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Rig Electrician Duties


Offshore Rig Electrician job description summary 1: Offshore Rig Electrician is responsible for all electrical maintenance, including troubleshooting and diagnosing electrical problems, repairing, replacing and/or installing new electrical equipment on oil rigs. Responsible for making rig calls, as needed. Offshore Rig Electrician is responsible for all electrical maintenance, including troubleshooting and fixing glitches, faults, and failures, encountered in the electrical circuits. Offshore Rig Electrician is responsible for all electrical maintenance, including troubleshooting and fixing glitches, faults, and failures, encountered in the electrical circuits and systems aboard offshore oil drilling installation or mobile unit.


To perform Offshore Rig Electrician job successfully, it is required from the worker in this oil rig position to demonstrate the skills and knowledge, associated with each of the duties and responsibilities, outlined in an oil company approved Offshore Rig Electrician Job Description, by completing electrical tasks in a professional and satisfactory manner. The description of the duties and responsibilities of the Electrician, listed below, discloses the scope of competence, skills and/or abilities expected to be applied in course of work.

  • Offshore Rig Electrician Keeps the record of all electrical equipment on oil rig
  • Carries out scheduled maintenance and ongoing repairs of the electrical pieces, tools, devices, and appliances
  • Consults Rig Managers in order to ensure the early detection and identification of the faulty electrical equipment;
  • Ensures smooth and steady functioning of AC and DC electrical power generating plants and the electrical circuits, feeding the oil drilling rig and electrically driven equipment;
  • Provides repairs or replacement of broken motors, damaged electrical wires, plugs, cartridges, outlets, electric bulbs, receptacles etc. Inspects, troubleshoots and repairs DC and AC electrical power generators; tests, measures, and charges all sorts of batteries and electric power accumulators.
    Offshore Electrician Jobs

    Although you can see many announcements from employers from different countries and oil drilling locations, calling on to electricians: "Electricians needed NOW!", still getting a good job of Electrician with the salary that would make you happy, is quite a task. You could start earning excellent salary, if you're ambitious enough to join the competition and win a job as Offshore Electrician in oil production platforms. Though it's really hard to get inside that very secluded industry, which oil & gas upstream sector has always been, there are odds you do have all those qualities that make exactly you good greenhand candidate to work offshore on sea based oil drilling facilities or mobile floating oil rigs. There are opportunities for female oil rig job seekers either. Check out some of the available positions of Offshore Electrician here:

    Offshore Rig Electrician Job Openings
    • Assistant Electrician is required to fill position on offshore oil rigs. Job provider: Maersk Drilling. Good candidate will be someone with strong motivation to work on offshore oil rig, and certified as Electrician. As per duties description, Assistant Electrician job seeker will hopefully possess both theoretical and hands-on experience of servicing electrical, electromechanical, electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic etc. equipment. Experience of working on offshore oil rigs is not necessary in order to qualify, but should be regarded as advantage.
    • Offshore Electrician, reporting directly to Electrical Supervisor. Job provider: Maersk Drilling. Normally a candidate for the position of Offshore Rig Electrician gets promoted by the company from the subordinate position of Assistant Electrician. Anyway, skilled candidates with relevant previous experience may be hired directly to fill the vacancy of the Electrician. Attention! Oiljobreview.com doesn't act either as recruiter, or in the name of this provider of Offshore Electrician jobs. Only applications, filed through Maersk Drilling own website, using their online CV/Resumé submission form, will be considered.

    Electricians and electrical jobs can be found anywhere, not only on oil rigs, since we live in the age of electricity, when nearly every appliance, mechanism, tool, motor, turbine or machine is driven by the electrical current. The opportunities of the employment for electricians are endless, but the truth is the majority of industrial electricians have hardly ever considered getting job on offshore platforms. If you are reading this information, it is quite probable you're one of then. But you already advantage over them, because you are doing your research and aspire to get hired as Offshore Electrician. That means you are half way to your success.


    Depending on the expertise and skills, confirmed by relevant certificates you may be candidate who well might qualify to get your next job on offshore oil rigs in the capacity of an electrical technician, maintenance supervisor or electrical engineer with other than Rig Electrician's scope of duties and the salary that also differs to the better side - take your time to have your career prospects properly assessed by consultants.


    Electricians on offshore oil rigs with at least a couple years of practical field experience in the position normally will earn the salary ranging $US 60,000 - 70,000 per year and can expect fast promotion, provided the individual cares to get as many certifications and pick up as many applicable skills, as it is only possible. The other advantage of working on oil rigs as offshore electrician should be the rotation schedule. Depending on the country and the company, like the rest of offshore staff aboard sea based oil rigs, Offshore Rig Electrician will work 1-2 months, followed by the same number of days on leave onshore, 1 month on duty alternating with 2 months recreating on mainland, or even if you're lucky to get job on Norway's platform in the North Sea or in Arctic, your schedule doing job as offshore electrician will be comprised of one months offshore, followed by the entire 3 months on leave - i. e. Offshore Rig Electrician, working on contract within the jurisdictions of Norway will work only 4 months a year, while getting salary for the complete 12 months comprising the year!


    After some time of performing the service duties and proving you're able to progress and wish to climb up the service ladder, from the offshore Rig Electrician job a person may expect to be promoted to the position of, say, maintenance supervisor. The salary will be increased respectively. Promotion opportunities for good rig specialist in the position of offshore electrician are diverse and it is not improbable yesterday's applicant for Offshore Electrician job opening will soon be found performing one of supervisory or senior engineering jobs aboard offshore oil rig.

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