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Texas Oilfield Roughneck Jobs

Oilfield Jobs Overview


Roughnecks work on oil rigs in groups of three with their workplace being located on the rig floor. Roughneck's principal responsibility is focused on operating the drilling equipment in his charge and assisting Driller, thus ensure the process of drilling for oil proceeds smoothly, faultlessly, and in complete compliance with the technology chart. In many states, for example in Louisiana, it's legally prohibited to have more than one greenhand Roughneck in the drilldeck team that works on the rig floor. From the three workers one Roughneck will usually take a position in mud-room, monitoring the mud shaking process, as instructed by a designated senior crew member he is obligated to report directly to. Normally to this position the Roughnecks are promoted from Roustabout or Deckhand position, and start from the salary around $40,000 - $42,000 per year, while medial Roughneck salary across the oilfield industry has been reported to have reached $60,000 per annum. The benefits will normally include free meals and medical insurance at the company's expense. As for the housing and traveling expenses, these are what the Roustabouts, working on land based oil rigs, have to take care their own way. The other oilfield jobs are: Pumpman - Assistant Derrickman, normally substitutes one of regular Roughnecks on drilldeck, when required. Pumpman has job, which is less physically demanding than Roughneck, and the majority of his time on work he spends in the mud pumping room. Median salary of Pumpman in oil fields exceeds $60,000. Pumpman reports to Derrickhand or directly to Driller. Some of other most popular and wanted oilfield-related positions include: Shop Technician, Mud logger, Electrical Technician, Sales, Truck driver, Rig Welder, Clerical, Crane Operator, Concrete (Cement, Concrete Work Specialist), Seismic, Electronic tech, Finisher, Assistant Crane Operator, Mechanical, Painter, Rope Access, Operator assistant, Roustabout and others. These oilfield jobs have always been in big demand.

Job opening: Roughneck/Rigger, on Texas oilfields

Formal job title: Roughneck / Assistant Driller
Hiring Company: Mover Solutions
Expected expertise: Roughneck, Welding, Driller Helper, Pumpman,
Roustabout Pusher, NSTC Card,
Years of experience on oil rigs: 3+ years
Previous experience on oil rig pre-requisite: yes Salary: $46,000 a year
Job location: Houston area, TX
Schedule: work by shifts, 30/30 days rotation
Salary: DOE, negotiable, bonuses apply

Roughneck Job Description Summary

Besides servicing the drilling process on the drill floor by timely adding new extensions to the drill tube, in a position of Roughneck / Rigger / Assistant Driller the oilfield worker will be obligated to perform all other, primary and secondary functions, associated with this role, including but not limited to preparing mixture of fluids and chemicals to lubricate the drill bit, Moving supplies and equipment to the work site together with Roustabouts he will oversee and occasionally lead, when performing tasks, requiring united effort of the drilldeck crew. Occasional secondment to other oil rigs in Texas (the rig locations being such, as near Brownfield, Artesia, Midland, Permian Basin, Denver, Houston in Texas) should not be an issue.

Oilfield Roustabout Job in Texas

Oilfield Roustabout Job Details:

Job Category: General Labor
Job Title: Oilfield Roustabout
Company location: Texas, USA
City: Allen, TX
Zip: 75013
Job Type: Contract for 1 year, with possible prolongation. Full time oilfield job
Pre-requisites: should agree to pass a criminal background check, drug screening, and required to complete an accredited pre-employment Roughneck Training Program that include a standard set of OPITO approved courses like BOSIET, HUET etc. Salary: DOE

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Other locations in Texas, were employers wanted to hire good candidate to working in a position of Oilfild Roustabout or Roughneck: Dickinson, Columbus, Greenwood, Florence, Ropesville, Mentone, Tatum, Meadow, Powell, Georgetown, Big Wells, Woodson, White Oak, Vanderbilt, Rule, Brookston, Simms, Ratcliff, Wheeler, Brookeland, Mirando City, Chester, Santa Anna, Saltillo, Waller, Bellville, TX.

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Roughneck, Offshore Vacancies (5)

Vacancy title: Roughneck / Assistant Driller Apprentice/trainee
Vacancy location: the Gulf of Mexico, offshore position

These jobs are offered to experienced Roughnecks. The hiring is done on temporary basis because of an increased work volume. Pre-requisites: previous offshore experience as Roughneck, Derrickman, Pumpman, Roustabout Pusher, Assistant Driller. Certificates and licenses: OPITO MIST, Valid Banksman/Slinger, OPITO BOSIET / FOET, Driver License (will have to operate forklift for relocating heavy parts and operate certain specialized vehicles and machinery available on offshore oil rig), OGUK Medical. Job location: North Sea, UK. Salary: Depending on experience and performance.

Gas Rig Employment Outlook by Regions: Texas, Louisiana

Since 2008 Haynesville natural gas formation, stretching across Texas and Louisiana, created over 32,000 oilfield/gas jobs, say nothing of the jobs that Louisiana's natural gas production generated indirectly in the other industries. The basin keeps being responsible for more oilfield employment opportunities with oil & gas job offer postings in Louisiana appearing all the time. The Haynesville/Bossier/Shreveport Shale formation spans across the continental territory of the USA from the state of Texas to Louisiana and contains the reserves of natural gas that are estimated as capable to satisfy the nation's domestic need in the natural gas consumption at least for the next decade or even until the year 2030. Soon we are going to provide the forecast for employment prospects on oilfields of North Dakota for seeaker of entry-level oilfield jobs like Roustabout and Roughneck.

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