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Floorhand and other jobs in Bakken oilfield, North Dakota

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If you are a greenhand job seeker looking for employment and job with big salary on oilfields, it's Bakken oilfield in the state of North Dakota to consider as your target destination and the place to compete for thousands of entry level and advanced oil jobs alike. There are lots of oilfield servicing companies, oil drilling contractors, and subcontractors, catering to the latter firms' needs that are looking to hire new laborers (roustabouts), skilled workers, catering and auxiliary staff, required to keep drilling for oil running, right at the place. Come there and get hired. The process of hiring new hands should be a never ending procedure within oil & gas drilling/production industry.

Being assummingly the biggest shale oil reserve discovery across the entire continental USA, the Bakken oilfield for the most part lies within the boundaries of the western part of North Dakota. Which means it's North Dakota, where the new oil jobs and oilfield development related vacancies are available for every person of the age older than 18 years old and never fearing of doing dirty and physically demanding, but very well paid for job.

After evolving into the second top oil producing state of the USA, North Dakota also became major oil job provider in the North America. Everything rotates around oil and gas these day, more oil extraction means more jobs for both Americans and foreigners in oil production industry. Skilled workforce from the third world countries like India, Pakistan, Malaysia, the Philippines, Indonesia may count to get employed as well, especially if they have prior experience in offshore/onshore oil drilling industry, not important in which country.

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Prospects and expectation of employment on ND oilfields:

The outlook for oil rig jobs availability, including low end unskilled positions like, for example, Floorhand or Leasehand, or Oil Fracturing Equipment Operator job in North Dakota (FEO is also entry level job) is very good for both exploration drilling and for servicing the existing wells. Since oil reserves in Bakken basin are impressive, some of the currently existing well are going to operate for at least the next 10 - 20 years, and they will need continuous maintenance, repairs, and servicing at every stage, starting from oil discovery and finishing with the completion stage.

Some of the most popular oil jobs available across the oilfields of North Dakota that relate directly to oil oil production and pay very well, include:

  • Lease Operator
  • Floorhand
  • Derrickman
  • Driller
  • Toolpusher
  • Rig Electrician
  • Motorman
  • Rig Welder
  • Rig Mechanic
  • Mudman, Mud Engineer, Mudlogger
  • Roustabouts
  • Roughnecks
  • Pipefitters etc.

Non-drilling and auxiliary jobs on ND oilfields:

Besides oil rig jobs and jobs directly dealing with oil drilling, non-drilling jobs like truck drivers are currently and will continue to be in big demand. Truck driver positions at oilfields increase in number exponentially whenever well completion phase begins at certain patch or when rig relocation occurs. Another group of jobs whose growth in demand stems directly from or depends on the intensity of oilfield operations and activities in oil production sector, are construction jobs, jobs in catering, jobs related to janitorial services etc.

Floorhand Duties On a Service Rig

The other names for Floorhand position on a service rig is Roughneck or Roustabout, it depends on a particular rig specifics. Normally, Floorhand is a greenhand novice worker engages in the dirtiest and at the same time the most physically demanding manual labor on the rig (rig floor). This service oil rig crew member substitutes senior members of the team, whenever called, cleans, tidies everything on the rig, prepares tools for drilling, production, or well repairs, and generally does everything no one else on the rig wants to do. Contrary to exploration rig team, a service rig crew is comprised of people, including 1 or 2 Floorhands, that more or less work permanently together. They move in a group from one well to another, and once the mission is complete, relocate further to provide scheduled maintenance or repairs to the next rig on their scheduled list.

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