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Roughneck employment, Alabama

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The trades, needed on oil rigs of Alabama, specifically in the area of Mobile, Alabama, recently included the vacancies of Truck Drivers (CDL), Rig Welders, and General Laborers - Roustabouts, Roughnecks, Driller Helpers, Leasehands, Righands, Deckhands, Floorhands (Floorman).

Employment/Job Type: Full Time. Company/recruiter/job provider name: Croix Gulf Star Offshore Careers Ltd. Career Level: Experienced Required Education: High School diploma, GED or equivalent. No formal training or certification evidence required. Salary: $ 40,000 - $80,000 a year. Job Category: Well Servicing/Rig Operation. Employment offer reference: 78/32_Offshore.

  • Recruiting agency, working for oil and gas offshore and land based oil drilling industry in Alabama currently looks for Truck Drivers - Welders - General Labor Rig Operators for working in different Rig Services locations in Mobile area and oilfields, located across the Alabama mainland. The job description SUMMARY: Candidates, capable to act up to expectations, performing their role in overall operation of oil drilling rig and oil drilling equipment in strict compliance with the standards, set forth by the company that contracts the rig for the designated oilfield development project in continental Alabama and on offshore platforms off the Gulf of New Mexico coast of Alabama, will be considered good fit, based on the results of pre-employment interview. The Offshore Job Offer Reference: Offshore-3448-Roughneck-Alabama.

  • Maritime employment agency in Alabama is looking for experienced offshore Deckhands. This offshore job provider doesn't have any Apprentice or Trainee positions at the moment, therefore before submitting their CV's-Resumés the entry-level job seekers are kindly asked to make sure they meet pre-requisites, which require at least half a year of offshore or maritime experience and the following set of certifications: HUET and Water Survival, API Rigging, SafeGulf, and a valid drivers license, preferably CDL class A. If offered a position, an applicant will be required to agree to drug screening and criminal background check - sustainable criminal record is required. The Offshore Job Offer Reference: Offshore-3284-Roustabout-Mobile.

    There are hundreds of oil platforms that drill for oil off the shores of Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama. Many of these platforms in the US territorial waters are huge structures of metal and concrete that station oil drilling rigs, serviced and run by workers of different maritime and offshore oil production trades - Engineers, Electricians, Supervisors, Offshore Installation Manager from one end to Roustabouts, Roughnecks, Derrickmen, Motormen from another, all of whom live there in accommodation quarters of the same platform where they work, ensuring constant oil production, and working hard days and nights - that's what they receive big offshore salary for. They do their offshore job for 1 to 2 months in a row, and then get substituted by the next group, comprised of the employees and workers, trained to fill the same positions on offshore oil rigs and perform the same work duties and responsibilities according to a manning table or regular staff list. Offshore oil rigs operate continuously, the only instances they stop are for overhaul repairs or because of an emergency or wreckage.

    There are different companies these employees and workers, found on the same offshore oil platform, have been hired by and work for. Firstly, there are offshore platform jobs from the drilling companies, many of which have offices in Mobile, Alabama, that own and operate the rig. It's them who hire low end entry level workers for doing jobs, requiring no special previous experience or training, like Roustabouts, Roughnecks, Assistant Drillers. Then there are oil companies, who own and operate the sea based platforms. It's not unusual for them to outsource the staff and services from the contractors. It is through sub-contractors that the positions like Galleyhand or Stewards make their way to get a job on offshore oil rig - you just have to get hired by Alabama based catering company, known to offer their catering and janitorial services to offshore drilling rigs, including also drillships, semisubmersibles, modu's, FPSO's etc. Even if their working schedule coincide, all these offshore workers got their jobs on contract with different companies.

    About lifestyle on Alabama offshore platforms

    All staff, including temporary workers, technicians, and engineers that provide scheduled servicing of the equipment and stay there for a limited period of time, is being flown to the rig by helicopter from the Alabama coast. Upon arrival to the workplace, they get everything they need to ensure their safe stay and working conditions on offshore platform. At the expense of the oil company the offshore oil workers and employees get clothed in bright coveralls with light reflectors, necessary for safe work in the moments of the reduced visibility, hard hat, protective eyeglasses and safety steel-socked boots and get instructed on safety issues on the offshore installation. What's good about working on offshore oil rigs, are not just salaries, but many incoming benefits, starting from rotary schedule with half a year of leave from the job and ending with generous bonuses, life and health insurance, and retirement plans.

    The work is physically very demanding, though. Roughnecks and Roustabouts, as well as Drillers, Toolpushers, Derrickman and others may have to work long hours, from 80 to over 100 hours per week, not infrequently for 12-14 hours a day in a row. From the other hand, the cabins and premises you stay in at platform's residential area are very comfortable, may be compared to 4 star hotel, and you can use all modern amenities for rest and recreating your forces while off duty. Still, even when sleeping, you may be waked up and called to join the crew in cases of need.

    Offshore Rig Electrician Jobs

    Electricians on offshore oil rigs perform the functions, dealing with installation and maintenance of the electrical systems, functioning on oil drilling rig. Background and previous practical experience in electrical field is pre-requisite for getting job of Electrician on Alabama offshore oil rigs. Normally it's only the electrical field experience that the requirement is being set for. As for offshore oil drilling or land based oilfield experience, they normally are not required. If hired, the candidates will go through the on-job training before they start to fulfill their job duties. Besides offshore oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, Alabama headquartered oil drilling contractors hire Rig Electricians to service electrical systems on land-based oil rigs in OK, CO, LA, TX, NM, NY, NJ. Occasional trips to Canada are possible as well, but on very rare occasions.

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