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Don't miss your chance to take advantage of this little known information. It is intended to update beginner offshore oil job seeker on the ways of getting hired on offshore oil rigs through recruitment agencies. No access to the knowledge of the sort means almost no hope for getting entry-level oil rig job in offshore sector for a novice. If greenhand applicant fails to equip himself/herself with the offshore oil rig recruitment agency insider based job search technique that we suggest, their time and efforts, spent on composing Resumé are most likely to be total waste of time and end up as a perfect failure. Knowledge is power. Offshore oil rig job seekers may have all the paperwork done online using the web based software and no-nonsense assistance of a semi-automatic template based Resumé writing/submission service that can blast your CV to all more or less serious offshore oil rig recruitment agencies and consultancies on offshore employment market, including those, which offer offshore job placement for candidates who have no previous experience, but who qualify (see the requirements), or who would like to start with getting a job at frac company as, say commericial truck driver (good opportunity for CDL holders).

Some of those offshore oil rig recruitment agencies deemed highly effective, and receiving fair amount of favorable feedback from behalf both of management of different offshore oil rigs and job seekers - experienced professionals and greenhand applicants without experience that would agree to do the dirtiest, the hardest, and sometimes outright dangerous offshore jobs, such as Roustabout or Rope Access Painter, have included:

  • Spencer Ogden
  • Rigman Offshore Ltd. in Aberdeen - offers oil drilling, marine, commercial, and engineering vacancies in the UK, Brazil, India, Russia and many other locations around the world aboard offshore and onshore oil drilling facilities and the related marine vacancies on different types of vessels ranging from FPSO and drillships to tankers. Recently announced several temporary vacancies for offshore job seekers with previous experience: Toolpusher, Instrument Technician, Electronic Technician, Subsea Engineer, ROV Pilot Technician, Driller, Directional Driller, Assistant Driller, Crane Operator, Rig Electrician. Among the clients Rigman Offshore hires for are oil and marine companies and contractors, some of which are: BP, Diamond, Integrated Subsea Services, Noble, C&M Group, Subocean, Venture, Atwood Oceanics, Britannia, Dolphin, Petrolia, Transocean, Nexen, Ensco, Helix, Oilexco, Trident, Total, Ocean Mainport, Shell, Frontier, Stena, Odjfell, Marathon.
  • Lucsam Services - crewing agency in Mumbai, India. Has another office in the Philippines. This is one of the most reputable offshore oil rig recruitment agencies that provide recruitment services for oil drilling contractors. Also supplies equipment.
  • TEAM Energy Resources, has corporate offices in Aberdeen, Norwich, Dubai, Qatar and Singapore. Agents, representatives, partner offices and recruiters in Nigeria, Oman, Libya, United States, Egypt, Australia, Brazil, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia
  • Amec Foster Wheeler PLC, headquartered in London, UK. recruiting company, project management and engineering services provider for oil & gas, has offices in over 50 countries around the world, known for mass recruiting of workforce for big oil drilling projects.

Offshore drilling contractors, who hire directly:

  • Blake International Rigs, LLC (jobs on platforms in the Gulf of Mexico)
  • Derrick Services (UK) Limited DSL

A Canadian oil company Cenovus Energy (Calgary, Alberta) announced the reduction of the number of their employees and workers by 15% and limiting the further growth of salaries for the offshore personnel that were lucky to retain their jobs. Another big corporation, drilling for oil and operating oil rigs across the USA, Canada, Argentina, Australia, Egypt, and offshore UK in the North Sea close to Norway, also made a public announcement that the next year oil rig job seekers shouldn't hope to see many jobs from it, since there will be a major reduction of active offshore and landbased oil rigs globally. Maybe the number the oil rigs the company operates in the Eagle Ford will be reduced to ten or so. More sad oil job news comes from providers of offshore oil rig jobs, such as Schlumberger, Baker Hughes, and Halliburton, who went as far as dismissing respectively large groups of 9,000, 7,000 and 5,600 oil rig employees and workers.

There will be no many offshore oil rig job openings from Statoil ASA this year. For the most part those vacancies were expected previously in the connection with Norway's plans to drill for oil in the Barentz Sea in Arctic, but the projects had to be stopped because of global 60% plunge of crude oil prices that hit oil & gas market from June to January. The same concerns oil drilling by Shell in USA's Alaska, and joint Rosneft/ExxonMobil venture in the Kara Sea.

Surprisingly enough, in spite of all the above mentioned and similar oil job reductions in upstream sector, the hiring process in offshore oil drilling industry never gets discontinued. Moreover, some of offshore oil rig recruitment agencies keep increasing their hiring activities. The mission of this website is to help motivated individuals that qualify from one hand and representatives of the offshore oil rig recruitment agencies that manage not just stay afloat, but rather show the signs of moderately prospering against the background of general recession, meet each other through the platform we provide.

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