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Becoming Roustabout, getting promoted to Roughneck

Employment on offshore oil rigs is not an occupation, suitable for every next job seeker, who thinks of himself as a tough guy.

If you begin in the capacity of Roustabout from low end, it's not uncommon your attempt could end up with a mere loss of yours and your employer's time and efforts, just to discover you aren't a good candidate for Roustabout position on offshore oil rigs. It's only field experience and hands-on performance that can confirm or refute a greenhand candidate's suitability for offshore Roustabout/Roughneck duties.

From the other hand there are lots of people in positions of Toolpusher, Rig Manager, and even oil company CEO who once started on oil rigs as Roustabout, then got promoted to Roughneck position, and afterwards progressed quite naturally up career ladder. Roustabout and Roughneck positions on offshore oil rigs must be the best jobs to give greenhand rig worker chance to test and prove themselves they're good for a career in offshore oil & gas industry. Some of high ranking employees, currently holding supervisory or administrative positions in offshore oil drilling industry and earning fantastic salaries, won't fail to mention, when appropriate, it's through becoming Roustabout/Roughneck that they made their entry in offshore oil & gas upstream sector.

Entering the offshore oil drilling industry and gaining a foothold there must be the hardest of your steps up career ladder or just within the terms of ensuring for yourself good prospects for steady employment on offshore oil platforms. The very first thing HR managers or recruiters for oil rigs look for in applicant's CV is whether the given candidate has had previous experience. The truth lies in the fact that if they see you already worked on offshore rigs, you will most surely get employed. The problem is how to get that valuable starter experience, if nobody wishes to hire the inexperienced. The secret is that the main portion of hirings for entry-level low-end jobs on offshore oil facilities is done through references and personal recommendations. Position doesn't matter, Roustabout, Floorhand, Leasehand, Medic, Galleyhand or even Dishwasher in catering - the real value of working in any of these positions consists in the fact they furnish you that valuable offshore experience.

If in spite of all thinkable adversities you turned out capable and lucky to outperform other competitors for an entry level job of Roustabout at the phase of pre-employment interview, and were able to show you do belong to the type of the guy offshore oil industry is looking for, promotion to some of the higher ranking positions with generous salary increase won't leave much time to wait for. The vacancies that greenhand Roustabout with the right attitude and willingness to learn and pick up new skills and knowledge can expect to be promoted to may be Roughneck, Foreman, Assistant Crane Operator, Forklift Operator, Mechanic, Motorman, Instrument Technician, Materials Man, Welder, Scaffolder, Driller - who desires, will get the needed certifications and clearances through attending different OPITO approved training programs and courses, recommended by the employers.

This is what offshore oil drilling contractors say openly they encourage. The companies like promoting worthy employees who proved themselves and gained simple, but invaluable experience at the entry level. Becoming after five to ten years a Rig Manager is not something uncommon to happen in offshore oil production/exploration industry. The companies like Rig Managers with diverse hands-on experience, who know not by hearsay and have practical understanding of the way oil rig and its continuously modernized equipment functions. Since Roustabouts and Roughnecks are involved in an extended range of functions/duties/responsibilities on offshore oil rigs, many Rig Managers once started and came from among those laborers.

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