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Entry level IT jobs offshore. Do offshore rigs hire computer programmers?


Greenhand applicant's entry level offshore corner

FAQ: How do I get a job in oil & gas industry as IT professional so I would be working for BP?

For greenhand IT professionals seeking to start working for the oil giant British Petroleum (BP) it should be interesting to know and useful to realize that it has been long time since the company stopped hiring computer programmers directly. In the year 2011 it was announced that just in a couple of years the oil giant reduced the number of its IT projects contractors from around 3000 companies in 2008 to only 8 of them in 2011. The IT firms that British Petroleum currently outsource to, have included IT services providers, such as: Infosys; Accenture; Wipro; HP; IBM; Tata Consultancy Services (TCS); and T-Systems.

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Plumbing Jobs on Oil Rigs

Since oil production, pumping, and transportation are impossible without pumps, it's oil rig workers with a professional background as plumber, who mainly complete pipefitter tasks on oil rigs of course are in demand on offshore platforms and oil drilling facilities - over 2900 of this kind of rigs located around the globe. Prior plumber experience and adjacent skills are regarded as advantageous, though not decisive factor at the phase of hiring.

Rig Manager/Toolpusher Job Description

On many offshore rigs Toolpusher is responsible for the entire process of managing the personnel through continuous instruction on safety procedures and regularly updating all rig workers/employees that comprise drilling/production crew on the matters and the ways the team members should use to ensure safe performance for each role on the drill floor in part and across the entire rig in general. Toolpusher also guides discussions and condusts training sessions, whose main purpose lies in ensuring quick uniform response to the emergencies that might occur in the capacity of someone doing supervisor job.

The recent hiring of candidate for Toolpusher position is due to Frontier Co - consultancy, specializing in providing headhunting and recruitment services for Oil & Gas Industry. Frontier's customers are companies, projects, and oil rigging contractors around the world. The winner got 6 months contract for performing the Rig Manager (Toolpusher) job, located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The main responsibility of this Drilling Engineer position holder was described as specifying drilling program, selecting formula of drilling fluids to be used during different stages of oil drilling process, and deciding on the type of casing that would fit best for a specific well at a specific phase and minimize the risk of hole collapsing.

Work as a Derrickman in oil & gas

Even if Derrickman is not an entry level oil rig job someone could land at once after completing some courses, be they even OPITO approved, the HR officers and hiring managers working to crew oil & gas drilling facilities receive hundreds of applications daily. Sad thing, the majority of them end up deserving average 10-20 seconds of attention before being rejected. That should be a good reason to deliberate on your specific way to end up successfully by paving your path towards a job of Derrickman in the next offshore oil rigging project fast and easy.

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Offshore employment opportunities overview extract

Another oil drilling contractor, Diamond Offshore, is known to continuously advertize many vacancies that the potential greenhand entry level oilfield job seekers should view as true employment opportunities offshore, even if manhy of them are meant to attract trained and experienced rigger personnel. Oil job review that features Diamond as a promising provider of offshore employment and career opportunities highlights non-drilling anf drilling positions that still wait for good candidates to grab them. They are as following: HSE Manager, Subsea Engineer, Structural Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Senior Project Engineer, Directional Driller with experience of horizontal drilling for oil and gas deposits (capable to conduct efficient and non-hazardeous drilling at angle 80 degrees from the vertical direction). Contemporary horizontal drilling is in many ways computerized process, that's what the computer user skills translation to big salary of the offshore Directional Driller job stems from. Now read about working on the drill floor.

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