jobs currently offered by this recruiter are sooner maritime vacancies than oilfield jobs or entry level offshore position openings, though the positions are still related to offshore oil platforms and offshore oil/gas production: Third LNG Engineer - job location: aboard newly built LNG carrier (tanker) that would transport liquefied natural gas, contract duration: 90 days, salary € 4900 per month. The other vacancies: Chief Officer, with monthly salary € 8100; Gas Engineer - LPG, 4 month contract and a salary of € 4600 per month. Fourth Engineer - LPG, contract duration: 4 months, salary of € 3000 p/month. Chelsea Crewing specializes in recruiting experienced personnel for offshore sector and maritime industry. The latest vacancy recently made available for the taking by this company is Offshore Metering Technician.


The other companies that showed the signs hiring activities recently, looking for the right candates to fill the vacancies in a variety of oil drilling/production disciplines and categories, included: ConocoPhillips (Drilling Engineer), Patterson-UTI Drilling Co LLC (Roughneck), Animas Oil Field (Roughneck). Nabors Industries (Service Hand), ExxonMobil (Roughneck), NDUSA in Pleasanton, Texas; Seadrill (Roughneck), QEP Resources (Operations Engineer), Antero Resources (Engineer Tech), Baker Hughes (Completions and Wellbore Intervention Engineer), Aspen Drilling (Roughneck), Xtreme Drilling and Coil Services, Ensign US Drilling (Roughneck positions); WW Drilling LLC - Driller, Assistant Driller, Roughneck/Floorhand. Job listing details for each of these cases are available for our registered members uponn request - all these listings have been archived after being closed.

Offshore oil drilling in Arctic. Vacancies expected.

New careers and jobs are expected with offshore drilling contractors outsourcing their services for BP. This time in Arctic

BP's competitors from among world's biggest oil companies look with envy at the deal the British Petroleum (BP PLC) concluded with the Russian Rosneft. All other major players on the global oil production/exploration market had tried hard doing their best in order to get access to the rich and so far untouched offshore reserves of crude oil in the high seas of the Russian Arctic sector, but their efforts failed.

But as soon as the contract was concluded, it started being harshly criticized by the US authorities, especially federal government's energy commission because of BP's hardly controlled expansion of its oil drilling operations geographically still before its full recovery after the Gulf of Mexico oil rig disaster that claimed lives of oil rig workers doing jobs on that offshore facility in immediate proximity of drill floor and derrick at the time the blowout took place.

With oil drilling contractors expanding application of hydraulic fracturing method in the extraction of crude oil in Texas, North Dakota, and Alabama, a large increase in demand for workers, trained in operating and servicing Fracking Equipment and performing other frac jobs looks like a tendency. What's interesting, Hydraulic Fracturing Equipment Operator job on oil rigs can be an entry level position that requires only High School diploma and CDL, but absolutely does not require previous experience in oil & gas industry. The salaries of FEO's on oilfields are just fantastic, starting at $US 60 K a year. The median salary of petroleum engineer in fracking industry at the beginning of 2015 fluctuated around $US 160,000 a year, while never requiring even a bachelor degree as pre-requisite.

Now this super major oil corporation has taken over 125 thousand square kilometers oilfield area to drill for oil in the southern part of the Kara Sea. According to some estimates of Russian oil experts the natural reserves of oil in this region of Arctic can total 35 billion barrels of crude oil and 10 trillion cubic meters of natural gas. The deal obviously brings more offshore oil rig job openings for foreign workers, including entry level roustabouts and roughnecks, because Russia itself lacks the advanced technologies, technical and technological knowledge, skills, and assistance in offshore project management, as well as financial backup, necessary for doing offshore drilling job of this kind and scale, because it's oilfield own workers, technicians, oilfield engineers, staff in supervisory positions on offshore oil rigs and project managers on site experience mainly originates from obsolete land based drilling for oil in the western part of Siberia and Ural oilfields, or at best, from the Caspian Sea backward offshore oil production techniques. Those are main reasons why the western oil & gas companies like BP, French Total, Royal Dutch Shell, Norway's Statoil are welcome by Russian oil and gas giants Rosneft and Gazprom to fight for being contracted to implement oil drilling or natural gas production projects like the above mentioned offshore oil prospecting in the Kara Sea or Sakhalin-2 joint project that involves Shell, for example.

As for the British Petroleum, the other side officials commented that the counterpart's experience with the Deepwater Horizon blowout and oil spill liquidation in the Gulf of Mexico should be regarded from the perspective of an advantageous, though sad, experience. The way the company's engineers and rescue staff responded the emergency proved they were capable to cope professionally and in a responsible manner with huge scale emergencies of the sort from one hand, while gaining more experience to minimize the technological risks involved with offshore oil rigging, including bigger safety standards to offshore platform workers in the future.

Sample cover letter for oil rig job applicant's CV

To whom it may concern:

Please find attached my current CV for your perusal.

I am currently working at the TOTAL Laggan-Tormore Gas Plant in Shetland as a Slinger/Signaller and, having seen what the Oil and Gas Industry has to offer, feel that I would be suited to Offshore work with a view to developing a long term career. I am absolutely excited about offshore employment and high salaried career opportunities that in the oil & gas are definitely many times higher and could be realistically expected than in any other branch of the economy, be it even closely related to offshore oil drilling, land based mining industry.

I have a basic mechanical engineering background and combined with my experience with Bentleys and Morrison's, I have developed a hands on approach to work with the ability to think on my feet while making informed decisions regarding myself and my team without compromising on safety and quality.

I have recently undertaken the necessary offshore training and medicals required to undertake work in both the UK and Norwegian sectors. Being trained as Rope Access Technician and never afraid of heights, i believe I could move towards becoming Derrickman on offshore oil rigs, the non-entry-level position I am eager to progress towards.

Having worked at Laggan-Tormore for the past year, I am used to working away from home for long periods of time.

I am currently self-employed, therefore available for interviews at a mutually convenient time.

Yours faithfully Colin Mackintosh.

* * *


Energy Petroleum Equipment

Another manufacturer and supplier of oilfield drilling rigs, oil well service rigs and rig accessories like oil well drilling power tongs, is a limited liability venture Tianjin Sea Energy Petroleum Equipment Co.

Since 1994 this Chinese manufacturer has been supplying to the market a range of different petroleum equipment and oil exploration, drilling, oil production, well workover and completion equipment lines and pieces. Products and services that they supply include: oilfield servicing operations, oil drilling machinery, mud purification system engineering and technical support and supervision of oilfield drilling, reservoir evaluation, cementing, workover, well logging, oil testing, gas testing and more.

Email: sea_energy@petromachines.com Tel: +8610-59574686, mobile phone # +86 13011214100

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