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Workover and Completions Specialist vacancies

Oil rig employee in a position of Workover and Completions Specialist will normally report directly to rig/well site manager. It's an important interlinking position suitable for individual that besides relevant experience and prior education, backed by a Technical or Engineering College degree or institute diploma can demonstrate good interpersonal skills required for successful interfacing with other specialists on oil rigging site, such as Reservoir Engineer etc., as well as with laborers and workers in low end positions. Workover and Completions Specialist is a production crew senior member, whose job involves much travelling to both onshore and offshore oil well locations to perform the functions having to do with well testing, workover and completions.

Recent oil job postings:

Workover & Completions Specialist. Job description: This oil & gas vacancy is offered by Occidental Petroleum Corporation that for years has been one of the major oil companies and oil drilling job providers on the US employment market. Good candidate to fill the vacancy of Workover & Completions Specialist should be someone experienced, career motivated, and both willing and enjoying to work as a part of the team consisting of ambitious and success oriented people at the location of Hobbs, New Mexico.

Pre-requisites for being eligible to get hired to fill the vacancy of Workover & Completion Specialist are as given in the summary: prior experience should be closely relevant to the workover & completion field of services in part, and to coordinating and supervising oil & gas field operations in general; the pre-selected applicants should be ready to demonstrate how efficiently they could supervise oil well servicing process on the rig site and how well they could coordinate the work of the crew members in all roles engaged in delivering joint mission in production course at the workover and completion stage;

Also ensure the implementation and efficient use of some of the most progressive and advanced oil production techniques, while performing well ongoing maintenance and repairs, during well pulling, and in course of well stimulation; be skilled in cost effectiveness evaluations and producing oil production outlook; must have prior experience in planning and scheduling support and timely maintenance of well servicing equipment to minimize or better completely avoid the odds of losses due to failing to predict and irradicate potential failure causes. Good candidate for the job of Workover & Completions Specialist is also expected to show commitment to HES practices and implement the policies of maximal accident/damage to the environment prevention.

Median salary for Workover & Completions Specialist should be around $US 42,000.

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