Oil rig recruitment project > Oil rig jobs in UAE, Oman and the Middle East, including entry-level

Oil rig jobs in UAE, Oman and the Middle East, including entry-level

Offshore Roustabout jobs in UAE, at Abu Dhabi, 6 vacancies. These are not entry-level jobs, previous experience is required. The job offer comes from the Atlant Oil Services. Pre-requisites: Good candidate will have 3 years of experience on offshore oil rigs, it is the required minimum that couldn't be reduced. Maximum age for these positions of Roustabout is limited by 32 years of age, minimal professional training: 10 days refresher instruction courses. All OPITO approved certificates that are needed to allow admission to do Roustabout jobs on offshore oil drilling platforms. The company will compensate traveling expenses (air ticket, accommodation, meals; The work will be on rotation schedule with 40 days on offshore duty, followed by the same amount of days on leave. The duration of a working day for Roustabout in this position will be 12 hours, overtime hours are possible, but not common. As for the salary, it is AED 110 for 12 hour long working day. Ever been offered this kind of unique employment opportunity? Hurry up, you'd hardly come across anything even remotely similar next time soon!
The status of the vacancy advertisement: CLOSED, ARCHIVED.

Floorman/Roughneck - rig job from undisclosed drilling contractor that operates land based oil rig in the UAE close to Dubai. Candidates from India or Pakistan are O. K. Ad status: CLOSED

Lead Roustabout/Foreman, excellent salary (negotiable), complete benefits package, job on oil production platform, 1 year contract, extendable. This position of Roustabout requires leadership qualities, as will be charged with organizing, leading, and supervising a group of greenhand Roustabouts, substitute Roughnecks during coffee breaks, should be capable to assist Derrickman and do the duties of Assistant Crane Operator, guiding cargoes during loading, offloading, and being moved around the deck. Should be familiar with and hold forklift operator license. This role on offshore platform also assumes occasionally joining Maintenance Roustabout team. Ad status: CLOSED

  • Riggers, NOT entry-level jobs. What is a rigger on oil rig and what he does as job? Rigger is a hard manual laborer, skilled in moving around, lifting, installing etc. big, heavy objects of unusual configuration. On the offshore oil rigs Riggers normally start at the entry level, as greenhand Roustabouts

    About some oil rig job providers in UAE

    The National Oil Company of Abu Dhabi (ADNOC) is the largest public company in the UAE. It operates 17 subsidiaries in the oil & gas sectors. Here's the list of them: FERTIL, NDC, ADGAS, ADMA-OPCO, ESNAAD, ADCO, Al Hosn Gas GASCO, Elixier, BOROUGE, ADNOC Distribution, ZADCO, IRSHAD, TAKREER, ADNATCO-NGSCO. ADNOC is entitled to pick up 60% stake in all new major start-up oil projects.

    New job openings on oil rigs, UAE, offshore/onshore:

  • Driller, Directional Driller
  • Field Safety Engineer (with main duties focussed on assisting the Rig Manager in management of HSE systems on offshore oil rigs, salary: $US 105 K per year
  • Instrument Technician (2)
  • Mud Logger
  • Rig Electrician (2)
  • WHPT Assistant Operator (1)
  • Camp Boss, Steward, Cook
  • Drilling Workshop Supervisor
  • Night tool Pusher
  • Senior tool Pusher
  • Radio Operator
  • Logistics Marine Representative
  • Welder/Diver, offshore, FPSO
  • Riggers, offshore, salary - around $US 45,000 - 51,000
  • Crane Operator

    Production of the hydrocarbons in the United Arab Emirates is being governed based on the principle of the division of the crude oil production output between the domestic and foreign investors.

    Most of the oil projects are conducted by the Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO) and by Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) through its subsidiary Zakum Development Co. (ZADCO)as well as by the company on the management of the coastal strip (ADMA-OPCO), as well as by Zakum Development.

    Crude oil reserves in the UAE make up 8.5 percent of the world's oil reserves, with most of the oil located in Abu Dhabi. According to the Global Insight, Zakum Oilfield is the largest in the country and the third largest in the Middle East. According to the recent evaluations, Zakum Oilfield contains 66 billion barrels of proven oil reserves.

      A major oil drilling contractor is looking to hire resident Drilling Superintendent on 3 year contract. Job description: A perfect candidate for this oil rig position in the UAE would be a bilingual English and Arabic-speaking specialist, trained and experienced in HP/HT wells, who also is familiar with MPD techniques. This job for the most part will be aboard offshore jack up oil platform, and for the smaller part in the company's Abu Dhabi office. Attractive salary that starts at (erased) will be complimented by bonuses, travel expenses reimbursed, work is on partially rotating employment scheme.

    Oil drilling and oilfield servicing companies in the UAE, Abu-Dhabi, Dubai and the Middle East that operate and provide oil rig jobs in the UAE:

  • Dalma Energy & CO. LLC, oil drilling contractor, incorporated in Oman

  • Noble International Ltd - Abu Dhabi Branch. This is oil drilling/production contractor that provides jobs in workover and in offshore oil and gas drilling.

  • ETA Star Holdings Ltd Oilfield services Division, for over 40 years utilizes American Augers Oil & Gas Vertical Drill Rigs, Horizontal Directional Drills, Boring Machines, Mud Pump & Cleaning Systems, and underground technology experience with the introduction of the VR-500.
    • ENSCO,
    • Ensign International Energy Services PTY Ltd. (subsidiary of Ensign Energy Services Inc of Canada),
    • Oil Drilling Maintenance Services,
    • Cameron Drilling Systems,
    • Anadrill International SA (Schlumberger) - Pakistan. Offers directional drilling; a horizontal drilling contractor; LWD, MWD, well planing;
    • Big E Drilling company,
    • Cayenne Oil & Gas, LP,
    • Essar Oilfields Services, Dubai. Provides contract onshore and offshore drilling for oil in the UAE, operates 1 offshore semi-submersible and 12 landbased oil rigs; Nabors Drilling Intl Ltd., Transocean, Scandrill,
    • Diamond Drilling Industries Inc.,
    • ForsteR Drilling Co. Inc. (PO Box: 2425 Houston, TX USA),
    • Dalma Energy LLC, drilling contractor from India,
    • Canrig Drilling Technology Ltd.,
    • Atwood Oceanics, Atwood Oceanics Pacific Ltd

  • National Petroleum Services (NPS) - Saudi Arabia oil drilling contractor and provider of the wide range of vacancies, covering jobs and services, including trainee and apprentice positions in various segments of oil and gas industry of the UAE. The services and jobs in upstream sector from the NPS include exploratory and production oil drilling and workover, casehole and open hole logging.
      Vacancies in oil & gas sector in UAE for Indians: Rig Mechanic, job on offshore oil drilling platform; Roustabout, Floorman, Leasehand, Galleyhand, Dishwashers in catering module, Derrickman, Brush Painters, Assistant Mechanic, Motorman, Electrical Technician.

  • Specialized Oil Services (WLL). This oil & gas job provider specialized in supply of skilled workforce for maintenance, oil drilling, and completion operations. The other operations and services, offered by this oilfield servicing contractor have included: industrial pre-commissioning services, chemical injection to reservoirs PVT analysis, slick wireline services, instrumentation and chemicals, tubular inspection, 2D & 3D seismic survey, instrumentation & maintenance, drilling & exploration, well testing, production testing, electrical/mechanical construction, mud engineering.

  • Arabian Oilfield Supplies & Services DMCC. DMCC. Contractor for: onshore oil drilling, H2S Safety & Training, Rig Transportation, Well Testing, Mud Logging, Mud Engineer. Drilling Fluids, Casing & Tubing, Drill Bits, Drilling Equipment, Couplings & X-Overs, Downhole Products provider.
    Oil exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the UAE

    In 2014, upon the expiry of the foreign concessions on the development of oilfields of the country, Abu Dhabi gained total control over the oil production on its territory.

    The UAE focus their efforts on the development of infrastructure and the use of advanced technologies for oil production in the already developed (mature) oilfields. Upper Zakum offshore project, carried out as a joint venture of ADNOC, ExxonMobil and Dzhodko, aims to increase crude oil production volume at the oilfield Zakum to 200,000 barrels of oil per day.

    The increase in production is also expected in the oil fields, located in the coastal zone, which includes the Bu Hasa, Bab and Asab, as well as the north-eastern oilfields Al Dibiya, Rumaita and Shanatet. The Government hopes that the increase of the industrial potential, stemming from oil production, will put the United Arab Emirates abreast with some of the major manufacturers, strengthening the role and influence of this Arab nation in the Middle East region. Anyway, according to recent studies, the current state of the nation's economy doesn't seem to justify the expectations.

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