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Position Offered: Electrical Engineer on oil rig for oil & gas company
Number of the vacancies available: 7
Job locations: Middle East, UAE (Dubai, Abu-Dhabi), Oman, Yemen, Saudi Arabia
Qualifications: the education should be Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering at minimum, diploma in Marine Electrical Engineering would be regarded as advantage, some hands-on experience on land based or offshore oil rigs electrical equipment, should be ready to produce certificates, confirming successful completion of the courses: BOSIET & HUET, Advanced Offshore Safety, H2S Awareness & Escape, Total maintenance of all electrical equipment available on an oil rig, including dwelling quarters and catering department. Good candidate would meet the following expectations and requirements from behalf of the employer: should be a citizen of India or Pakistan, previous experience of 10 years on oil rigs, including at least 4 years on offshore platforms (semisubmersible, drillship) in Electrical positions, be ready to produce proof to confirm level 2 licence in Electrical Engineering. Knowing how to understand and apply all Codes, Standards and Engineering practices is essential.
Oil rig Electrical Engineer job description: heads and oversees the work of teams working on electrical design tasks; reviews the rig's electrical design documentation; leads training sessions, discussions, and drills on resolution of practical issues with greenhand Rig Electricians, Electrical Technicians, and entry-level Electrical Engineers; Reviews and signs electrical calculations, datasheets, keeps record of the results of routine testing of electrical equipment. This position on oil rig will report directly to Chief Electrical Engineer.
Salary: higher than the wages the competitor oil drilling contractors would offer for the same position with the same work load, scope of duties and responsibilities, and the same efficiency.
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Advertisement status: expired

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Electrical Technician jobs in oil & gas

Here are the vacancies we found:

  • Electrical Project Technician, job opening in Australia, industry: oil drilling, offshore oil rigs, the type of contract: temporary, for 12 months, but could be extended until the exploratory phase of the project, located off the coast of Perth, is over
  • Electrical Specialist, job location in the Middle East in Oman, the hiring company is ORPIC, the country's government and Oman Oil Company jointly owned subsidiary. The salary is negotiable, between $US 6,100 and 10,000 per month. Developing new projects, targeted at the improvement of electrical facilities and offering solutions, would be one of the major roles for this Electrical Technician oil industry job opening. Generous social and pension package and bonuses apply. Request more information, using our online request submission form for free.
  • Chief Electrical Engineer for shallow water oil production platform. Good fit will be a candidate that has proven on-site experience in Electrical System Analysis (ETAP preferred), Power System Design (up to 33kV), Inspection & Witness testing experience, practical knowledge of the European Directives (EMC, ATEX, and all the rest), HAZMAT handling and emergency procedure sequel experience. Job location: Billingham, UK; Responsibilities include selecting and interviewing new electrical crew members. Chief Electrical Engineer will also lead the design team, supported by a Principal C&I Engineer. The entry-level salary is to be negotiated. No application will be regarded, if candidate in his CV/Resumé fails to confirm he's ready to provide a proof he's got a relevant engineering degree from an OPITO accredited Technical School or University.
  • Electronic Technician oil rig job in Houston, Texas, USA; the job involves occasional traveling, icluding offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Excellent salary that includes bonuses, generous social benefits packeage, retirement plan - negotiable. - EXPIRED

Rig Electrician on oil rigs is a position, charged with installation, maintenance, diagnosing malfunctions, identifying faults, troubleshooting them, routine and ongoing repairs, testing, commissioning and decommissioning, dismantling of the electrical networks, systems and electronic equipment on oil rig. Rig Electrician in oil and gas industry also services and monitors the functioning of the electrical transmission equipment and electricity distribution circuits. Working as rig electrician on land based and offshore rigs requires college or vocational training, which is a pre-requisite for becoming applicant for this entry-level oil rig job. Rig Electrician participates in training sessions, organized for Motorman who were promoted from electrically inclined Roustabouts. As with the rest of the positions on oil rigs, Rig Electrician has room for advancement with advent of experience. Like Electricians in other industries, in oil & gas Rig Electricians are obligated to perform their duties and responsibilities in strict compliance with the Electric Code and safety rules that may apply additionally as per Rig Electrician job description and special rules, covering servicing electrical modules of oil fracking equipment.

Rig Electrician gets one of the highest entry level salaries on offshore oil rigs, $US 65,000. No candidate will be hired, or even short listed for a pre-employment interview, unless they have at least 2 years of experience in the capacity of Electrician, possible outside oil industry.

The other average salaries for low end jobs on offshore oil platforms or other types of oil production/exploration rigs: Offshore Rig Medic: $ US 69,000, Mud Engineer: $ US 72,500, Assistant Driller - no statistically confirmed recent data so far, Scaffolder: $ US 57,000, Rig Safety & Training Coordinator: $ US 80,000, Cook: $ US 59,000, Roustabout: $ US 54,000, Radio Room Operator: $ US 62,000, Rope Access Painter: $ US 63,000, Welder: $ US 62,000, Maintenance Roustabout: $ US 47,000 Motorman: $ US 58,000, the duties include instructing and training Roustabouts and Roughnecks, Materials Man, Materials Woman: $ US 59,000.

More of Rig Electrician vacancies in oil & gas, currently available, are as following: Assistant Electrician in Russia, Electrician in Abu Dhabi, UAE; Electrician for Global Oil & Gas EPC Contractor, headquartered in Inverness, UK. HV Electrician position in Saudi Arabia for citizens or permanent rezidents of Australia, the relocation costs are to be covered by the employer, at least 10 year-long experience is required. This is a permanent career. Previous hands-on experience with the equipment made by Clarke, Sulzer, ITT Gould, Elliott, Flowserve, GE-Nuovo Pignone, KSB and Flyte, Dresser-Rand will put the candidate ahead of the applicants without such experience.

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