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Plumbing Jobs on Oil Rigs

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There are good reasons to believe that regardless of the prospects of the world economy in general and fluctuations of demand for hands and brains on global workforce market, offshore oil drilling industry will steadily keep offering new oil job vacancies, including plumbing positions, which are more specialized than positions of Roustabouts on oil rigs of different types.

Plumbers and pipefitters are certainly in demand on offshore oil platforms - over 2900 of this kind of rigs are currently believed to be scattered around the world and operated in offshore waters of different countries. This is provided we exclude other types of oil exploration/production facilities like drillships or floating oil production units, and they all provide employment that involves plumber skills involved in different specialized jobs on offshore platforms. Prior plumber experience can be very handy and it makes sense to mention your expertise as plumber, if any, in your greenhand applicant's CV/resumé if the candidate applies for entry level positions on offshore platforms such as roustabout, roughneck, mechanic, deckhand, floorhand, floorman, leasehand, motorman and different types of trainee jobs like apprentice welder or driller helper.

Some training programs meant to educate and train entry level applicants with experience of having worked as a fitter and therefore with transferrable skills, but so far without offshore platform job experience of any sort, are available, and we intend to review the most popular of them soon. Everyone aspiring to get an entry level pipefitter/plumber oilfield job offshore could benefit. But before you even think of making your own research on the Internet, it is well worth to pass your physical exam for evaluation whether you are strong and endure enough to work in challenging environment offshore 12 hours in a row 7 days a week with rotation coming every 28 days or so. Good thing about plumbing vacancies offshore that even for entry level jobs it is rather experience than age of greenhand applicant that matters: good applicant could be as old as 50 years old, if your health is really good.

When reading this entry on Plumbing jobs on oil rigs, mind, please, that we are not recruiters or headhunters looking for candidates to to be god fits for a specific offshore plumber vacancy for a specific oil drilling or oilfield servicing contractor, but we could provide industry specific tips and advice meant to improve candidate's chances meant to outperform other applicant's in the eyes of staffing officers that select the candidates for pre-employment interview.

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