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Roughneck career on offshore rigs in the GOM area

Drilling contractors in the Gulf of Mexico keep hiring new workers.

Offshore Roughneck. Employment Niche: Oil Drilling, Offshore Sector

Position Title: Roughneck / Roustabout
Hiring Company / Employer: Vidakis Offshore Jobs
Assumed expertise: CDL - Commercial Driver's License, no DUI episodes on driving record are acceptable
Desired Experience: experience on land based oilfields as Roughneck, Roustabout, Motorman, Welder, Rigger etc.
Salary: starts at $39,000 for the entry level applicants without previous offshore experience
Job Location: Houston (TX), offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico
Job Type: Contract
Job Status: Full time offshore worker. More info upon request.

Job Summary:

Houston TX headquartered crewing company, that also does recruiting in North Dakota, is looking for experienced Roughnecks to work on offshore oil drilling platforms, located off the coast of Texas in the shallow waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Candidates to fill these vacancies without prior offshore experience are also welcome to submit their CV's/Resumé's.

To be good fit for this position on offshore oil rig, located in the Gulf of Mexico, aspiring Roughneck/Roustabout is expected to be able to cope with the following array of functions, duties, and responsibilities, while working on offshore oil platform:

  • In a position of Roughneck / Utility Hand the oil rig worker will be responsible for performing functions, associated with all and any of the offshore auxiliary jobs. For example, Roughneck/Roustabout in this position will be responsible for relocating the supplies and pieces of cargo from servicing well units to warehouse premises and vice versa.
  • Roughneck should help in the repairing and oiling of pieces of machinery and pumps.
  • Use lifting mechanisms for precise positioning of the unloaded cargo pieces.
  • Participate in the creation of the 'drilling mud' to be used for oiling the drill bit is another of Offshore Roughneck's duties.
  • Roughneck in this position may be required to train less experienced oil field greenhand personnel.

    GOM Roughneck / Floorhand job, offshore

    Vacancy Title: Offshore Roughneck
    Company that hires: employer asked to keep its details confidential. Recruiting is made by order of a medium sized contractor, working for one of bigger size companies, like BP, Royal Dutch Shell, Chesapeake Energy, or Exxon Mobil
    Required expertise and pre-requisites: Able Bodied Seaman, previous experience should exceed 2 years at sea, military background might put the candidate in a beneficial position over the other applicants for the same offshore job vacancy.
    Salary: $ 42.000. Subject to change, if promoted or if the scope of responsibilities expanded.
    Region of employment: offshore Texas, the Gulf of Mexico
    Occupation type: Contract, work on rotation schedule, 28/28 offshore offshore work alternating with the worker's leave, spent on mainland, work by tours, overtime occurs

    Vacancy details

    This vacancy of Offshore Roughneck comes from another major oil drilling contractor, operating several platforms and semisubmersibles in the Gulf of Mexico, as well as a couple of mainland based oilfields in Indiana, who currently are in search for a good candidate to fill Roughneck / Greenhand job opening in Houston recruiting area, TX - GOM.

    Responsibilities of this position

    Transporting, supplies and equipment, around maintenance area. Clearing, service and overhaul the boring devices. Keep jobs which are needed to be executed for repair pumping units. Roughneck must assist in the overhaul and lubrication of machinery and pumping units. Regular functions of Roughneck/Roustabout includes cleaning, scraping and painting the equipment on offshore oil rig. Linking different lengths of mining hole tube once drilling advances in depth toward earth crust. Cleaning, painting, and keeping in an orderly condition the working areas. Flatting, burnishing and cleaning tubes.

    GOM Oil & gas platform Roughneck position

    Job Title: Roughneck on offshore oil rig
    Recruiter: Sazes Staffing company
    Required competency: Ship Deckhand, Greenhorn Roustabout/Roughneck/Seaman/Ex-military
    Previous experience: 2+ years
    Pay: BOE
    Job location: the Gulf of Mexico
    Work type: Shift worker

    Job description:

    Oil drilling contractor looks to hire locally several Roughnecks to join the team, working on oil & gas offshore project in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of Texas

    Roughneck Vacancy in offshore industry

    Vacancy title: offshore oil platform Roughneck
    Company that hires: confidential
    Supposed expertise: Floorhand, Ship Deckhand, Roughneck, Roustabout
    Earlier offshore or marine experience: 1+ years. Ex-military, army or navy experience, is considered source of transferrable skills
    Wages/Salary: $28.000
    Employment region/job location: GOM, offshore, platform or drillship.
    Employment process peculiarities: permanent or temporary contract will be signed, if 28-days traineeship period confirms the candidate's ability to perform the duties of Roughneck up to employer's expectations.

    Vacancy details

    Roughneck / Cleaner is required, employment sector: oil drilling, offshore job, entry level. Excellent career opportunity in upstream oil & gas production industry in the GOM area for motivated and ambitious individual

    Roughneck's routine functions in this position will include ordinary roughneck labor such as docking the other portion of the pipe as the hole is being drilled deeper down the earth, as well as relocating the expendables, materials, instruments, supplies, pieces of cargo and the like from oil well servicing units to the designated working or storage areas and vise versa. Shaking the technological mixture of chemicals and fluids that afterwards would be used for lubricating the drill bit. Handling all gears, appliances, and tools in Roughneck's disposal on the drilldeck, and keeping them in functional and orderly condition. Cleaning the general working zone on drill deck, where the process of oil drilling takes place.

    Position of Roughneck / Driller Helper on offshore oil rig can also include as a separate duty worker's being responsible for all auxiliary and support jobs being done in time and in full accordance with the company's instruction and work safety policies/procedures, like cleaning, handling and repairing the parts of oil drilling mechanisms, pumping units, and lifting mechanisms that are used on offshore platforms to load/unload and stack tools and expendables.

    Roughneck job in oil exploration segment

    Position Title: Roughneck
    Industry: Offshore oil drilling
    Hiring Company/Recruiting Agency: Cohos Hire
    Supposed expertise: Manual Laborer in construction, shipyard, marine industry
    Working experience: assistant
    Oil platform working experience is welcome
    Salary: $US 30.000
    Vacancy location: GOM
    Employment form: permanent worker

    Job details

    Oil drilling contractor is looking currently for Roughneck / Driller Helper for oil drilling opportunity in GOM. Roughneck in this position will match new portion of a boring tube, as the drill proceeds in the depth towards ocean bottom. Operate hard gear and tools, if required. Roughneck should help in the fitting and oiling of gears and pumping units. In the position of Roughneck / Manual laborer you will be charged with performing all auxiliary jobs, such as unloading supplies and pieces of cargo from auxiliary ship and relocating them to storage areas.

    Roughneck Career in oil drilling sector

    Job Title: Roughneck
    Job offer by: Waldo Recruitment
    Workplace experience and skills nature: Roughneck
    Offshore experience: not obligatory
    Minimum experience in the same or similar trade: 2 years
    Remuneration type: Weekly payments
    Position country: GOM
    Position type: fixed term employee. This entry-level oil rig vacancy of Roughneck / Greenhand is currently available for oil career in GOM. Roughneck must assist in the fitting and lubrication of assembly and pumping units. Mixing the 'drilling mud' to oil the drill bit. Mating supplementary part of boring pipe as the drill moves deeper into ocean bottom. Purge, scrape and paint the metal parts in order to protect them from corrosion. Take part in jobs, which are necessary to be fulfilled to fit the pumping units.

    How many offshore oil rigs are there in the US part of the Gulf of Mexico?

    HOUSTON, TX - Currently there are the total of 25 offshore oil rigs in the US Gulf of Mexico, while in the previous year their number in the Gulf area was 26. As for the total number of oil rigs, both land based and offshore, that are engaged in active exploratory and oil production drilling across the USA as of February 2016 constituted 541 oil drilling facilities. The number of the oil rigs thus fell dramatically, considering that only previous year there were 1,358 oil rigs, drilling for oil and offering jobs with high salaries to Americans.

    The number of natural gas rigs for the current moment has been reported as 102 units, down from the previous year's 1,056 natural gas exploration and production rigs.

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