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mission statement

The mission of this project should be perceived as an attempt of uniting knowledge, originating from the combined experience of online community in a joint effort meant to educate every aspiring jobseeker wishing to work, or already working, in oil & gas industry's upstream sector. The information, discussions, fact sheets, correspondence, exchange of opinions, and advice uploaded on this web site's pages shall cover job opportunities and careers in oil & gas exploration/production on land based rigs and offshore platforms/floating units/drillships across the world.

Regardless of oil rigger job seeker's country of residence or citizenship, USA, Canada, Brazil, UK, or Norway, we do have something to offer to motivated individuals concerning the best ways and occasions to get employed according to specific categories of job seekers' expectations. All questions that you ask regarding offshore/onshore oil job offers will be forwarded to be answered up to the best of the knowledge of the people, who opted to participate and share their real life experience of working on offshore oil production installations and onshore oil rigs and who are the experts in their specific field. We do not provide any paid services.

All information available across this web site, including information that pertains to getting through to some highly competitive vacancies on oil drilling rigs with big salaries (including entry-level Roughnecks, Roustabouts, Galleyhands, Stewards in catering without prior experience etc.) and advice & counseling on the behavior that would help good candidates win a specific contract, are totally free of charge, no exceptions whatsoever.

We are not recruiters, consultancy, or official representative for any oilfield servicing or offshore oil drilling company, we just provide the information on the best oil rig job offers that we collect from open sources across the Internet, and we strive to provide such information to this free website users to the best of our knowledge as to its accurateness and validity. Anyway, no responsibility is taken, and the information on the oil rig vacancies found across this site should be treated as it is and used upon your own discretion. Our primary mission is to provide free space and tools for communication between employers, contractors, and recruiters from one hand and oil rig job seekers from another hand.


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