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FPSO Jobs - Jobs on Offshore Oil Rigs

Featured job: Crane Operator on FPSO. Good candidate will have experience of doing job as offshore crane operator for at least 5 years, from which at least 3 years on FPSO.

Employing oil drilling company name: undisclosed; vessel registration country: Singapore; salary - very attractive, negotiable, includes frequent bonuses, work on rotation schedule: 1 month offshore, followed by one month on recreation leave on mainland; air tickets reimbursed, US entry Visa isn't pre-requisite for this FPSO vacancy.

  • FPSO Job Opening: Gas Engineer on FPSO. Salary: 4700 - 5000 EUR. Contract duration: 2 months. Requirements: Citizenship: no restrictions. Knowledge of English: not required. Vessel information: 1979, 44,190 GRT. Engine: Sulzer, 23,456 HP. Crew population: mixed. Job location: Nigeria, ship ownership country: Nigeria. Crewing agency: Ukraine, Odessa. Applicants, allow 2 weeks for viewing your CV/Resumé.

  • Software and Hardware Engineers are required. Main duties associated with these job openings will revolve around interface and function specifications on leased on FPSO/LNG ships. The FPSO high-end job provider is a leader in offshore positioning and navigation system servicing for Norway oil & gas sector. Application deadline for this FPSO job vacancy expires 15 March. Good fit may expect bright career opportunities, professional growth, and $US 80,000 salary at the entry level.

    Speaking about FPSO jobs, this type of offshore oil vacancies from time to time are advertised by some of the following FPSO's or recruiters, said to act hiring for jobs in their name:

    • FPSO Jotun A, North Sea, Norway, operator ExxonMobil, owner: Bluewater Group. Job offer last available: Rig Electrician, 7 months ago,
    • FPSO's: Mondo, Xikomba, Saxi-Batuque - all located in Angola, operator: ExxonMobil, owner: SBM Offshore. Last offshore job offer: 2 months ago
    • FPSO Espadarte, currently positioned offshore Brazil, operator: Petrobras, the vessel owner: SBM Offshore
      FPSO entry level and low-end jobs
      Offshore job seekers in oil & gas have better opportunities to get employed to work for FPSO, if in a possession of at least some offshore previous experience in any of low end positions, doing job in a capacity of floorhand, rigger, leasehand, roustabout, roughneck, driller helper, motorhand, junior deck crew member, able bodied seaman / roustabout or even galleyhand or general housekeeper in offshore oil rig workforce catering aboard either general purpose marine ship or aboard of the vessels of chemical tanker, FPSO, tanker, or PSV class. Of great importance for greenhand FPSO job seeker would be availability of valid (or even expired) offshore certifications like OPITO BOSIET, H2S training, HUET, NOGEPA, OLF, MIST, Medical (UKOOA / OGUK), Rigger and Slinger/Banksman certificates, confirming training level, but basically what they expect from greehnahd candidate is BOSIET and Offshore Medical Certificate. Roustabout on offshore oil rig of any type and able bodied seamen on marine vessels are considered by the majority of the contractors and/or offshore oil rig job providers / recruiting agencies to be interchangeable positions and the skills obtained in any of such jobs transferrable. Candidate needs no additional training if, formerly able bodied seaman hired as Roustabout on FPSO to start at once performing duties like general deck cleaning, scraping, removing rust, doing brush and spray painting, oil tanks cleaning, cargo handling, helping and assisting in minor repairs, servicing, and maintenance of cargo lifting equipment, crane operations, helicopter deck operations, loading / offloading crude oil, assisting Roughnecks or substituting them for coffee breaks etc. Deck Supervisor, Vessel Operations Superintendent, Crane Operator, Cargo Superintendent, or other senior deck crew member, charged with supervisory functions on FPSO Unit. Team spirit in a candidate is what especially essential, if you apply for one of those low skilled jobs on FPSO
    • FPSO's: Uisge Gorm, Triton - both currently positioned in the UK sector of the North Sea, operated by Amerada Hess
    • FPSO Bleo Holm, geographical location: UK sector of the North Sea, operator: Talisman Energy, ISC: Wood Group, owner: Bluewater Group. No information about FPSO job offers at this time.
    • FPSO Four Vanguard, current location: Indian Ocean, offshore Angola, operator: ENI. New oil rig jobs - yes, possible.
    • FPSO Greater Plutonio, Angola, operator: BP (British Petroleum) - 1 active job offer, looking for offshore Crane Operator
    • FPSO's: Kizomba A, Kizomba B, located offshore Angola and operated by ExxonMobil: 3 jobs last year
    • FPSO's: Gryphon and Global Producer III, location: North Sea, UK, operator: Maersk. 2 job proposals from this employer, closed.
    • FPSO Maersk Curlew - currently performing oil drilling and production in the UK sector of the North Sea, operator: Shell
    • FPSO Girassol, location Angola, operator Total. No job openings for the past 12 months
    • FPSO Serpentina - location: Gulf of Guinea, Equatorial Guinea, operator: ExxonMobil. Engineering jobs expected
    • FPSO Kuito. Jobs expected, location: province Cabinda in Angola, Africa; The oil rig operator: Chevron, owner: SBM Offshore
    • FPSO MacCulloch - positioned at MacCulloch, North Sea, UK, operated by ConocoPhillips.

    FPSO units (Floating Production, Storage, and Offloading vessels or ships) drill for crude oil extraction from deepwater wells, and then store the extracted quantities of oil in the tanks they are equipped with until the time the oil is pumped onto shuttle tankers or ocean oil barges for further transportation of the liquid product to the shore. Tough job done in an easy way, so to day. Also pumping of the oil to the mainland can be done through a special system of pipes, but the latter option is acceptable only when the oilfield development occurs in close proximity to the shore.

    In the addition to FPSO's, the offshore oil exploration/production industry uses specialized FSO (Floating Storage & Offloading) vessels that don't carry any production equipment, which means no jobs for candidates looking for drilling related offshore job openings like Roughneck, Assistant Driller, Trainee Driller, Toolpusher, Derrickman etc. FSO work in the same areas as auxiliary fleet, supporting offshore oil and gas field development.

    A huge advantage of using FPSO units should be the elimination of the the expenses for laying miles of pipelines from the oil patch to the onshore terminal. The crude oil production equipment, available aboard FPSO vessels allows the development of small oil fields or deepwater fields located at the distance from the existing subsea infrastructure. This allows to save on operations involving installation of expensive offshore oil platforms that would require hiring of tens, if not hundreds of personnel for doing jobs like those of Scaffolders, Diver Welders, Pipefitters, Crane Operators and filling many other vacancies, while the oil production on small fields with limited reserves might be expected to become depleted within just 12 - 24 months. After such oilfield is exhausted, the FPSO and FSO units just leave and head to the next area to drill for oil there. Unnecessary expenses are thus eliminated, making the oil extraction even more profitable.

    The first Floating Production Storage and Offloading unit, called Castellon, was built by Shell in Spain in 1977.

    More information about entry-level and low-end jobs on FPSO with transferable skills from the related industries, including non-marine, and job markets comes in our next FPSO Jobs review of offshore jobs and salaries. Roughneck, Deckhand, Derrickman, Roustabout, Floorhand, Motorhand, Able Bodied Seaman, Driller, Assistant Driller, Rigger, Rope Access Technician/Superstructure Painter, Lead Roustabout, Ass. FPSO Crane Operator, Apprentice Crane Operator, Rig Electrician, Offshore Rig Manager, Materials Man, HLO.

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