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Working on drill deck

Drill floor, or drilldeck, is the area on oil drilling facility or installation, where the drill string starts plunging into the earth to reach oil reservoir. This is where all drilling tools, mechanisms and appliances are located. Drill floor is the main work place for roughnecks, assistant drillers, driller, and motorman in charge of the engines, found on the drill floor. It's also place, above which the derrick is erected. The size of drill floor is small, but sufficient to host all rig crew members.

Drilling rig floor together with a derrick is the most dangerous place on the rig, specifically Derrickman is the first person aboard offshore oil platform to face the fire and call for firefighting, while starting firefighting for himself.

Drilling rig floor can be dangerous place to find yourself at because of the moving parts of heavy equipment available there, so safety rules like those mandating wearing protective hard hat and steel sock boots etc. regulate behavior of anyone entering drill floor working area. In dusk, or when the visibility is restricted, the workers, roustabouts, roughnecks, assistant drillers, drillers, derrickman, drill floor mechanic and other specialists are required to also carry lights or/and florescent stripes attached to their overalls, boots, and head gear.

Job offers: Maersk Drilling HBA, Lda. looks to hire a Drill Floor Mechanic for work in Angola, Africa oilfields.

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