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Oilfield positions for skilled, unskilled, and semi-skilled workers like Roustabouts/Roughnecks keep being offered by ND employers in oil drilling industry - oil production companies that never stopped developing oilfields in North Dakota. Being the largest oil reserve in North America, the Bakken formation that covers big territories in North Dakota, Montana and Canada's Saskatchewan, is the source of many oil field job openings for seekers of Roustabout/Roughneck jobs on oil rigs since 1951. Opportunities in North Dakota's oil and gas upstream sector continue. Oil drilling companies, doing their business on oilfields of North Dakota keep recruiting experienced workers in attempt to quench the ever-growing need in hands and skills. There are job openings both in oil production and oil exploration branch. Job seekers are offered to read the following information on North Dakota oilfield opportunities for workers and engineers. In the not so distant past, during the boom years, the demand for workforce on oil rigs in North Dakota was at times so critical, that the companies just had no other choice than to agree to hire applicants with absolutely no previous experience in oil and gas industry and no industry-specific college or vocational training from trade school. The inexperienced, but healthy and strong young men (and women), could apply for a position of Roustabout and be employed to do the job they under different circumstances would never land. Currently the situation on oilfield employment market somewhat changed.

    It's highly recommended for both experienced, and especially for the inexperienced seekers of entry-level jobs with high salary on oil rigs in ND to attend job fairs, regularly held in different locations across North Dakota. Some of the recently announced job fairs, where an individual without previous experience of working on oil rigs has chances to get hired, are the following:

    • Multi Industry Job Fair in Dickinson, ND.
    • FM Career Expo in Fargo, ND
    • Spring Job Fair in Grand Forks, ND
    • Spring Multi-Industry Job Fair in Williston, ND
    • Minot Job Service Multi-Industry Job Fair,

    to list just a few. Do some of your own advanced research on the Internet, it might be useful.

Several years ago the oil drilling and oilfield servicing companies in North Dakota or in Colorado, desperate for workforce, would gladly offer entry-level jobs to the first guy from the street. Those were for the most part the vacancies of Righand or Roustabout, less frequently called Roughneck. To be exact, the Roughneck job job and Roughneck position title is what you are more likely to come across in offshore oil drilling industry, where Roughneck, who is a Driller Helper, is clearly distinguished from Roustabout, which is the industry specific name for low skilled laborer that only sometimes substitutes Roughnecks during the drilling process for a coffee break. While then job seeker had all chances to be hired with little to no experience and even without having to submit CV, nowadays an entry-level roustabout job is really hard to land. Oil rigs in North Dakota at this time are legally restricted to having only one unskilled greenhand worker as a junior crew member to undergo on-the-job training and pick up the many skills you have to master in order to be able to cope with roustabout job, as required by roustabout job description.

I believe I have a good piece of advice for someone trying hard to get hired on oil rigs of North Dakota as roustabout. Production industry positions in the directions like waste disposal, truck driving, maintenance etc. can make a good alternative to the employment in oil drilling. The point is that every drilling rig, once started to get deployed, gradually creates the number of auxiliary and catering jobs that ultimately reaches an impressive number of 120 jobs outside oil drilling. From them about 37% are trucking jobs. Therefore having a CDL (commercial driver's license) may create for anyone a chance to get a job with comparable salary, while less dirty, less stressful, and bearing less risk for a worker's health. Only one fracking operation line consumes over 2,000 truckloads of water yearly. Getting a cistern truck driving job can be quick, provided applicant has a sustainable driving record and is smart enough to enclose his or her motor vehicle report to their job application before employer asks for it. Truck driver job is much cleaner and less demanding, compared to what Roustabout has to do to earn his salary.

Still, the general laborer (Roustabout) position on oilfields is in fact the oil rig job, which from one hand is the most popular, while from the other perspective is one, which greenhand job seekers compete most fiercely for. From Roustabout the greenhands normally will be promoted to Roughneck just after several months of working on oil rigs. Some of the other popular oilfield-related roles that offer the great salary, associated with oil rigs and flows of crude oil, include: Welder Roustabout, Operator assistant, Finisher, Electronic technician, Crane operator, Shop technician, Mud logger, Field Service Operator (Dual Belt Conveyor, Frac Stack, Zipper, BOP, Sand King, Frac Pumps, High Pressure Manifold), Pipefitter, Rig Mechanic, Motorman (Motorhand), Truck driver, Scaffolder, Frac Helper, Frac Valve Tech, Derrickman (Derrickhand) Assistant Driller, fracking equipment operator, Electrician, Concrete, Roustabout Pusher, Acid Truck/Hot OIl Truck Operator.

When looking on the Internet for Oilfield or Oil Rig Roughneck or Roustabout jobs in North Dakota in general, and in Williston, ND, in particular, jobseeker better try the following job titles: General Labor Oil & Gas position, Floor Hand, Drilling job, Laborer, Rig Hand, Leasehand.

Featured Roustabout job openings

Roughneck/Roustabout/Utility Hand

Recruiter: Unfed Roustabout Service
Preferred experience/competence: Utility hand, Roustabout, Roughneck, Driller, A B Seaman. Firefighter experience is regarded as a plus.
Salary/Wages: Hourly payments
Job location: North Dakota
Work schedule: shift work, rotation schedule. Interested in these positions? Request more details.

For some of the cities and localities across ND, where recruitment for the work on the ND oilfields occurs and where greenhand jobseekers might get hired as Roustabout, consult the following list: Grafton, Grand Forks, Valley City, Minot, Rolla, New Town, Devils Lake, Oakes, Williston, Bismarck, Beulah, Jamestown, Harvey, Dickinson, Wahpeton, Fargo.

Some hints and tips on getting hired on ND oil fields as entry-level Roustabout
  1. Proceed through a friend or through someone your friend knows in person. Like in the majority of industries, getting job as entry-level worker on ND oil rigs should very much be a matter of your ability to establish contacts. The vast majority of people who got hired as roustabouts on oil rigs, including offshore platforms, had no previous experience working on oil rigs. They got there through a friend or the friend's friend.
  2. Attend job fairs at Williston, ND, the events are being arranged there quite frequently. Just take a bus and go there. Try to make friends over a couple of beers in a local pub with someone from Roustabouts and Roughnecks that shuttle between Williston and their rig job location to see their families or just to have some rest. Reference from one of them could be worth gold.
  3. Plan the issue of your temporary residence in Williston beforehand. It's not immediately that you may expect to get hired on a ND oil rig, if hired at all. Driving there in your own truck may be a good idea that could save you tons of money, if you live and sleep in the cabin, while looking for a job. Renting a trailer for housing from someone locally could cost you a fortune, over $1K per month, while renting an apartment could turn out even costlier. Should you be lucky and get hired, the expenses will quickly pay off, but if contrary, you may just go bankrupt.
  4. From the outset, get ready for long shifts and overtime labor, and very little time to sleep. If you are not scared off by the thought of possibly having to work 16 hours in a row, then read on about getting and retaining a position of Roustabout on oil rigs of North Dakota. Another roughneck I had an opportunity to talk in person to, said that the last time he slept was inside the cab of his own truck he was allowed to park outside the oil patch. The same roughneck told me that once he hadn't slept for almost 24 hours in a row.
  5. A really valuable piece of advice for someone striving to get job on oil rigs in ND. Before travelling to Williston, it is highly recommended that you get your CDL, which will expand your options with oil rig job providers dramatically. Many of them wouldn't even talk to you about employment after hearing you don't have CDL. That's because the job they might otherwise offer to you requires driving a commercial truck.
  1. Use online CV/Resumé submission service that for a small fee would e-mail your application to as many oilfield roustabout job providers, as possible. Statistically, it's via the Internet that the majority of the successful seekers of oilfield job once got shortlisted for their pre-employment interview.
  2. Don't get obsessed by the idea of getting hired specifically on oil rigs of North Dakota. There many other oil rich areas across the USA, for example, Indiana, where oilfield development is conducted by private contractors, including many small companies that offer their own type of oil drilling and oilfield related jobs, or in Alabama, where employment opportunities could be broader, including chance of getting hired as offshore oil rig worker, while the portion of the salary remaining in your pocket after paying your living expenses bigger. It's also possible that your entry-level job of Roustabout awaits for you to take it in oilfields of Texas, who knows?. The cost of living in ND is high enough to take from you the major portion of the hard earned salary the greedy oil drilling companies in North Dakota agree to pay to their Roustabouts and Roughnecks for their insane labor.

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