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Oil rig jobs for Females

Information for women, wanting to work on oil rigs, including offshore platforms

HR managers of today's employers, who provide jobs on oil rigs for men and women, recently made a drastic change in their hiring policies. That strategic shift in favor of female applicants for several types of oil rig jobs in offshore industry that was hardly noticed by job seekers with extensive previous experienced looking to get hired as offshore staff for their next project, say nothing of greenhand oil rig job seekers, was made not only by recruiters for oil companies, positioning themselves as equal opportunity employers. Recruiters at this time pay increasingly strict attention and make special account of the so-called soft skills, they cautiously try to detect in onshore and offshore oil rig job seekers still at the phase of browsing their CV/Resumés, checkmarking candidates to be included in their shortlist for pre-employment interview. What are those soft skills, though? They are the qualities, abilities, and expertise, that include team spirit, communication skills, abilities to settle down conflicts and arguments in a non-aggressive manner, ability to join efforts at moments of emergency situations or whenever that turns out crucial for doing job effectively etc.

Oil rig job offers for women in Alberta, Canada, from Savanna Energy Services
  • Floorhand, Motorhand, Rig Manager, Driller, Derrickhand, Rig Electrician, Offshore Medic. Opportunities for advancement and professional growth for female workers in this company are the same, as for their male colleagues.
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    The research that had been conducted early in winter 2015 and analyzed over 50,000 CV/Resum´, submitted by male and female oil rig job seekers, revealed that all of those soft skills, except for leadership inclinations, are more likely to be found in female applicants. Which means better chances for women to be employed to fill various vacancies, available across offshore oil drilling industry at every level, from Cook or Chef in catering department to Rig Manager, though wealth of medium segment jobs, like ROV Pilot Technician, and Engineering roles, requiring besides proper technical training, qualities like attentiveness and ability to concentrate, high level of responsibility, most importantly being a team player, since it is a crew of several people that conducts deepwater operations like inspection or subsea welding with the help of ROV.

    It's already an established fact no one can deny: once upon a time all-male profession, work on offshore oil rigs becomes penetrated step by step by female workers and employees now performing formerly male roles on offshore oil rigs in positions like Camp Boss, Cook and Assistant Cook, Night Baker Steward (Stewardess), Galleyhand, Dishwasher in the catering department; Rig Electrician and even Chief Electrician, Mud Engineer, Mud Logger, Instrument Technician, Electrical Technician, Electronic Technician, Safety Coordinator, Mechanic, Motorman, and even Roustabout or Roughneck - yes, I saw a couple! You may be surprised, but there are training programs in the Middle East, specificaaly in Oman, which allow enrollment and train female engineers that might after graduation also work on offshore rigs. The International Maritime College Oman (IMCO) recently issued several college diploma's in engineering to several local female students, who had opted to receive marine engineering education.

    Women speak about lifestyle on offshore oil rigs
    As a female who has been doing job on offshore platform for nearly 5 years, I can say that having an affair with one of these guys, Roustabouts, Roughnecks, Motorman and Diesel Mechanics, working with their female colleagues on oil rigs side by side, should be the last idea to come up in a sick brain. All workers on oil rigs, males and females, are here to do their jobs and earn the salaries no other industry outside offshore oil rigs can offer. There is no simply time for having affair, even if someone was after it. The vision of women on oilfields being another source of potential hazard male rig workers are exposed to in line with harsh weather conditions and threats of fire or blowout like one with BP Deepwater Horizon in the Gulf of Mexico is totally groundless. Female rig workers opt to get employment on offshore oil rigs because it's challenging, exciting, and the salary is so good. Some love this offshore job of theirs on offshore oil patch because it's outdoors, and would hate stuck all day long locked in an office.

    According to the statistics, provided by the newspaper Guardian, women in different positions on oil rigs account for 3.7% of offshore workers. Approximately 35% of those female jobs on offshore platforms are in catering, while the rest of female jobs on rigs are in maintenance or health and safety. One of the companies, known for encouraging women to apply for wider range of oilfield jobs is Savanna Energy Services. There more companies and crewing agencies that hire women to fill traditionally male job openings in upstream oil & gas. The same Guardian says there has been a 18.7% growth in female employment for different positions on offshore oil rigs since 2006.

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