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Radio operator vacancies in oil rigs

Transocean Rig Radio Operator Jobs for Indians can be found on Taaza Jobs: Radio Room Operator's offshore salary has been reported as £ 28,000 or US$ 42,000, in fact this is one of the easiest positions on offshore oil platforms that requires GMDSS Radio Operator's License, good oral communications skills, offers excellent employment opportunities, but more to that: the prospects for promotion to one of better paid oil rig administrative positions, while at the same time, contrary to the majority of other entry level offshore oil rig jobs, doesn't imply direct exposure of a person to dangerous conditions of working outdoors. This is an indoors vacancy on offshore platforms or drillships of all generations.

Radio Operator needed. Vacancy details: Job Family: Marine, Location: Dubai, UAE, Division: DPW UAE HAMRIYA PORT, Contract Type: Permanent.

ND oil & gas news

An oil spill, as big as 7 football fields, was discovered 28 September 2013 by a North Dakota farmer Steve Jensen while he was harvesting the wheat. The spill in question emerged after the rapture of an underground oil pipeline that took place because of some unspecified circumstances. The spill turned out to be among the biggest oil spills that ever took place in the state of ND, producing leakage of 20,600 barrels of crude. Similar, though 4 times smaller oil pipeline rapture took place earlier in spring of the same year in the state of Arkansas, where 20 households had to be evacuated.

Greenhand applicant's entry level offshore corner

Sample CV summary for an offshore position in production department, B. Engr. (Materials & Metallurgical).

SCHOOLS ATTENDED WITH DATES: Charkin Maritime and Safety Training Institute Porthacourt in 2013. ENUGU STATE UNIVERSITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 1988 - 2003. MBAISE SECONDARY SCHOOL ABOH MBAISE 1990 - 1996. CENTRAL SCHOOL NNARAMBIA AHIAZU MBAISE 1980 - 1985. B.AMAH COMPUTER INSTITUTE 2007 - 2007. CERTIFICATES WITH DATES: OPITO BOSIET AND HUET, 2013 HSE COMPETENCE CERTIFICATE LEVEL 3, 2012 HSE GENERAL CERTIFICATE, 2012 BACHELOR OF ENGINEERING, 2003 WESTAFRICANSENIORSCHOOLCERTIFICATE, 1996 FIRST SCHOOL LEAVING CERTIFICATE, 1985 CERTIFICATE IN COMPUTER OPERATION, 2007 WORK EXPERIENCES: (A) April 2008 - June 2013 JULIUS BERGER NIG PLC. ABUJA DESIGNATION: Technical maintenance/ HSE office clerk. RESPONSIBILITIES: Minor servicing of machines for different contractors as temporary hire. Ensuring of regular treatment of working parts (Greasing, Oiling, Brushing). Store / issuing of hand tools. Ensure total adherence to safety rules at sites. Hazard identification / recommendations. Administering of light First Aid to injured workers. (C) 2002 (6 MONTHS sites) Chinese rig in Byelaw state DESIGNATION : trainee roustabout, apprentice roughneck. RESPONSIBILITIES: General cleaning work within the rig. Painting works and assisting the engineers. Ensuring good house keeping in rigs. Reporting injury at work to superiors. Identification unsafe work conditions. Moving materials within the rig. (D) 2004-2005 N.Y.S.C (GOVERNMENT TECHNICAL COLLEGE BINJI.) DESIGNATION: CASTING/MANUFACTURING OFFICER. RESPONSIBILITIES: Participating in casting works. Cleaning of cast material. Maintenance of works tools Rust/corrosion treatment. Record daily work activities. PROFESSIONAL TRAINING/ CERTIFICATES 2013: OPITO CERTIFIED BOSIET/HUET (BASIC OFFSHORE SAFETY INDUCTION & EMERGENCY TRAINING COURSES) 2012: H.S.E COMPETENCE DEVELOPMENT TRAINING (LEVEL 3) (NIGERIA INSTITUTE OF SAFETY PROFESSIONALS) 2011: GENERAL HEALTH, SAFETY & ENVIRONMENT COURSE (NIGERIA INSTITUTE OF SAFETY PROFESSIONALS) 2009: WORK ETHICS AND ATTITUDINAL CHANGE (J.B.N PLC/SEMIRA VENTURES) PERSONAL SKILLS: proactive and enthusiastic, effective time management, sound analytical mind, excellent communication skills, attention to details

FAQ: How do I get a job in oil & gas industry as IT professional so I would be working for BP?

For greenhand IT professionals seeking to start working for the oil giant British Petroleum (BP) it should be interesting to know and useful to realize that it has been long time since the company stopped hiring computer programmers directly. In the year 2011 it was announced that just in a couple of years the oil giant reduced the number of its IT projects contractors from around 3000 companies in 2008 to only 8 of them in 2011. The IT firms that British Petroleum currently outsources to, have included IT services providers, such as: Infosys; Accenture; Wipro; HP; IBM; Tata Consultancy Services (TCS); and T-Systems.

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