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Oil rig jobs in Texas

New job openings on oil rigs in Texas are more numerous than in any whatsoever other state across the USA, or in any oil rich province in Canada. It's an established fact that oil & gas exploration and production industry, like any other technologically advanced industry, can't exist without adequately trained staff. Therefore, Texas or offshore rigs in the North Sea off coast of the UK or Norway, the oil industry related education/training is essential for getting hired on oil rigs. Still hard labor job of general laborer, Floorhand, otherwise called Roustabout, already for decades remains the position, most frequently sought after by the people who tried themselves in other segments of employment market, including those with experience of doing jobs that require college or University degree. Oil rig jobs in Texas can be found on mainland, but even more employment opportunities for both experienced staff and individuals without experience are available on offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico off the south Texas coast. Many offices of oil drilling companies and recruitment agencies/consultancies that select people for working on oil rigs, both onshore and offshore, are located in Houston. In fact, it is the boost of oil production that gave impetus to the growth of Houston population that started in 1960-ies and in the year 2000 topped 2 million people.

Thousands of job seekers are interested in information, pertaining to oil rig jobs in Texas. They are striving to try their luck in getting a job on oil rigs in Texas in spite of the fact they have no previous experience. There seem to be two most popular places in the USA, where the gossip about the fantastic opportunities on oilfields can be heard at every nook and corner. These are North Dakota and Texas. In recent years new seekers of oil rig jobs and of the salaries they promise, for a while turned their eyes in the direction of North Dakota, but soon after, the oldest oil state Texas won back it's reputation of the place number one to look for lucrative employment on oil rigs rather easily. After some thorough analysis our staff arrived at the conclusion that in Texas the oil rig vacancies are more numerous than in ND. Another contributor, living in Florida, told he would go as far as to relocate to Texas for working on oilfields there. Like the majority, he'd be looking for entry-level oil rig job in Texas, but says he has neither CDL nor previous experience of working on oil rigs. That's a perfectly usual situation, though we could advise that in our opinion with commercial driver license the chances of greenhand candidate to get oil rig job in Texas grow essentially.

Who willingly offer oilfield jobs to job seekers without experience, are Texas fracking companies. In fact, it's the invention of fracking technologies that strengthened the positions of Texas as major oil producing state and source of more oil rig jobs, including entry level fracking jobs. Here's a brief list of fracking oil companies in Texas, where you may be offered a position as greenhand Floorhand or Leasehand without experience:

• Industrial Maintenance Contractors Inc - Midland, TX
• National Oilwell Varco - Houston, TX
• TESCO - Corpus Christi, TX
• Corrpro Companies, Inc. - Houston, TX
• Gulf Coast Tubulars Inc - Midland, TX
• ROI Staffing, LP - Houston, TX
• Tesoro - Dickinson, TX
• Occidental Petroleum - Midland, TX
• Basic Energy Services - Big Spring, TX
• Halliburton - Houston, TX
• Clean Harbors - Houston, TX
• Pioneer Drilling Co - Midland, TX Oil Well Drilling, Oil Field Service

As for the salaries on oil rigs in Texas, they remain steadily high. For example, Roustabout, a low skilled position of laborer that requires no special education and very little hands-on training, can count to get initial salary of $US 35 per hour; if you are a truck driver, trucking is always in demand in oil rig logistics. As a truck driver, providing transportation services to oil rigs in Texas you can earn the wage, starting at $US 20 per hour. While working as truck driver, it's also easy to get connections with some people, working actually on oil rigs and thus facilitate your way towards getting employed right on oil rig. Another opportunity for candidates without previous experience on oil rigs could be pipefitter for water transfer companies that deliver water to oil frac contractors.

With the generation of oil drilling professional retiring, the oil companies in Texas found themselves in the situation, when they have themselves to look for specialists outside the oil drilling industry. Thus oil drilling workforce market becomes less secluded and easier to put your foot in the door of. Some trade schools in Texas suggest training courses for those without experience that aspire to get job on oilfields. There's also a transition program in the US armed forces that offers training, which makes you eligible to get job of Roustabout or even Roughneck directly after being dismissed from the military service. Once you are inside the industry, the companies will generally offer opportunities for specialized trade training. There you can progress from Roustabout to positions with less things to do manually and with salaries that are several times bigger. The most popular positions to get promoted to from entry-level are driller, mud engineer, Derrickman, motorman, electrician, mud logger to list just a few at random. The salary of rotary drill operator on oil rigs of Texas exceeds $US 60K, with a position of subsea engineer salary is over $US 130K a year.

Featured job offer:

Roustabout is needed to work on offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico, off the coast of south Texas. As a member of deck crew some of your Roustabout's foremost responsibilities may rotate around having to assist with heavy lifts and other low skilled manual labor operations on the main deck. Sometimes Driller may order Roustabout to move to the rig floor and join the team, working there. The other place Roustabout may be ascribed to perform some functions is a helideck, where as a temporary member of helideck crew he could be charged with the responsibilities like refueling the helicopter, ensuring safety procedure is observed by the arriving/departing passengers. Normally, Roustabout will also be emergency response team member and will regularly be involved in the activities and training sessions to develop proper consistency and correct behavior patterns to follow during emergencies. The other tasks and functions of Roustabout may include offloading fuel from supply ship to the oil rig, carrying off fluids from oil rig to the vessel, placement of containers on cargo deck. Operating the forklift is another of Roustabout functions - good candidate should be able to produce the operating license. You must be very fit, so you could be absolutely sure you're capable to do, at times repeatedly, some heavy lifting and to not mind working in a hectic environment, in some pretty tight spaces, at heights, in suspended position etc. Apply, if: you are at least 18 years old, willing and capable to work hard during long hours, including overtime, ready to work in hectic environment.

The next review will be about Maritime Drilling School in Canada that runs a training program for men and women, aspiring to work as Roughnecks on offshore oil rigs.

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