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Vacancies on offshore rigs

The vacancies on different offshore oil installations, jack up platforms (Jack-up Mobile Drilling Units), mobile offshore production units, drillships, semisubmersibles etc. that we have recently reviewed

  • Oilfield Chemical Consultant
  • Roustabout/Driller Helper, 5 years of prior offshore experience
  • 3G Rig Welder/Diver, capable and certified to perform subsea welding and pipe fitting. Good candidate required to be able to pass successfully a 3G test and be willing to learn new skills. Preference given to welding school graduate, though on site trained welder with 1 year of experience would also be O.K. for this entry level position in offshore drilling industry. Though this is a supervised offshore position, ability to read and understand blueprints is a pre-requisite.
  • Roustabout/Roughneck, minimum 3 years of offshore experience on drillship or mobile offshore production unit (MOBU)
  • Deckhand/Ordinary Seaman/Garbage Handler with the required certificates in: Aerial Boom Operator Safety Training, Elementary First Aid, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities, Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting, Survival Craft and Rescue Boats, Security Awareness Training(SAT), MIST, HUET.
  • Offshore Crane Operator
  • Forklift Operator (clean driving license, OPITO Approved Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training with HUET and EBS, OPITO Approved Minimum Industry Safety Training, Norwegian Escape Chute, Offshore Medical Certificate, NVQ level 2 Uniform Public Services)
  • Hydraulic Fracturing Equipment Operator, 2 positions, Texas and North Dakota by oil frac companies that also offer jobs for candidates without previous experience on oil rigs.
  • Toolpusher (Drilling Department Chief), reporting directly to Offshore Installation Manager, leads
  • Derrickhand or Derrickman, reporting to Assistant Driller or, at specified periods of time directly to the Driller; median salary $54,000 approx., will work under the supervision no exercising independent judgment is required. Key responsibilities include being in charge of servicing, timely maintenance, and keeping operable offshore oil wells. May be asked to assist Roughnecks on drill floor (drilling deck). Should be experienced and skilled in handling mud-processing area during the circulation. In offshore crew hierarchy Derrickman is often a position ranked lower and subordinate to Assistant Driller that in his turn reports to Driller. May be appointed to supervise Roustabouts and Roughnecks
  • Assistant Driller (Helmerich & Payne, the USA)
  • Floorman, entry-level position
  • Driller for Nabors, responsibilities include observing and supervising Derrickman in operation.
  • Driller for Nabors - Clearfield, PA - this position is for someone with prior experience as a Derrickman with NDUSA
  • Driller, Derrickman, Motorman and Floorman for Basin Drilling, LP
  • Night Toolpusher - Rig Manager
  • SCCM Technician
  • Metering Technician
  • Rope Access Technician, Rust Remover - Painter, main responsibilities include painting metal parts and superstructure framework of offshore platform
  • Toolpusher, Night Toolpusher job opening in Papua New Guinea
  • Project Engineer full time position, good candidate should be of leadership charismatic nature and demonstrate ability to work proficiently on offshore systems using sweet or sour gas.
  • Assistant Welder, apt in operating basic metal cutting equipment and using grinders. Excellent entry level vacancy for a young, motivated individual to start a promising career in offshore oil and gas sector, be it Norway, Russia, or Malaysia.
  • Night Toolpusher in Canada on negotiable salary, taking into account years of offshore and oil & gas general experience and depending upon the skills, qualifications, and trade proficiency level. Key responsibilities include: supervising all personnel aboard the rig and the equipment on rig site; being in charge and responsible for offshore oil rig operating smoothly and safely in accordance with guidelines and standards; giving orders and providing immediate supervision to Driller, Roustabout Foreman, Mechanic, and Electrician; substitute Driller, should such need arise in course of drilling

In 2013 British Petroleum resumed development drilling at the Mad Dog oilfield complex in the Gulf of Mexico. The resumption became possible after the old damaged rig had been replaced by a new improved and modernized oil drilling rig mounted on the same offshore platform. The second rig that resumed deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico Thunder Horse field is West Auriga ultra-deepwater drillship. Actually, West Auriga is owned by Seadrill Ltd. and was contracted by BP from the oilfield servicing company in question on long term basis. The resumption and gradual expansion of offshore oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico means more jobs and vacancies for people wishing to work in the US offshore industry and earn big salaries. BP is in the process of having implemented expansion projects at Na Kika and Atlantis platforms.

Authorized recruiters:

Kwest Group Ltd.
- this consultancy, working for many oil drilling contractors on contract obligating the recruiter to find, interview, and finally select the candidates that could be offered offshore employment on oil rigs and oil production facilities internationally. The staffing company we speak about, works for oil drilling contractors, runs several full time offices around the world, and time from time offers employment on offshore oil rigs in Asia, Australia and Canada. Job candidates that qualify, get screened at no expense for them for running a background check, and, if believed it to be beneficial to employer, are offered the required offshore training also free of charge.

Next group of jobs review to follow: Oil and Gas Field Machinery and Equipment servicing job descriptions, key responsibilities, salary.

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