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Entry Level Oil Rig Jobs

Oil drilling industry offers lots of job openings on oil rigs, including entry-level opportunities. Many greenhand job seekers fail to realize that getting entry level job on oil rigs sooner depends on one's knowledge of the ways to find those jobs than your mental qualities, toughness of your spirit, and your excellent physical condition. Given physical condition of each job seeker that undertakes looking for entry level oil rig rob at low end (Roustabout, Galleyhand, Rope Access Technician, Leasehand, Motorman, Banksman/Slinger etc.) is up to expectations of oil drilling industry, it's elsewhere that real competition takes place. If you are looking to enter oil rigs for the purpose of catching on in the industry to get a foothold so you could develop a career, you need to do your homework to realize which of the positions, available on oil rigs would suit specifically your professional background. Did you know, for example that Frackturing Equipment Operator could be an entry-level oil rig job at frac companies, provided candidate has got a CDL, backed with some experience of driving heavy trucks?

What's good for fresh jobseekers, looking to land an entry level oil rig job, is the fact that the workforce pool that was formed a couple of decades ago gets gradually exhausted, while the new generation of oil drilling specialists hasn't formed yet. Oil drilling companies start experiencing difficulties as for were to find and hire the qualified workers from with oil industry specific previous experience. The companies are forced to invest to the development of better methods of detecting the greenhand candidates with potentially high extent of probability they would be capable of undergoing in-depth training and hopefully will dedicate themselves to oil production industry to form its valuable human reserve. With the oil drilling companies currently so much desperate to fill the gap, originating from the natural aging of the tested and reliable workforce, the chances to get hired for people without previous experience increase dramatically. After all, experience and skills can be taught to someone, who has a wish to learn. But since in the oil drilling industry even a minor mishandling of a mechanism or mismanagement of a certain situation might involve huge losses, the employers or recruiting companies that work for the oil drilling contractors need certain extent of assurance they are going to teach experience to good fits to fill the vacancies requiring the filling.

Oil rig jobs at every level pay salary that is much bigger, compared to what any other industry can offer. At entry level too the salaries on oil rigs go way beyond median salaries in other industries, even in the related branches, such as mining. To keep on making the huge profits that the oil companies receive, they have no other choice than pick up the best promising candidates, test them, and then invest in having them trained. Once the candidate is pre-selected, he can go through a testing pattern, designed to discover whether he's really a good candidate for this or that entry level position on oil rigs, land based or offshore. Once they see they have reason to believe they might rely on you, you'll be encouraged to progress, using different training sessions and courses, often available right on board of an oil rig, onshore or offshore, at entry level on oil rigs. The most popular of entry-level oil rig jobs are Painters, Roustabouts, Roughnecks, Rig Welders (working previously as a boilermaker is traditional), Derrickman. Whatever job you start from at the entry-level, the companies provide opportunities for the promotion to positions till the very top oil industry career ladder to become Toolpusher or Rig Manager.

The real value of landing your very first entry level oil rig job lies in receiving an opportunity to start a very lucrative career rather than being stuck at the bottom as Roustabout, where you get paid for doing the dirtiest, the most unpleasant, and at times very risky job. Adopting a careerwize attitude, when starting working on oilfields, is a very rewarding investment that won't leave to wait long time to return.

What's good about offshore oil drilling industry from the perspective of a greenhand jobseeker must be high rate of workforce turnaround. There are many reasons for that. Leaving aside an attempt to list all of them, we'd mention only that being project based rather than manufacturing or production process oriented, the offshore oil drilling assumes that your employment is terminated and you're dismissed as soon as the project is completed. Which means hundreds of offshore workers and employees of different trades start needing new employment, that is to say looking for another project to take part in. Often new employers prefer hiring fresh workers for the physically demanding entry-level positions like Roustabout, Painter, Scaffolder, or Galleyhand to work on the rig's kitchen, even if they don't have previous offshore experience, being new to the job like that, they are not so far exhausted physically and emotionally, and this is a very important point.

Working on oil rigs implies ability and willingness to travel, which occurs at the times when there's a crew change or when new project is located in another country. Today you might be working on the offshore platforms of Qatar, while the next day be ordered to take a new role in an oilfield location in Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, or even Lybia.

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