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Brief note and review of the job openings with Atwood Oceanics and its subsidiaries

Alpha Eagle Co, fully owned subsidiary of Atwood Oceanics is expected to commission another of its ultra deepwater drillships, called Atwood Achiever, which should be a replica of already operational dynamically positioned oil rig Atwood Advantage, owned and operated by the same offshore oil drilling contractor. The rig is technically capable of drilling 40,000 feet deep oil wells in the waters as deep as 12,000 feet. The other modern deepwater offshore oil rig, owned and operated by the Alpha Eagle, is a famous Singapore built semi-submersible Atwood Condor that provided outstanding number of jobs during its offshore commissioning in the Gulf of Mexico back in 2012. Atwood Condor's country of registration is Marshall Islands.

As an offshore employment provider, Atwood Oceanics offers lots of opportunities, including rotation schedule jobs on jackup platforms as well as drillship openings; Some of the recent offshore vacancies for the Gulf of Mexico located Atwood Oceanics drillships included the positions of Deck Supervisor, DPO/3rd Mate, Offshore Driller (to work aboard Atwood Achiever Drillship), Drilling Superintendent, Electrician, Marine Chief Engineer, Mechanical Supervisor, Operations Manager, Rig Maintenance Supervisor, Safety Training Coordinator, Subsea Engineer I, Subsea Supervisor. Also Atwood Oceanics and its subsidiaries are looking at the time of writing this review to recruit good candidates for such positions as: Toolpusher/OIM (job location: offshore Australia), Toolpusher to work offshore the USA in the Gulf of Mexico aboard deepwater drillship Atwood Advantage; DPO and Senior DPO to work nationally and internationally offshore; Rig IT Support Floater - onshore position in Houston, TX; Trainee position of Operations Administrator, Logistics / Warehouse Supervisor - onshore vacancies in Houston, TX; DP Cyber Driller, Crane Operator, 2 Assistant Drillers - all offshore positions in the Gulf of Mexico, on different drillships, off the coast of Houston, TX. All these vacancies were advertised both on their own website and on job search sites such as indeed, rigzone, glassdoor, taleo, linkedin, thejobfool, simplyhired, and semi automated resumé/CV submission service Rigworker. This latter one, Rigworker, I would highly recommend - only positive feedback so far.

As for specifically Roustabouts and Roughnecks, here's what they exactly these oil rigs/drilling contractors or the recruiters that work for them were looking for, while selecting the right candidates for these Roustabout, Roughneck, Deckhand, Floorhand, Floorman, Leasehand or other industry wise named offshore positions often considered entry-level and requiring no prior experience or very little experience:

In January 2012 they were looking for candidates that would preferably have at least 2 years of past experience as offshore roustabout to fill numerous vacancies of Lead Roustabouts and Roustabouts to man new crews. Those offshore job openings occurred on the modern offshore rigging unit, a semi-submersible Atwood Falcon that was being relocated after completing the several years long contract drilling offshore Malaysia to start new exploratory drilling for oil reserves at new locations offshore Perth in the North-West Australia. What they essentially asked for as mandatory pre-requisites besides 2 yrs offshore experience as roustabout: OPITO Approved TBOSIET/BOSIET certificate and RB, SB, LF, DG qualifications/skills. Job opening were for residents/citizens of Australia.

Offshore jobs with Natural Resources

Looks to recruit Roustabout/offshore Floorman to work aboard drillship in Mozambique. Several 2-year long renewable contracts will be awarded to the best suited candidates. Prior experience is not necessary, but should be regarded as advantage. 28 on, 28 days off rotation schedule, wages paid daily. More information will be made available soon.

Offshore jobs with Transocean

Another employer often looking for good candidates to fill vacant positions of Roustabout should be Transocean Offshore Deepwater Inc., located in Kakinada, India. This time they are looking for Roustabout with at least 2 years of experience in the same position with lots of responsibilities. If hired, is required to meet a fairly impressive list of requirements and world report directly to Toolpusher or to Crane Operator, when assigned specific tasks. Should have enough knowledge and skills to substitute Roughnecks (Floorhands) and assist in drilling whenever ordered to. Required skills include ability and clearance to operate different types of hoists (air, hydraulic, chain) as well as various cargo handling gear and different heavy equipment.

Nabors, Spencer Ogden, and others

Nabors also directly hires Roustabouts - General Laborers. The most recent vacancy announced was position of Roustabout on landbased oil rig in Roosevelt, UT, USA. Spencer Ogden has just announced vacancies of Driller, Motorman, Roustabout, and other offshore drilling crew members, including OIM/Toolpusher for immediate employment. Should posses all needed valid offshore certifications and permission to work in the USA.

Training opportunities for Roustabouts, Roughnecks, and other entry-level job seekers

Many potentially fit applicants for oil rig jobs fail to make their way to the job interview only because they fail to meet several formal requirements that the professional recruiters of entry-level workforce primarily look for, while filtering job applications even for non-skilled positions like Roustabout (or Steward/Galleyhand, if we speak about catering crew entry-level offshore positions).

This gap can easily be filled.

3 types of training programs for aspiring oil rig entry level workers are available for enrollees at Private Career College Maritime Drilling School Ltd., incorporated in the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada.

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