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The other title for a job of Roustabout on oil rigs is Driller Helper, which discloses the main duty of this entry-level position on oil rigs, especially offshore (platforms, semisubmersibles, drillships and other sea based oil production facilities, where the jobs of Roughnecks and Roustabouts are needed). On land based rig in oil & gas job titles of Roustabout and Roughneck are often interchangable, while on offshore oil rigs you normally start as Roustabout, from which after a couple of months of the real world on-the-job experience the greenhand oil rig worker gets promoted to a Roughneck position. Attending roughneck training program or course is highly recommended for individuals without experience on oilfields, especially offshore, before you even start submitting your CV/Resumé to potential employers - oil drilling contractors that are hiring. The training that we suggest will result in the credentials, recognized both in Canada and the USA, for example on offshore rigs of Louisiana or Texas, the same as on oil rigs off the coast of Newfoundland or Nova Scotia.

Review 1: Maritime Drilling Schools Ltd. in Nova Stcotia offers a Roughneck/Floorhand training program that lasts less than 3 weeks. Completion of this pre-employment roughneck training program will equip oil rig job seekers with an extensive set of skills and knowledge that could increase dramatically his or her chances to get their very first job on oil rigs, normally a position of Roustabout or Leasehand. In fact, this program teaches skills that would allow its graduates to work in any other industry, where drilling is applied (e. g. mining) as well, not only on oil & gas rigs. The students amy opt to learn only the theory or practical drilling, or both, but for hands-on drilling classes you have either to travel to North Sidney or to live there. During the 20 days of classes that include classroom instruction and hands-on training the enrollees learn oil drilling basics, both theory and practice, and complete several courses on industry-specific safety procedures for Roughnecks and Roustabouts to follow on oil rigs, land-based and offshore.

Review 2: Maritime Drilling Schools Ltd. is another private college in Canada that offers training for the people, wishing to enter and pursue career in oil drilling industry. This college in Nova Scotia, Canada, runs programs and courses to train the workers for both Oil & Gas exploration/production land based and offshore sectors. On their website they claim they provide the best oil drilling industry accreditation for entry level trades that would like to get a job on landbased oilfields and offshore platforms. The Maritime Drilling Schools' credentials and certifications are recognized across the world, and their successful graduates are entered a special data base in Houston, Texas, USA, where they can be found by recruiters and employers, looking to hire greenhand workers to join new and old oil drilling projects. This should be the easiest way to get entry level jobs on oil rigs that need no experience of actually having worked in oil production industry. Their main office and training center in Canada is located at 150 Peppett St., P.O. Box 1916 North Sydney, Nova Scotia B2A 3S9, and can be reached by phone # (902) 794-1132.

Employment opportunities

Roughneck jobs in oil exploration segment in Terra Nova, Canada

Terra Nova is an offshore oil field that is being developed by Petro-Canada with the participation in the project of Suncor Energy as operator, Statoil, Murphy Oil Company Ltd., as well as the canadian subsidiaries of Chevron, Exxon Mobil, and some others. The Terra Nova oil field is located at a distance of about 220 miles off the coast of Newfoundland. It is the place, worth looking for opportunities of getting Roughneck job, or Brcoming offshore Roughneck via getting hired first as entry-level Roustabout without previous offshore experience. For those, who don't know, Terra Nova is also the name of Floating Production Storage and Offloading Vessel (FPSO), currently stationed within the boundaries of the Terra Nova oilfield. Together with numerous offshore platforms the FPSO is where Roughnecks can be hired and get great salary.

  • Contractor: Stena Drilling Corp. Job offer: Roustabouts, several vacancies. Due to the start of offshore drilling in Nova Scotia the company offered temporary employment to fill positions of Roustabout aboard the Stena IceMAX drillship. The estimated time span for the project to be completed (and for the jobs of the offshore Roughnecks to last) is 11 - 13 months. Qualifications and pre-requisites: Qualifications and Experience Required: 5 years of experience as Roustabout, Roughneck, Derrickman, Motorman or any other position on offshore oil rigs; H2S; Greenhand Course; BSTR; HUEBA; WHMIS; OPITO approved: BOSIET / FOET / HUET; HAD Initial; HDA; Forklift Safety. The total number of Roustabouts to be hired - 24.     The job listing status: CLOSED.

  • Job Title: Offshore Roustabout to work aboard DP drillship, with previous experience as an Able Seaman, experience as Roustabout is preferred, but not necessary; work schedule: rotation schedule, 28/28. Job location: Nova Scotia, Canada. Salary: depending on experience and performance. Could be promoted to Roughneck position with adequate increase in salary.

  • Floorhand, Estevan, SK

  • Roughnecks Required in Swift Current, SK. The salary will depend on experience, training, skills, certifications and crearances available, and qualifications. Should not mind travelling, able to start immediately. This Roughneck vacancy provider chose to remain confidential.

Roughneck / Rigger work opportunity in oil & gas in Canada, offshore

Position title and description: oil & gas platform Roughneck work Desired competency: Roughneck. Must be trained to operate some heavy duty equipment. Working experience: 1+ years on offshore oil rigs, relevant experience is advantage, not necessarily directly doing with drilling, for example in the capacity of a Galleyhand, past experience in marine industry as a Seaman is O.K. Salary: hourly wages for the trial period, if passed successfully, the salary will be negotiated Vacancy location: Terra Nova, Canada The mode of work: shift worker, 45/45 rotation schedule

Offshore oilfield contractor is looking to hire a suitable candidate for Roughneck position in offshore sector, Canada. The vacancy location is on an offshore platform about 200 miles off the coast of Terra Nova. As per the Roughneck job description in this role the employee will be responsible for effectively assisting the trip down and the trip up on drilldeck. The secondary functions will comprise routine roughneck/roustabout activities like cleaning, painting and keeping orderly the work zone of the drilling crew, handling oil pipes and doing all auxiliary jobs to ensure the continuity of pumps and hoses working state, also assist in servicing and providing overhaul repairs to the drilling assembly. Shaking the mixture for the lubrication of the drill bit during the process of drilling according to specification.

Welder Helper job in Nova Scotia, on offshore oil rig

We are looking for experienced Welder Helper to work on offshore platform near the Newfoundland. To qualify for this position candidate should have hands-on experience in the relevant field, 2G,3G, and 6G, hold certificates in Stick, MIG, SMAW / GMAW / GTAW and GNAW in all positions, attractive salary will also include bonuses.

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