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Becoming a Trainee Assistant Driller on offshore oil rig

Featured Trainee Assistant Driller Job:

  • Trainee Driller - CSG - vacancy. To be regarded for this vacancy a candidate should have previous experience as a Derrickman or in other oil drilling related position either on offshore or landbased oil rig, for example, Mud Logger. The job location is Western Australia, either offshore or in remote locations, will report directly to Toolpusher, the salary is to be negotiated, perfect knowledge of the English language is pre-requisite. As a Trainee Driller the selected greenhand employee is expected to perform good deal of the job with minimum supervision from the behalf of Driller or Toolpusher, should be able to demonstrate good leadership qualities, strong motivation to obtain oil & gas drilling industry accredited certification through completing all modules of this training program. Will provide mentoring and train drill crew on set of operations that require continuous improvement of techniques used by individual oil drilling crew members. Clean criminal record.

    Energy industry's oil & gas sector is one of the biggest job providers in the world. It provides employment for job seekers from all professional backgrounds that come from every walk of life and could accommodate even more people than it does presently. There's a need for new hands and brains both in mainland oilfield servicing companies and on offshore oil drilling rigs (platforms, semisubmersibles, MODU's Jack-ups, drillships. Opportunities are available and vacancies exist for a wide range of applicants - from unskilled laborers with previous experience or vocational training being not necessary (Roustabouts, Roughnecks, Floorhand, Leasehands, Galleyhands, Painters, Kitchen Helpers, Laundrymen) with only GED certificate or High School diploma to highly educated brilliant professionals with Master's Degree in engineering, sciences, or business administration. Between them there exist many offshore vacancies that could be available for healthy men and women with relevant vocational training (for example, in coal mining), education, or even simple hands-on experience, as entry-level jobs, for example, a position of Trainee Assistant Driller.

    CV/Resumé of an offshore vacancy seeker

    looking for a job of an Assistant Driller on offshore oil rigs, previous experience includes working 1 year offshore as Trainee Assistant Driller and 4 years in position of Assistant Driller, nationality: Pakistan, languages spoken: English and Urdu

    PERSONAL SUMMARY: I have a total 5 years of experience in Oil & Gas Drilling Industry, currently working for Oil & Gas Development Company Ltd. on the Land Rig N-6 Cyber Chair. I started in 2010 as a Trainee Assistant Driller working within a team environment on the Rig Floor, Mud Pump & Tanks. My tasks involved installation, repairing and maintaining oil drilling equipment, controlling heavy lifting operations, preparation of mud, check & record drilling fluid levels. Maintaining the mud ends of pumps. In course of working on offshore oil rigs I was charged with various tasks from working the shakers through working at heights in the derrick. After 12 months I was promoted to the position of Assistant Driller where I worked on the rig floor making connections, making up & inspection of bottom hole assemblies. Inspects and lubricates the Derrick & Crown being. Maintenance and repair of mud pump. And performed other duties being guided by the driller. I am always trying to better myself and improve on my chosen career path. I am a keen, honest and hardworking and would make a great addition to any team within the Drilling industry.

    Education: Aligarh Institute of Technology Diploma of Associate Engineer (Electrical) 2007-2010, Roshan Public School Secondary School Certificate (Computer Science) 2004-2006

    QUALIFICATIONS AND CERTIFICATES: Drilling Operations, Oilfield Familiarization, Basic Fire Fighting, Stress & Time Management, First Line Supervisors BOP & Well Control, Breathing Apparatus, Emergency response team member, HSE for Lifting & Slinging Operations - confirmed by OPITO approved training/certification bodies.

    PROFESSIONAL/TRADE SKILLS & PERSONAL QUALITIES: Competent in working independently on Driller's Brake, able to control technical heavy lifts, good understanding of permit to work systems, able to communicate at all levels, competent with oil well control techniques, good team player and enjoy working as a part of crew in capacity of leader. My experience as Ass. Driller on offshore oil rigs have included work and servicing of: 1500 HP AC VFD, Cyber Chair NOV, 500 ton NOV Top Drive; 2000 HP AC VFD Technology Joy Stick& Touch Screen System; 2000 HP Mechanical Rig with Conventional Handle Brake System; Kelly System.

    EMPLOYMENT HISTORY: Trainee Assistant Driller CCDC from November 2010 to November 2011, Assistant Driller CCDC from November 2011 to January 2014, Assistant Driller OGDCL, Rig N-6, since April 2014.

    When I was Trainee Assistant Driller, my duties and responsibilities as per Trainee Assistant Driller Job Description included maintenance and repair of various drilling equipment pieces, which I was involved with a great deal of my working time. After completing my traineeship I am able to safely operate and maintain a variety of different equipment such as Iron Roughneck mechanical suspension and loosening of pipes device that is being used during round-trip lifting operations, rig tongues, mud pumps, mud tanks, shakers and an array of mechanical hand tools. I have profound understanding of complicated drilling procedures and take active part in safety meetings and toolbox talks. I was also an advanced first aider, so I take pride in my work. Quite a portion of my Assistant Driller traineeship time I practiced certain operations that normally reside within the scope of Derrickman's responsibilities under the Derrickman supervision, so I am competent with manual elevators and derrick procedures, as well as work on board.

    After 1 full year in Trainee Assistant Driller position on offshore oil rig I was promoted to Assistant Driller. During that period I performed several duties and task independently, including the inspection of BHA, acting as Coordinator between Driller, Toolpusher, Mud Logging Crew (Mud Engineer) and service personnel, was involved in the inspection of lifting & slinging equipment, would relieve the Driller and work on brake whenever required, guided the floor crew and helped floor crew in installing Bottom hole assembly (BHA) component of a drilling rig, and am familiar with all existing BHA configurations through having gained hands-on experience of operations like building angle, maintaining borehole angle, reducing well-bore angle, and reducing the angle build rate.

    • The operational duties as Trainee Assistant Driller and Assistant Driller:
    • Assisting the Driller in operating and maintaining the offshore rig mud system, including the mud pumps, centrifugal pumps, filtration system equipment, all valving and pipe work related to the mud system, and all monitoring equipment related to the brine/mud system and mix mud chemicals, cements and additives. Supervising the Floor hands and assigning junior crew members to complete tasks on the rig floor as required. Operating and inspecting safety equipment. Read gauges to monitor pressure, density, rate and concentration and adjust pumping procedure as required Record mud flows and volumes and take samples. Monitoring abnormal well conditions including excess pressure, a reduction of the weight of mud, sedimentary deposits mixed with the gas, or changes in mud weight. Assist production team in the installation of wellheads, Christmas tree, tubing hanger and running of production tubing with help of downhole safety valve and setting production packer.

    • My maintenance related duties have included:

      Planning and effecting predictive & preventive maintenance schedules for various equipment to increase machine up time & equipment reliability. Implementing maintenance schedules and carrying out regular inspections of drilling systems and drilling equipment, ensuring the proper care and maintenance of the equipment used on the drill floor as well as the drill floor structure; completing repairs and general maintenance as required to ensure performance of various equipment and maintaining requisite documents for the same. Operate and maintain the rig mud system, including the mud pumps, centrifugal pumps, filtration system equipment, all valving and pipe work related to the mud system, and all monitoring equipment related to the brine/mud system. Maintain down hole equipment including BHA (Bottom Hole Assembly) drill collars, heavy weight drill pipes, bits, bit subs, x-over's, stabilizers, mud motors, drilling jars, etc.

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