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Tips On Finding Oil Rig Job in Saudi Arabia

We continue telling the novices about ways of finding employment with some of the companies or through websites, specializing in helping job seekers in finding oil rig jobs, including entry-level positions, in the oil drilling upstream sector of Saudi Arabia and other countries of the world. Enjoy industry-specific tips, hints, and expert advice from oil rig industry veterans.

First of all it's recommended that a greenhand oil rig job seeker of employment with the company that operates in Saudi Arabia finds a list of some of the most known oil driller companies as well as websites, where candidate can search for oil rig job openings worldwide, including offshore positions. There exist varied vacancies for different levels of qualifications, training, skills, education, and personal ambitions of a motivated job seeker. Once you familiarize with them, your initial intentions could well get changed. In fact, it is characteristic for employment market in production of oil and natural gas that you could find positions for all professional backgrounds.

If you are applicant, who are interested in finding employment in oil drilling industry on oil rigs of Saudi Arabia, we have prepared the list of web sites to use to find oil rig jobs and titles of oil rig vacancies, offshore and land based, with Saudi Arabia oil drilling and oilfield servicing companies to look for entry-level job with. The complete list is going to be published soon.

Soon we are going to review average Roughneck and other Oilfield job salaries by jurisdictions and oil drilling contractors

Meanwhile, here's opinion of this web site advisors about just one oil & gas company that gains momentum on the international oil production market. Surely, it's name is on the air, and most probably you heard it casually. It's Maersk Oil, an international oil and gas company that was reported to produce 600,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. It also produces petroleum and gas in Denmark, UK, Qatar, Kazakhstan - where the oil company develops Dunga oilfield and is ambitious to progress with $US one billion investment worth project, Brazil and Algeria, providing more jobs in energy and related sectors in different countries around the world. The ongoing exploration activities in Angola, Norway, the Gulf of Mexico, Greenland, USA, Oman, and generally in oil producing countries, who are or not are the OPEC members.

For vacancies on oil rigs of Saudi Arabia, including offshore platforms, please browse our Vacancies section, it's free.

It is for over 50 years in a row that the Middle East, headed by Saudi Arabia, has been preserving its dominant position and influence over the global oil production industry. Miraculously, the crude oil deposits in the region continue to remain the largest in the world even in this modern time and the new age, with no sign of Saudi Arabia oil reserves getting commercially unattractive, exhausted, or turning not lucrative enough for the further development of these oilfields, from which the largest is Ghawar Oilfield. Hence is the availability of jobs on oil rigs, operated by both domestic and foreign oil drilling contractors on this Saudi Arabia oilfield.

American oil companies started to develop the legendary Ghawar Oilfield in Saudi Arabia since early 1950-s, using their own American workforce, and they did good job. From the other hand, thanks to this middle east nation's government intelligent, wise, and prudent policy, the job of drilling for crude oil ultimately led Saudi Arabia to qualify for the title of the largest oil producer country in the world. As for the current position of nowadays, the remaining proven recoverable reserves of oil in Ghawar Oilfield in Saudi Arabia at this time are estimated at 70 billion barrels of oil total.

The Ghawar Oilfield is wholly owned by the government of Saudi Arabia, who carefully guards some sensitive statistics, trying to keep all indexes, estimates, real workforce needs vs oil rig jobs availability, and figures on the oil production in Ghawar carefully hidden as a cherished secret from the outsiders and the foreign companies that compete on the same market. According to some expert estimates, Ghawar oilfield produces more than 6% of the total world's crude oil output per day. From the other hand, some of the reputable analysts believe that the Ghawar oil field passed its peak of oil production a decade ago. Whatever they say, jobs on oil rigs of Saudi Arabia remain available, and if you consult salary rate list, the salaries on oil rigs of Saudi Arabia and the benefits that apply are really generous, be that a position of Roustabout, Roughneck, Motorman, Rig Electrician, Medic, or the compensation of Toolpusher or Offshore Rig Superintendent.

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