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Excellent beginner greenhand training and opportunity to start an offshore or onshore oil drilling career at the entry level with a view of working one's way up the career ladder from the lowest entry level oil rig vacancy available both on landbased rigs and offshore oil platforms, drillships, semisubmersibles, oil production/exploration floating units etc. should be offered by the MDS. MDS stands for Maritime Drilling School

Many potentially fit applicants for oil rig jobs still fail to make their way to the point, where the interview or even non-obligating phone talk with a hiring decision makers is to happen. Why? The answer to this frequently asked question is fairly simple: that's because they fail to meet several fairly simple basic formal requirements that the professional recruiters doing headhunting for oil rigs set, when filtering the applications even for non-skilled positions like Roustabout on the drilling deck or Steward/Galleyhand in offshore rig catering department.

Let me relieve yourself from tiresome thinking and from applying your vain efforts, targeted at inventing a successful oil rig vacancy hunting strategy. I have many reasons to believe that completing the Maritime Drilling training school could dramatically increase any average entry level applicants chances to at least get shortlisted for pre-employment interview with oilfield service companies recruiters - and that means half task done. The point is that while quite controversially the world's oil and gas upstream sector is continuously frustrated by shortage of able workforce and never stops to suffer from the lack of quality workers, even at the level of Roustabout or Roughneck, oil drilling contractors still refuse to interview entire batches of the candidates eager to land an entry level job on oil rigs. That's because their filters are set very roughly and approximately.

There are 3 types of training programs for aspiring oil rig entry level workers available at this Private Career College that is incorporated in the Province of Nova Scotia, Canada: 1) Pre Employment Roughneck Training Course; duration - 20 days. Course is available in Nova Scotia, Canada. 2) Oil Drilling Program (10 days), at Fort Yates, North Dakota. 3) Professional Training Program Drilling Technology Level I, II, III. More information is available at phone number: 1-866-807-3960.

Some of oil drilling jobs, onshore and offshore, recent vacancies

Driller Jobs: Drilling Supervisor, Drilling Engineer, Directional Driller (for NT Energy, major contractor in Aberdeen; other job locations: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, Driller - Well Team Lead, Senior Exploration Drilling Engineer, Conventional Cyber rig Driller, Toolpusher, Directional Drillers with RSS experience - needed to fill vacant position in Saudi Arabia

Drilling Coiled Tubing Jobs: DESC Engineer for UAE, Abu Dhabi; Coiled Tubing Field Specialist/Supervisor for Iraq, job location: Baghdad.

Drilling Workover Jobs: Senior Drilling Engineer

Drilling Toolpusher Jobs: Toolpusher, 2nd Generation Conventional Drillship, offshore job off the coast of Nigeria

Other Oil Drilling Job Openings: Well Head Maintenance Team Leader (in Doha - Qatar), Well Services Supervisor - Production Engineer, Well Testing Supervisor (UK), General Drilling Manager (India), Assistant Rig Superintendent, ROV Pilot offshore rig vacancy in Saudi Arabia

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