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As it was told before, all services, provided by the team that supports this oil rig job search site, are totally free of charge.

Site visitors are encouraged to use our Oil Rig Job Search Knowledge Center in order to find advice on the best job search methods that could be applicable to a particular oil rig job seeker's situation (whether candidate is greenhand entry-level applicant or someone looking for advanced engineering or supervisory position on oil rigs), and view currently available oil & gas career options. Choose training programs to meet onshore/offshore oil industry specific entry level staff requirements that recruiters set to filter applications, available employment programs run by certain oil drilling/well servicing contractors, get access to the documents and samples designed to assist oil rig job seekers in preparing their resumé, using altogether useful tips and hints meant to improve their interview techniques and performance.

We also review and recommend oil rig specific professional training programs that have proved advantageous from the perspective of a greenhand applicant becoming capable to outperform competitors while being interviewed, tested, or tried for the same position, be it a vacancy of Roustabout with no prior experience required, or Roughneck, or offshore platform Manager, or highly skilled Completion Specialist or a Directional Driller with years of experience of performing computerized horizontal drilling for oil reserves offshore, so that attractive offshore vacancy/salary in upstream sector would be awarded to yourself, not competitor job seekers with the rest of chances being equal.

Volunteer oil job site editors and offshore employment forum moderators, wishing to join on not-for-profit, non-compensatory basis, are welcome.


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