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Vacancies on offshore platforms in Norway

What follows is a short list of jobs available on offshore platforms. There are all kinds of vacancies, ranging from those that do not require any or just basic, knowledge of Norwegian or English language and high class skills or training to some exceptionally demanding jobs requiring the knowledge of several foreign languages, lots of experience on oil rigs, and high level of professionalism.

Offhore vacancies in Norway in the North Sea

  • Foreman. An employee in this position is personally responsible for both oil rig and all drilling crew members working in his shift. Foreman is responsible for the safe drilling on rig deck while using lifting and rotating equipment. His location on the drill deck is near the dispatcher cabin. Foreman is also responsible for measuring the pipeline and preparing & submitting the report. Foreman reports directly to Rig Manager. To qualify for vacancy of Foreman on offshore oil rigs of Norway a candidate should freely speak both English and Norwegian languages and should have prior work experience on offshore oil rigs in the position of Roughneck, Floorman, or Assistant Driller.
  • Crane operator is a senior member of the team on the rig, who lifts the crane, and also opens and closes the crane. Crane operator sets drilling emulsion tanks and monitors emulsion. He is also responsible for the equipment and crew members in his shift. This offshore position requires work experience operating cranes, training on site is possible at the expense of the employer.
  • Roustabout/Roughneck. Roustabout/Roughneck is a junior member of the drilling team working on the drill deck of oil production installation or facility (drillship, semisubmersible, jack-up, MODU etc.). Roustabout controls forceps, closes/opens elevator and handles other equipment on rig's drilling deck. On-site training is typically available for good candidates employer would like to hire for this position that is considered entry level on offshore oil rigs in Norway.
  • Chief Mechanic - is responsible for training and supervising the entire team of offshore rig mechanics. 1 rank Mechanic and Mechanic service, repair, and restore mechanical equipment by the measure of its wearing out. You can get promoted to this position after having worked offshore for a period bigger than 12 months after passing 90-days on site training followed by successfully passing exams.
  • Motorman. Motorman is offshore drilling team member on the rig, who is responsible for operation, proper functioning, and routine maintenance of all main engines and motors. Motorman can do minor repairs and will perform other duties as necessary. Knowledge of a foreign language is not required, on-site training is possible. So, it's not important whether you're applicant from India, Nigeria, Iraq, Malaysia, Brazil, Mexico, or Canada
  • Roustabout. Roustabout job description reads: this junior member of the team usually works in the cargo compartment and on the drilling deck. Roustabouts duties include unloading supplies from ships to service facilities and also works in the rig area.
  • Assistant driller - junior member of the team that works on the deck of the rig. In part, runs forceps, opens and closes elevator and handles all heavy equipment available and used on the drilling deck. There are 2 to 4 such laborers working in each shift. On-site training available.
  • Materials Man (Materials Woman). This is team member who keeps inventory in proper order and distributes equipment on the platform.
  • Subsea Project Engineer job description: needed for offshore work in Stavanger, Norway, on 6 months contract that could be prolonged after the expiration, should the candidate prove to be good fit for this offshore position as expected by employer. This is a position requiring prior experience of working on offshore rig decommissioning, installation, or relocation projects. Excellent salary, benefits, 1 month rotation schedule.
  • Toolpusher. Toolpusher is responsible for drilling crew members (Crane Operator, Assistant Crane Operator, Driller, Assistant Drillers, Roughnecks, Roustabouts) and supervises what they do. His responsibilities sometimes may include money management, arranging purchases, and keeping records of the acquisitions. Toolpusher gets instructions from and adheres to the orders of Rig Manager. Good candidate to fill a vacancy of Toolpusher must be someone speaking fluently in English and having a satisfactory knowledge level of both English and Norwegian languages. And, of course, decades of work experience in offshore oilfields.
  • Barge Captain. Barge Captain in the offshore industry is someone aboard offshore oil rig, who monitors all operations under water surface. This is not an entry level position that requires special education, on-site learning, and training.
  • Barge Engineer is an offshore employee aboard oil rig, who is in charge of installing the equipment on the rig.
  • Cleaning crew. The cleaning crew duties include removal of sand and wax from the drill pipes and filters. Absolutely no skills or prior experience is needed, brief on-site instruction is all the greenhand worker needs before starting doing this job.
  • Mud Engineer. This is a servicing position. The duties are normally performed by someone appointed either by drilling contractor or operator of the rig. That person becomes responsible for drilling fluid. This engineer works with drilling emulsion, as well as with gases, such as natural gas, air and foam. Prior experience or training is required.
  • Assistant Marine Engineer. A person working in this position should be a hydraulic engineer by formal education, whose duties and responsibilities include monitoring the system and checking up serviceability of safety cables on the rig. Prior experience is required.

    There's a constant need of catering personnel with job locations either on offshore platforms/drillships or on land. Hot vacancies that promise exceptionally good salaries, include: Stewards, Cooks, Chefs, Night Bakers, Assistant Cooks, unskilled kitchen workers like Galleyhands and Dishwashers/Potwashers, medics, security guards, cleaners, painters, scaffolders, truck drivers and specialized vehicles operators etc.

    Nearly all catering vacancies are meant for low skilled auxiliary staff on offshore oil rig. These people even aren't required to know much of English language. Catering and auxiliary servicing personnel also includes operators of computerized staff control and management systems, electricians, drillers, pipe fitters, roustabouts and maintenance roustabouts, carpenters, welders, rope access technicians, radio operators, safety coordinators, firefighters, rescuers, the list may go on and on. As for the salaries for specific offshore vacancies we are going to speak in the next offshore oil jobs review. Revisit soon, see who hires, and learn what to do or what to improve/add to your CV/resumé in order to get hired fast.

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