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The Arabian Drilling Company (ADC), incorporated in Saudi Arabia, is a joint venture, operating oil rigs across the inland territory and in the territorial waters of the country. It operates both land based oil rigs and offshore platforms. The ADC shareholders are the French oilfield servicing company Schlumberger that owns 49% of its shares and Saudi Arabia's Industrialization & Energy Services Company (TAQA), holding the remaining stake of 51%. The company's CEO is Mohammad Yousuf Rafie. The Arabian Drilling Company is known as a contractor, offering some of the best career opportunities and salaries in oil exploration/production sector. The Arabian Drilling Company is not only one of the important oil rig jobs provider in the Middle East, but also a provider of the oil & gas industry-specific training for undergraduate students and post graduates of the local Universities, who are the citizens or permanent residents of Saudi Arabia.

The calls for trainees are usually posted in the universities, published in the local newspapers, and spread through the Internet. It often happens that the company hires trainees and apprentices for an unspecified period of time and has them trained as long as it is needed for obtaining the due qualification and skills for the specific oil rig job to be done full time. ADC has been known for its continuously keeping hiring new employees and workers, needed from time to time for the implementation of its numerous offshore and onshore oil drilling projects.

The vacancies, announced as open on the ADC website at the time of writing this review, included:

The List of major oil drilling contractors in Saudi Arabia that could offer job placement for greenhand job seekers both in offshore and onshore sector: EniRepSa Gas Ltd., Saudi Arabian Oil Company (Saudi Aramco), ANABEEB COMPANY LIMITED, The Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation (APICORP), Dalma Drilling Company, Vigor Drilling, Saudi Oger, ZP Arabia Drilling Company Ltd.

Rig Medic. This is an excellent entry-level opportunity for any male greenhand candidate, certified as Paramedic, Nurse or other junior medical staff and possessing some experience in trauma clinic or elsewhere, providing first aid for patients, who got hurt in emergency situations. This role also deals with instructing oil rig job personnel and teaching them first aid basics and the patterns of acting, should an accident occur. Rig Medic is responsible for keeping record of all accidents and illnesses affecting rig crew members, as well for the timely replenishment of the stock of drugs, mandated to be kept in medical quarters on oil rig, offshore or onshore; Rig Medic takes part in the daily meetings of administrative staff and reports directly to oil rig Superintendent or Rig Manager/Toolpusher;

Truck/Car Driver to perform all kinds of driving, mail delivery, loading and unloading materials, familiar with the heavy duty jobs and with some experience of working in oil & gas or petroleum industry; Welder with experience of doing ship repairs, must be skilled in a range of welding methods and have experience in welding alloys like, say, stainless steel, and know how to apply welding in the course of the pipe fitting process. Should be trained and certified up to the requirements, set by the oil industry in general and by the drilling company in particular; Offshore Crane Operator with experience of working on heavy cranes, preferably, but not necessarily, on offshore rigs. Crane Operator role includes giving orders to and directing Roustabouts in the course of offloading/loading operations and moving the cargos around the rig, it's an offshore position; Warehouseman (Storekeeper, Materials Man), whose main duty would be keeping inventory record of the disposable and undisposable materials and equipment, kept in a warehouse of oil rig. This oil rig job with ADC requires at least two years of previous experience in a related position on landbased oilfield servicing facility or aboard offshore oil rig. Should be computer literate, possess good aptness for counting items, will be required to learn the inventory accounting system, adopted on the companies oil rigs in Saudi Arabia. Good knowledge of both English and Arabic languages is the pre-requisite, good candidate should speak, write, and read both fluently; Offshore Radio Room Operator with GMDSS qualifications; position calls for very good oral communication skills and the ability to formulate messages in a perfectly concise and clear manner.

The other offshore jobs and onshore oil rig jobs in Saudi Arabia have included vacancies, seemingly available also for foreigners like nationals of India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Russia:

  • Electronic Technician to work on Cyber Offshore Rig;
  • ROV Pilot;
  • Electrical Technician;
  • Floorhand, Leasehand, Roustabout/Roughneck
  • Mud Engineer;
  • Mud Logger;
  • Instrument Technician;
  • Rig Electrician;
  • Roughneck, Floorman;
  • Offshore Metering Technician
  • Foreman;
  • Motorman, offshore job openings;
  • Roustabout Pusher;
  • Directional Driller;
  • Forklift Operator;
  • Derrickman;
  • Offshore Assistant Driller;
  • Onshore Oil Rig Assistant Driller;
  • Offshore OIM Offshore Installation Manager;
  • Resident Offshore Rig Manager;

From sources outside the Arabic Drilling Company we learned that there are also multiple positions and both onshore and offshore oil rig job openings in catering department, including Camp Boss, Steward, Galleyhand, Cooks, Night Bakers, Chef, Laundry, Kitchen Helpers, Dishwashers, Janitors etc., but these job openings are delegated for the filling to the catering companies that were contracted to supply the catering services to both offshore and onshore oil drilling rigs, operated by the Arabian Drilling Company. The list of those companies we hope to compile and publish very soon for for the benefit of offshore oil rig job seekers so they could consult it freely. Also we intend to review contractors, drilling for oil in other Middle East countries, such as the UAE, Oman, Iraq, Yemen, Kuwait, Iran, Qatar, including the activities of fracking companies, working on shale oil & gas projects.

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