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Offshore oil jobs in The Gulf of Mexico

Roughneck / Roustabout employment

Vacancy description: Oil exploration rig Roughneck employment
Vacancy by: BOBB Jobs Oil careers
Required competence: Roughneck, Workover or Completion
Necessary experience: at least 2 years of previous experience as Roughneck on offshore platform or drillship
Necessary certifications: Valid OPITO BOSIET, HUET, FOET, EBS, Rigging & Slinging, TWIC Card, Medical Certificate
Salary: to be negotiated, if hiring decision taken, offshore job location: Gulf of Mexico
Job Reference: BK07DP1062TYSJ98

Offshore Roustabout

Job Title: Roustabout
Job Category: General Labor
Job Location: Offshore, the Gulf of Mexico, off New Orleans coast
Company, Country: USA
State: Louisiana
City: New Orleans
Zip: 70131
Job Type: Full Time, Regular
Offshore Roustabout Job Description SUMMARY: This is a General Laborer position on offshore oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico that assumes carrying out the wide range of unskilled and semi-skilled operation, requiring strong health, endurance, and ability to work long hours. No previous experience is necessary, the on-the-job training is available, the whole work will be performed under the direct supervision of a senior deck crew member. Rotation table, salary begins at $27,000 per year.
Job Reference: GOM.7Y9JS62HYA73*
Vacancy status: EXPIRED.

* Important note for job seekers without previous experience of working on offshore oil rigs of the American sector of the Gulf of Mexico: Having a valid TWIC card is what all offshore oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico are legally bound to demand from the job applicants (TWIC stands for Transportation Worker Identification Credential).

Utility Person, Offshore Position in the Gulf of Mexico

Job Title: Roustabout, Utility Hand, Utility Person - Offshore
Hiring Company: ConocoPhillips
Company office location: Houston, Texas
Job Category: General Labor, Marine Jobs, Field Jobs on Offshore Oil Rigs
Job Location: Offshore, the Gulf of Mexico, aboard drillship
Employment Type: Full time regular employment, rotational scheduled, work by 12 hour shifts. This position of offshore general laborer assumes performing multipurpose functions in different areas of the ship. While primary responsibilities of this position are focused on housekeeping, catering, and janitorial functions, whenever ordered, the Utility Hand must assist and help in the kitchen in the capacity of an offshore galleyhand, participate in drilling sessions on drilldeck in the role of roustabout, help to repair mechanisms and oil rig components in the role of maintenance roustabout to list just some of that role duties and responsibilities.
Ad made active: 20 days ago.

Employment trends in upstream sector

The number of the jobs in the oil drilling and related industries, which risk being eliminated in the USA, provided the crude oil prices do not rise, may well exceed several hundreds of thousands until the end of this year. Of course, if the tendency persists, it won't fail to affect the significant number of offshore rig jobs, available on the platforms that continue shallow water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, where the most of offshore drilling for oil takes place, in quite a notable way. Anyway, the biggest job reductions is likely to hit the states, where unconventional oil production technologies once started to be implemented in attempt to substitute the old traditional oil extraction methods, for example, mainland Texas or North Dakota. The crude oil price fall forced the oil producers there to reduce the speed or work, or even to completely stop the operation of the projects that showed the strongest tendency towards becoming detrimental or bringing very little income to oil drilling contractors.

This refers to those operators that previously offered lots of vacancies for both skilled petroleum engineers, managers and supervisors from one hand, and low end workers like Floorhand, Roughneck, Derrickman, Pumpman, Pipefitter, Rig Welder, Motorman, Truck Driver, or entry-level Roustabout trades from the other side. According to the statistical data, available in the free public access sources, during the period spanning October and November 2015 the quantity of new oil well drilling permits, applied for and received from the regulatory bodies in the USA by the oil drilling and oilfield servicing companies, engaged in oilfield development or oil production, collapsed from 7,227 to the bottom point at the level of the miserable 4,520 licenses. It took just one month for the abrupt drop, amounting the record 37.5 % reduction at a time. The drop immediately resulted in massive lay-off notices being issued to many oil rig employees. The lay offs were announced by oil drilling companies, operating both in the GOM zone of offshore drilling and across the continental USA, while no reasonable hope for the laid off rig workers to get a job with another offshore or onshore oil drilling company in the visible future could even be predicted.

Meanwhile, some of the contractors, drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, like Transocean Ltd., keep announcing vacancies to man the oil drilling facilities they operate in other parts of the world:

Offshore oil rig jobs in Angola

The company Transocean is looking to hire a good candidate to fill a vacancy of Deckpusher on offshore oil rig off the coast of Angola in Africa. DETAILS:
The type of contract: permanent
Work schedule: shiftworker, 28/14 rotation
Who's hiring: Transocean
Employer location: Luanda, Angola.
This is largely a supervisory role that requires from the candidate previous experience as Roughneck, Assistant Driller or Derrickman, Offshore Crane Operator. Routine responsibilities will primarily include leading or supervising the deck crew, consisting of roughnecks and Roustabout and crane operator. Should undergo the Transocean approved formal training to obtain the clearance to operate the drilling unit in compliance with company specific safety rules and requirements, the role assumes direct responsibility for the safety of oil drilling operations on offshore oil rig. Will train the deck crew members to ensure each and all of them comply with the requirements set for their present position and prepare them for the advancement to the next level of their suggested career path. Offshore Deckpusher will report to Toolpusher or in his absence to Tourpusher.
Job reference: Angola-077G1WB5CZK139JD-Offshore

Next time we are going to review the offshore jobs at Transocean in Norway's and UK's sectors of the North Sea.

* * *

Hint for job seekers, who are not afraid of travelling and who have got experience working on offshore oil platforms of the Gulf of Mexico, be that an experienced Roughneck, Driller, or Offshore Rig Electrician: the other oil & gas drilling contractor that could offer employment should be an independent Vanco Energy Company that drills for oil in offshore areas of the East Africa.

* * *

GOM and adjacent areas:
Companies, which you might find offshore platform job at

Consult the list of some of the oil drilling contractors that recently offered employment for low-end offshore entry-level workers like Roustabout, Roughneck, Floorhand, Galleyhand, Painter, Rope Access Welder, Welder Diver, Derrickman, Motorman, Electrical Technician and the workers of some other trades:

• EOG Resources, oil drilling contractor, offering exploratory and production offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, Canada, off the coast of Trinidad, off the shore of California as well as on the mainland oilfields of the states like inland New Mexico, Texas, and Wyoming.

• Newfield Exploration Company. This is an independent oil and gas drilling contractor, present in the Gulf of Mexico offshore drilling sector and providing the exploratory and production drilling along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. With them employment is also possible abroad, namely they are alleged to hire workers for their projects in Australia and China, where they drill for offshore reserves.

• Ruwwe and Glasscock - this firm operates, drilling for oil on the oilfields of Indiana, Oklahoma, inland territories of the states New Mexico and Texas, and there are rumors they are going to expand their operations to start offshore natural oil deposit exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. Should we expect jobs from them?

• McMoRan Oil & Gas Co. - performs the drilling and hires personnel for drilling both offshore and onshore in the Gulf of Mexico Region.

• Fidelity Exploration & Production Company - drills for oil and natural gas in the Gulf of Mexico, offshore Canada, and across the continental USA.

• Huber Energy, Abraxas Petroleum, Focus Exploration - onshore and offshore Texas and offshore Louisiana, Huber Energy - offshore and land based drilling for oil in the area of Texas Gulf Coast; Transocean, Trinidad Drilling.

• Diamond Offshore Drilling, Inc., headquartered in Houston, Texas. This company on their web site states that offshore experience is not necessarily required to be hired for entry-level offshore positions like roustabout, but experience of performing hard physical labor work is pre-requisite for any Roughneck/Roustabout/Derrickman application to be considered. The last time the company advertised the offshore job opening for Roustabout was in March 2016 and that was a position in Australia on a drillship for individuals with the Australian work permit and at least 1 year of experience in the same or similar position.

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