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Offshore ROV jobs in oil & gas

ROV Technician jobs, ROV Pilot Technician positions on offshore platforms, drillships and other sea based oil rigs

  • Vacancy: ROV Senior Pilot Technician, job location: UK, UAE - Dubai, Abu Dhabi, contract duration: temporary agreement, duration 1 months, can be extended, if completing the mission requires several additional days or weeks. Salary - very high, negotiable, bonus is possible. Candidates should have all valid offshore certifications and Offshore Medical Certificate, don't apply if don't have any of those.

    During the last years, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV's) have become increasingly often used on offshore oil rigs for performing subsea technical operations. The use of ROV's range from simple tasks like, for example, platform, drillship, or FPSO hull inspection to complex tasks of remotely operated deepwater drilling. All personnel aboard offshore platform or other offshore oil rig, engaged in ROV operations, must be able to reveal enough competence in order to successfully fulfill the tasks. The competence may be confirmed either by appropriate qualifications or through availability of practical hands-on ROV job experience, though often combination of both is required.

    Most companies, including oil drilling contractors and offshore oil rig operators that use ROV vehicles, are members of the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), and therefore adhere to the Association's standards.

      Offshore ROV jobs for foreigners:
      - Subsea Integrity Technician, job location: Oman. (This offshore ROV vacancy is closed, no more enquiries, please)
      - Experienced ROV personnel, ROV cre members, with at least 350 ROV operation hours are wanted to be employed on permanent and temporary basis for doing various jobs in oil and gas, offshore sector, subsea, in different locations around the world. ROV Pilot/Technician jobs for candidates with minimum 400 ROV piloting hours. The work is on rotation work schedule, ROP positions could involve some intensive traveling. Job location: Saudi Arabia, Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Mexico, Arctic; Congo, Angola, Gabon (Africa); Vietnam, China, Russia, Baku (Azerbaijan)
      - ROV Superintendent - International marine services company looks to hire to fill vacancy of Oil & Gas ROV Operations Job in the UAE, at least 3 years of previous experience working offshore as DP drillship ROV supervisor.
      - Crane Operator / ROV Pilot / Storeman job on Brazil's offshore oil platforms and drillships, should be fluent both in Portugese and English
      - ROV Tooling Technician job, location: Norway, offshore North Sea, employer: Orion Group, contract type: permanent
      ROV Pilot Technician job for certified professional, male, who is a citizen or permanent resident of Nigeria. Previous experience: ACV or Hercules

    There can be different ROV roles on oil rigs, which, starting from the low-end job of ROV Tooling Technician Grade II and ending with job of ROV supervisor, for example can be:

    Who else employs ROV's and where more ROV jobs can be found: VEIT (listed in the top 20 of the biggest waste management companies), Dubai Police (United Arab Emirates), Guangzhou Maritime College (China), marine coatings company Jotun (Norway) Aberdeen-based Sigma Offshore, Saratoga County Sheriff (NY, USA), Fall River Police Department (Massachusetts, USA), Colville Confederated Tribes (Washington, USA) HT Marine, Chipley, Florida (inspection of subsea cables) Port of Los Angeles, Beijing Hydrosurvey, Narwhal Environmental Consulting (Canada), universities in Alaska, Maine, and Saudi Arabia Travis County Sheriffs Department in Texas. The ROV models that these companies and bodies operate are SeaLion-2, JW Fishers SeaOtter-2 ROV.
    • ROV Electrical Technician
    • ROV Electronic Technician
    • ROV Mechanical Technician
    • ROV Tooling Technician Grade 2
    • ROV Tooling Technician Grade 1
    • ROV Pilot Technician Grade 2
    • ROV Pilot Technician Grade 1
    • ROV Senior Pilot Technician
    • ROV Supervisor

    There can also be other roles, each having its own job description, and together they comprise ROV crew, overlooked by ROV Supervisor.

    For example, here goes general ROV Technician job description: A Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Technician tests, inspects, operates and provides the maintenance of ROV equipment, used at any stage of realizing offshore projects. ROV vehicles can also be resorted to onshore, if needed or deemed suitable/advisable. Specific tasks may vary from simple ROV job of monitoring of the processes or situations to complex technical tasks that require using a sophisticated interface that require ROV operator to have high-end skills and the aptness to assess the risks while doing job.

    ROV jobs in offshore oil & gas for ex-military

    Everybody knows how hard it is to get your very first job on offshore oil rigs, but not for the army veterans. If you are ex-military who served in the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in a position, related to servicing or operating ROV's, then any oil company, using ROV to perform tasks in course of drilling for oil will gladly hire such job seeker. That's because the candidate's skills are fully transferrable, and you may directly get an entry-level job on offshore oil rigs in one of ROV pilot or ROV technician roles. As you can see, it's not only Roustabout, Painter, even not a role of offshore Assistant Driller or Apprentice Driller or the like that can be workplace to enter offshore oil production industry through. One of the USACE's mission resides with monitoring, investigating, and maintaining the USA's water resources, which can't be done without much technical diving. Divers are widely substituted by specialized ROV's that can remotely carry out complex high technology tasks like welding at big depths, that in fact can't be reached by human diver.

    ROV Training - ROV Jobs Pilot Schools

    Because of speed of spreading ROV's for doing jobs in industries and branches, other than subsea oil drilling operations by offshore oil rigs, there are lots of schools training ROV Engineers and Technicians around the world. ROV operators are being trained, for example, in the Marine Institute in Canada, the program is 2 years long, graduates get Technician Diploma that in part allows them start an exciting career of offshore oil rigs in the capacity of Technician doing job in one of numerous ROV operator/technician roles with exceptionally big entry-level salary (may quickly reach $US 50-70 K. Valid Offshore Medical Certificate by CAPP is the only pre-requisite for the enrollment.

    ROV Trade Certifications and Clearances

    There's a globally existing standard for specialists to be cleared to operate or service ROV's. For ROV Pilot the minimum certification standard is IMCA R002, as mandated by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA). Like any other worker or employee on offshore oil rigs, to be good candidate, and applicant must have completed OPITO approved BOSSIET, HUET, MIST training and pass medical exam and testing in order to obtain your Offshore Medical Certificate.

    Companies in oil & gas that might offer ROV jobs:

  • Seek First ROV Technologies, LLC. Light work class ROV services.
  • Meridian Ocean Services - offers ROV technologies as better alternative to human diver inspection.
  • Oceaneering International, engineered services provider that offers: testing, subsea ROV welding operations, specialty hardware
  • Boumans Drilling Control Service Troubleshooting Control System service for PLC, IDM, AC/DC Drives Control Systems Start-ups, TECH POWER, IPS, BAYLOR, OMC, GE, VARCO, ROSS HILL, NATIONAL, Step 7, 3rd party Inspections, Tesco, Installations, ISC, Commissioning and more. Research on job offers to come.
  • Canyon Offshore - Deepwater ROV Services
  • Saipem America offshore subsea construction services in the Central America, the Gulf of Mexico, South America, and Caribbean regions. subsea intervention & installation, ROV's, engineering & project management, diving, mobile offshore production systems
  • Seamor Marine Ltd., ROV's manufacturer in Canada, Vancouver. Recent ROV job offers - no.
  • Sea ROV Services 1 job opening CLOSED.
  • Subsea Americas, LLC (SSA), provider of ROV tooling equipment and project management and engineering services.
  • Gulmar Offshore - ROV operations & ROV inspections of subsea pipelines installation,
  • Submersible Systems Inc. provides ROV platform inspection & survey Operations
  • Sonsub - offers ROV services in support of offshore oil drilling
  • Subnet Services looks to hire fully trained and certified individual for job of ROV Pilot Technician to work on their offshore subsea project. Great salary, start as soon as possible. New job offers - no
  • Specialist ROV Tooling Services Ltd, offers hydraulic engineering solutions to onshore and offshore sector, oil rigs
  • Specialty Offshore Diving, commercial diving and ROV services company
  • Bourbon Offshore operates 15 ROV's, mounted on Multi-Purpose Support Vessels. The latest 3 new generation heavy duty ROV's are capable to carry up to 3000 kgs of different instrumentation to allow for high performance deepwater precision drilling for oil at depths of up to 10,000 ft., 3 more next generation ROV robots are expected to be commissioned by the end of the year, so ROV job offers from Burbon are possible.

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