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Oil rig jobs for ex-military

Here's an excellent piece of news for the retired military, currently looking for employment with good salary: oil drilling and oilfield servicing companies, especially contractors, drilling for oil and gas offshore, will happily give preference to greenhand novice job seekers, looking for employment on oil rigs, who have military background. It's absolutely realistic for ex-military to expect the skills, abilities, or knowledge, stemming from their ex-military position, responsibilities, or training while on the active duty in the army, airforce or navy, to be transferable to the qualifications, required in related offshore oil jobs.

Ex-military applicants for jobs on oil rigs surely have a hand over the rest of candidates without previous oilfield or offshore experience, when it comes to getting their very first entry level job on offshore oil rigs. Only for the sole reason of being ex-military, such candidates enjoy an almost guaranteed opportunity to be included on a shortlist for pre-employment interview, and they can count for something better paid and cleaner to do as a job than Roustabout or Galleyhand, as their entry level job on rigs.

It is on all types of offshore oil exploration and oil production rigs (FPSO's, MODU's, drillships, semisubmersibles, jack-up platforms) that companies especially love new entrants from the ex-military, and behind the scenes have vacancies reserved for such candidates, and that's for a very valid reason that oil rig jobs for ex-military are frequently available while for non-military not. Being accustomed to routine, order, and discipline, allows ex-military job seekers to fit easily to largely regulated life and work on offshore oil rigs, making them excellent candidates to fill various entry-level offshore job openings. Therefore it's strongly recommended that you state clearly in your Resumé/CV you are ex-military, looking for oil rig jobs on offshore oil drilling industry. Your Resumé will then at least be guaranteed attention of HR consultants/recruiters for oil upstream industry.

Featured vacancies in Aberdeen for the ex-military from Petroplan, recruiter for UK's offshore oil sector: Rig Electricians - UK, North Sea

It's absolutely recommended, whether ex-military offshore oil rig job seeker or a common candidate, to have at least two certificates on hands: OPITO approved BOSIET (Basic Offshore Survival Induction and Emergency Training) certificate, and Offshore Medical Certificate that confirms you are a healthy individual, fit for doing job in the harsh and physically demanding environment on offshore oil rigs. Judging from previous experience,

Vacancies from Chevron for ex-military in the USA locations: Houston or Midland, Texas; Evanston, Wyoming; Bakersfield, California; New Orleans or Lafayette, Louisiana. Details come soon
recruiters and offshore oil industry crewing agencies don't take seriously the candidates, who didn't care to make their preliminary research on the specifics of the offshore oil career path and obtain the two offshore certificates in question. In fact, there are more of them, but at least these two is what you should have for sure. Both your BOSSIEST and Medical are to be paid by yourself, but this should be a very small price for getting a chance to try get one of those so very well salaried offshore jobs for ex-military. BOSIET (including HUET) training course is only 3 days long, and costs approximately $US 1,000. Offshore Medical Certificate price is $US 100-110.

The easiest time to get entry-level little skilled job on offshore oil rig should be during shut down season. Do not neglect the offers of short time contracts. Even if you spent two weeks on offshore platform, you already got an experience you could justly mention in your future CV's/Resumé's. Making your way to offshore oil rig employment through catering companies that get subcontracted by drilling contractors or rig owners is certainly a way either. Try these ones: Universal Sodhexo, CCD, Aramak, or you could track down more on the Internet. UK's Fugro/Alluvial Mining, located at Great Yarmouth are said to always be on the outlook for filling offshore job openings by candidates from the ex-military. Many big oil companies like Chevron run employment programs for army veterans (some of the recent vacancies included: Rig Electricians, Electrical Engineers, Facility Engineers, Pipeline Mechanics, Radial Drilling Operators, Maintenance Coordinators, Logistics Managers - find out more on your own). Ex-military enjoy great opportuntiy to take advantage of their transferable skills in the fields like Project Management Logistics, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering to enter many engineering positions on oil rigs, offshore and landbased.

In spring 2013, the UK's Ministry of Defense, Oil & Gas Industry, and Career Transition Partnership united efforts in a joint attempt to determine those of military jobs that could offer directly transferable skills for possible immediate transition of the retired military to a corresponding role in oil and gas industry, where they could occupy a worthy position with adequate salary. The other military trades, that would require some transitional complimentary training and certification for becoming ready to take relevant offshore positions.

As for the further advancement, once you are inside oil production industry on a rig doing your entry-level job, there's accelerated oil rig training for ex military at some of the companies that hire. Those companies in oil and gas that had experience of hiring ex-military for responsible project roles, discovered the ex-military they chose to contract, would bring along excellent work discipline and familiarity and knowledge, necessary for conducting offshore operations, doing the job on high professional level.

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