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Offshore oil platform Roughneck jobs in Norway

Roughneck / Deckhand employment opportunity

Vacancy Title: Offshore Roughneck

Company / Recruiter that hires:
Norway NS Oilfields Recruitment - agent
Desired competency: Roughneck, Derrickman, Assistant Crane Operator
Salary: Median Roughneck Salary
Career location: Norway, North Sea, Offshore
Occupation character: fixed term employee
Career location: Norway
Employer / Job Provider message to a potential candidate to fill this Roughneck / Deckhand vacancy: At the moment we would hire Roughneck / Rigger for oil drilling career in Norway.
Job reference: HR-Roustabout-0024A57

Roughneck Job Description

At the moment the oil drilling contractor is in the process of hiring a Roughneck / Rigger for oil drilling career in Norway. To be considered for hiring for this vacancy, a candidate must have experience of operating heavy duty gear and power tools.   Ad status: CLOSED

Roustabout entry level jobs

In minds of many people outside the offshore drilling industry the word "Roustabout" is associated with and stands for entry-level job on offshore oil production platforms, though technically entry-level oil rig jobs in offshore sector include far bigger number of positions in different disciplines, available aboard offshore oil rig and making the oil drilling facility running. And really, none of the jack up rigs, semisubmersibles, MODU's or 6-th generation dynamically positioned drillships could ever do without the semi-skilled manual laborers, normally referred to in the oil & gas industry upstream sector as Roustabouts. It's true that many specialist employees and even some of the top level consultants and managers that currently earn six figure salaries per year, once entered offshore oil drilling industry as an ordinary Roustabout, whose responsibilities included doing every kind of washing, cleaning, scraping, painting, oiling, carrying, assisting and, above all, the dirtiest and some of the most disgusting work found on offshore oil rig that no other living person on oil rig would agree to do as part of the responsibilities, outlined in their job description.

It should be admitted that offshore oil drilling is a fairly secluded industry, but in spite of so many job seekers, wishing to secure for themselves employment on offshore oil rigs so they could start earning those fantastically enormous salaries, there are no signs of the industry becoming more open and the entry level Roustabout jobs easier to get for the first timers. Getting offshore roustabout job on the both shores of the Atlantic Ocean, meaning the North Sea in Europe, where the UK and Norway oilfields are located, and in the area of the US part of the Gulf of Mexico, and Texas coast keeps remaining a questionable goal to pursue for those without previous offshore working experience, even if formally none of the offshore oil drilling contractors sets availability of working on oil rigs as pre-requisite for the majority of entry-level jobs of Roustabout. Potential candidates for filling entry level vacancies are advised to pass a set of OPITO accredited roustabout/rigger/slinger training courses and get the corresponding certificates still before thinking to submit their CV/Resumé via the Internet, which is a normal way of doing things these days. These training and certifications can be very costly, but if a greenhand candidate gets contracted by one of those agencies or companies, hiring roustabouts to work on offshore oil rigs, the investment will return and start generating profit after only a couple of days of working as entry level offshore roustabout. The benefits will beat the spendings, no questions asked. Offshore locations of the USA, Canada, and UK along with the Persian Gulf states such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, Iraq, etc. seem still for a long time to remain the principal places of employment for English speaking individuals with permits to work there.

But it is after getting hired that the real ordeal for a new worker begins. The whole host of challenges to be overcome happens exactly because the newly hired Roustabouts have no experience of working, exposed to a hostile, demanding environment, formed by an array of factors, such as cold or extremely hot weather, having to work 12 hour shifts without any holidays or day offs for 2 - 4 weeks in a row, in dirt and grease, often overtime. Don't trust the embellished stories of having nothing to do in your spare time than exercising in the gym or playing billiards, because when off duty, the drilling crew members should either stay on call or participate in different types of emergency training. It often happens that their free time, which is free both from the hard labor and life-saving, fire fighting etc. exercises Roustabouts, Deckhands, Roughnecks, Assistant Drillers and similar entry-level positions devote just to sleep, and nothing except for a profound, healthy, and refreshing sleep - if it's not interrupted by an emergency fire alarm - then you are required to quickly get up and run to your designated emergency place on the offshore oil rig. As a result, it turns out much harder to retain the job than to get it, and that's where the real problem resides. The workforce turnaround for roustabouts and other entry-level positions on offshore oil rigs remains extremely high, therefore it's understandable, why the HR departments and recruiting agents are so demanding and pay so much attention to the details in the course of the entire hiring process in order to identify and put on short list the suitable candidates and eliminate the unsuitable applicants. Needless to explain, that elimination happens much more often than inviting for employment interview.

    Featured job seeker: Senior Drilling Supervisor, candidate: 2715-0828V33, expected vacancy location: India. Looking for Senior Drilling Supervisor position in India, currently work on offshore oilfields of Norway.

The same as Houston area in the USA, in Europe most hiring for offshore entry-level positions takes place in Aberdeen, UK, which for decades have been retaining the acknowledged reputation of European petroleum industry center. It's through the proxies, working to recruit semi-skilled entry-level workforce that candidate are most likely to land a job of Roustabout on one of numerous oil drilling platform, scattered throughout the UK controlled water area of the UK. Recruiters, looking to employ for the offshore oil jobs in Norwegian sector of the North Sea, operate mostly in Bergen, Norway, but in Aberdeen they can be found either.

It has long been a universally adopted legal standard for all offshore rigs that operate in the US sector of the Gulf of Mexico to ask a candidate for the availability of a TWIC card. If candidate is unable to secure a TWIC card for himself or herself, they reduce their hiring chances, the offshore job offer might be just revoked by the employer, especially if you are applying for entry-level position of Roustabout, Galleyhand, Steward or anything like that. As for the passport, you don't need passport for working on offshore oil rigs in any of the American jurisdictions, not just the Gulf of Mexico. But there's a requirement to have a valid passport, if the offshore rig is located in the neutral, international, or foreign waters. With the American oil rigs and for American citizens it is normally the rig administration that will take care of obtaining passport and visa for the staff member that they made a hiring decision in favor of. All applicable fees will normally be paid at the company's expense.

Featured candidates:

• Candidate 1238 OFFSHORE 17: Looking for an offshore position of Night Drilling Supervisor, previous experience includes working in the North Sea (Norway sector), Brazil, Venezuela, Middle East, and the Gulf of Mexico. Education level: University Degree in Mechanical Engineering, IADC. Salary expectations: depending on location, position, and complexity of the mission.
• Candidate 1238 OFFSHORE 27: MWD / LWD Engineer, previous experience is 6 years in oilfields, GOM. Looking for a job on Norway offshore oil rigs.
• Candidate 23785: Petroleum Engineer, analytical and problem solving skills, looking for a long-term specialist job contract in offshore drilling oil industry, preferred job location: Norway. Recent positions: Floorhand, Roustabout Pusher, Ass. Crane Operator. Salary - open to discuss salary=benefits package.
• Candidate 1237 OFFSHORE 98: Looking to fill job opening of Engineer Surveyor on offshore or land based oil rigs in Qatar, Oman, UAE. Previous experience: on offshore platforms of Norway in the North Sea in different positions: Offshore Field Technician in charge of subsea equipment, Apprentice Mechanical Engineer, HNC in Engineering Systems Apprenticeship.
• Candidate 1332 OFFSHORE 84: Looking for opportunities as Driller, Directional Driller, Night Drilling Supervisor, Wellsite Drilling Engineer on Norwegian oil production platforms with salary, starting at $US 65,000. Offshore certificates, including valid ISO 14001 Wellsite.

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