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Assistant Driller Job Description:

Assistant Driller in oil & gas industry upstream sector would normally acquire the experience and master skills in course of performing structural drilling operations for oil and gas, ascent and descent of drilling tools, preparation of the drilling fluids mixture, and troubleshooting the mud pumps. Assistant Driller direct duties also include being responsible for timely replacement of worn out parts of the drilling equipment and participation in the work to eliminate complications and accidents, cementing and, partial disassembly of drilling rig.

An order of appointment for the position of Assistant driller, as well as an exemption order is being issued by Rig Manager or CEO of the oil drilling company. Assistant Driller reports directly to Driller. The minimum requirements to be appointed as Assistant Driller include basic vocational education and completion of specialized pre-approved training program focussed on teaching students theory and the essentials of drilling operations basics. In course of performing Ass. Driller duties and responsibilities, the person, holding the position of Assistant Driller on offshore oil rig, is mandated to act in the accordance with Assistant Driller Job Description and adhere to the orders and instructions, issued by Driller, Drilling Superintendent, Rig Manager, or some of his other designated superiors on the list. Assistant Driller should be familiar with and have thorough knowledge of the following:

UAE: Assistant Driller. Job offer that could make lifetime opportunity for aspiring Assistant Drillers, the vacancy has been open with a joint stock international oil drilling company, located in the UAE. IWCF Certification is pr-requisite, do not apply, unless available. Who's lucky to get employed, will enjoy all the benefits and pro's of working for a major oil rig operator in offshore sector in the Middle East
  • designation and design of tools, devices, fixtures, machinery and equipment, used in course of conducting drilling operations on oil rig
  • safety rules and regulations, governing labor protection, and occupational health;
  • During the absence of Assistant Driller at the place of his job, this position duties and responsibilities shall be charged to a different drilling crew member, who should be adequately trained to carry out basically all Assistant Driller functions.


  • Before beginning of the work shift, Assistant Driller undergoes periodic medical inspection and tests
  • Gets instructed on safety issues
  • Under Driller's supervision Assistant Driller performs maintenance, adjustment, minor repairs of drilling equipment and instrumentation and takes the necessary preventive measures to avoid instruments and drilling equipment failures and breakdowns
  • If necessary, uses personal protective equipment
  • Strictly complies with safety regulations and occupational health rules;
  • Provides timely and necessary assistance to the Driller during preparation and performance of the exploratory or production drilling for oil.

    It is implied that the Assistant Driller duties are subject to specification by his immediate supervisor, taking into account the specifics and conditions of production or exploratory drilling


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    Assistant Driller is entitled to take part in debating Assistant Driller duties and responsibilities. Offshore rig worker, doing this kind of oil rig job, is in a position to request his superiors, which are endowed with the decision making authority, to be provided all necessary assistance and support for the sake of performing the assigned duties in efficient, timely, and correct manner.

    Assistant Driller Training Program: Oil & Gas Production and Exploration Drilling Course

    Refresher course

    About the program: training and professional development for the position of Exploratory and Production Drilling For Oil - Ass. Driller is delivered on the basis of non-profit partnership. The program curriculum is based on a model program, according to industry and inter-industry rules and regulations, in accordance with current legislation and technical standards. The curriculum is aligned with the Federal Service for Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision.

    Assistant Driller for oil & gas production and exploratory drilling for oil and gas is a worker on offshore or land based oil rig, who is engaged in the organization and conduct of drilling oil and gas wells. Drilling oil and gas wells is a complex and time-consuming process that requires the use of expensive equipment, tools, materials, reagents. Drilling crew will normally include two or three Assistant Drillers, each of which performs a separate task in course of drilling operation. The type of training: vocational training, including Slinger and Banksman, 240 or 160 hours;

    Oil & Gas Sector, Offshore and Offshore Job Offers in the Middle East, Job: Assistant Driller on Oil Rigs and related jobs
    • Assistant Driller, Middle East, UAE. Job on offshore jack up platform, good candidate should have experience and skills of assisting in drilling and cyber drilling operations in both exploratory drilling for oil and production drilling. Work on rotation timetable, salary starts at $US 40,000 and goes up $US 80,000 per year, net time on job being 6 months, each 28 days on work alternating with 28 days on leave. Job announcement from Petroplan, recruiting agency for oil and gas drilling contractors in the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates. Re-visit soon for more Assistant Driller jobs offers from the same employer. Other related jobs that could be available: Driller, Derrickman, Toolpusher, Roughneck, Roustabout.

      The key responsibilities of worker doing job on oil rig in the capacity of Assistant Driller:

      • Substitutes Driller during relief breaks and sees that oil well functions properly
      • Sticks thoroughly safe drilling for oil procedures as per Assistant Driller job description
      • Responsible for other staff in the drilling area using the required permits and doing their job in compliance thereof
      • Charged with situations risk evaluation, is responsible for safety of the drilling operations
      • Assistant driller job responsibilities include control and monitoring of disposals and offloading drilling by-products, cares for conserving green environment
      • Performs his duties in accordance to the emergency response set of rules governing safe behavior in the respective offshore oil rig area, as applicable
    • Job offer from recruiter Fuschia Careers, doing crewing for oil and gas sector. Job title: Assistant Driller on offshore oil rig. Job location: Abu Dhabi. Salary - negotiable. Pre-requsites: availability of all offshore certifications, in part candidates should be ready to confirm the validity of their IWCF or IADC Certificate, BOSIET and Offshore Medical Sertificate.

    Assistant Driller jobs are also available in the North Sea (UK, Norway), Oman, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Canada, Texas USA, the Gulf of Mexico, Persian Gulf, Kuwait, Vietnam, Russia, Kazakhstan, Arctic (ExxonMobil), Alasks, Perth (Australia).

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