Offshore drilling companies that hire

Entry level Roustabout & Roughneck openings are available as well this time

Oilfield servicing and oil drilling contractors in Houston, TX offer oil rig jobs, offshore and onshore positions

Good candidates are sought to fill some of the following vacancies on offshore platforms and land based oil drilling rigs:

  • OIM/Master - Deepwater
  • Toolpusher Deepwater
  • Mechanic, Senior Mechanic, Mechanical Supervisor
  • Motorman, offshore position
  • Derrickman, the Gulf of Mexico, offshore
  • Directional Driller
  • Roughnecks/Driller Helpers
  • Materials man, Materials woman
  • Roughneck, 1 yrs experience offshore
  • Maintenance Roustabout
  • Rig Electrician
  • Mud Logger, Mud Engineer
  • Crane operator, Assistant Crane Operator
  • Medic (Nurse), offshore
  • Rope Access Technician
  • Diver/Welder
  • Barge Engineer
  • Camp boss, chef, cooks, night bakers, stewards, galley hands, dishwashers, potwashers, laundry - catering staff

Some Of Onshore and Offshore Drilling Companies in Houston, Texas

It's our recommendation to jobseekers that they pay primary attention to, even if you are greenhand applicant without prior experience, but ambitious and strongly motivated individual wishing to work hard under challenging conditions for great salary:

  • ABC Offshore Drilling Inc
  • Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc.
  • Canyon Offshore (address: 5212 Brittmoore Rd, Houston, TX)
  • Hercules Offshore Inc. With the office located at 2000 W Sam Houston Pkwy S #800, Houston, TX 77042, Hercules Offshore is another oil and gas drilling contractor that hires both experienced and inexperienced personnel (offshore roustabouts, floorhands etc.) to work on offshore platforms and different types rigs, over 60 up to date, drilling for oil along the US Gulf of Mexico Coast and the Caribbean (offshore Venezuela, Trinidad and Mexico).
  • Northern Offshore (otherwise called Northern Offshore Drilling Service) - address of the company's corporate office: 575 N Dairy Ashford St, Houston, TX, USA. This oilfield servicing company and oil drilling contractor also hires people to work on their 4 drilling units that are located in Asia and Europe and a floating oil production unit in the UK's sector of the North Sea. Besides corporate office in Houston, Northern Offshore runs offices in Aberdeen, Scotland and Singapore. Rig fleet: Super 116E Jackups, Northern Producer semi-submersible oil production platform, floaters: Energy Searcher drillship and semisubmersible Energy Driller oil drilling rig; Energy Endeavour and Energy Enhancer jack ups for shallow water drilling/oil production.
  • ENSCO Offshore Co (subsidiary of the UK incorporated Ensco plc), provides oil well services and offshore contract drilling. Office location: 15021 Katy Fwy # 300, Houston, TX 77094, telephone number: (281) 809-0400
  • Big 6 Drilling Co, located at 7500 San Felipe St # 250, Houston, TX 77063 offers oil well drilling and oil well servicing services to clients on contract.
  • Mesa Drilling Inc
  • Key Energy Services Inc. Employs over 8,000 workers and employees in different locations worldwide, specializes in onshore oil production and oilfield services, which it offers big variety of. Head office is located at 1301 McKinney St # 1800, Houston, TX 77010
  • Parker Drilling Co
  • Nicklos Drilling Co - 3355 W Alabama St, Houston, TX - provides onshore oil drilling services
  • Omron Oil Field & Marine Inc
  • Schlumberger Oilfield Services - 210 Schlumberger Dr, Sugar Land, TX
  • Rowan

There are well over 200 different oil drilling contractors, small and big, located in the Houston area, TX, and there are lots of jobs out there, offshore and onshore, since hiring never stops, new vacancies are always there, waiting for good fits to fill them. Never loose enthusiasm!

Rowan Companies

In the next review to be published soon the editor will focus on Rowan Companies corporation, another sizable provider of offshore oil drilling services to big oil companies around the world in general and in the Gulf of Mexico in particular. Rowan Companies owns and operates one of the newest fleet of oil rigs across the world's offshore oil exploration/production industry consisting of 30 jack-up platforms and 4 modern drillships capable to provide ultra deepwater drilling both in the US coastal waters (the Gulf of Mexico) and around the world: Southeast Asia, West Africa, North Sea (UK and Norway), Trinidad, Egypt. Re-visit soon to read about their recruitment policies and tactics and the jobs available at entry level, advanced positions, and career opportunities. With them you could start as Roustabout and progress in whatever direction you are eager to. Corporate offices of Rowan can be found in the following locations: Houston (head office), Saudi Arabia (RDC Arabia Drilling Inc.), Aberdeen, Scotland (Rowan Drilling UK Ltd.), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (Rowandrill Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.). Jobs are available at some of their offshore platforms, such as: Rowan Gorilla III, Rowan EXL II, J.P. Bussell, Rowan Norway, Rowan Stavanger, Rowan Viking, Scooter Yeargain, Hank Boswell, Bob Keller, Rowan California, and others, including drillship jobs, 45 vacancies up to date.

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