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Floorhand Vacancy in oil drilling sector in TX - Houston

Roughneck / Floorhand

Vacancy heading: Roughneck. Work in oil exploration segment on oilfields of Texas.
Hiring Firm: Pakistan Schlessinger Oil Jobs
Required competency: Driller Assistant, Stick and MIG welding skills, USCG, Roughneck, Roustabout, Derrickman Assistant, Roustabout Pusher
Working experience (number of the years in the industry and the nature of experience): Some previous experience in oilfield development or oil production sector, Able Bodied Seaman on oil tanker or other related positions of the kind.
Remuneration: Hourly payments
Career location: TX, Houston
employment type: full time employee

Position overview

TX, Houston based recruiter is currently in search for Roughneck / Utility Hand, who would perform the duties, associated with Roughneck/Floorhand role on oil drilling rig at oilfields within the easy reach by car from Houston (TX).

The summary of the main duties and responsibilities as per Roughneck Job Description

If hired for this vacancy, an oil field worker in this position will be responsible for performing the generic roughneck oilfield jobs and ordinary roughneck tasks, fulfilled routinely on land based oil rigs. Roughneck should help in the repairing and oiling of assembly and of pump motors, preparing chemicals & fluids composition, intended for greasing/lubricating the drill bit; clean, rasp, wash, scrape, scrub, polish, maintain, fit and overhaul the drilling gears, engines, pipes, pumping units, clear and stretch drilling tubes, to list just a few of the Roughneck dally tasks.

Should know how to efficiently operate lifting appliances and mechanism like hoists and winches or operate a forklift to store, place, or stack supplies; be trained and certified to operate heavy duty equipment and auxiliary devices, if needed or ordered to do so by a supervisor. In a position of Roughneck / General Laborer on oilfields the employee must execute all assisting jobs, like moving the materials, instruments, tools, and expendables, used in the course of servicing oil rig around the rig chemical sack room, drilldeck, warehouse, storing areas or spaces, maintenance area, paint elements of the oil drilling rig metal superstructure to protect them against corrosion, and so on. Keep gangways and working area free from obstructions that could impede free movement of the drill floor crew members and clearness of the rig crane operator's vision of the site. Salary: $27,000. The work timetable type: rotational schedule, 45 days on duty / 14 days off, work by shifts. This roughneck position is not for entry-level, inexperienced candidates - mind, please.

Some of the oil drilling companies that might be hiring at this time in Houston area, TX:

  • Power Flex Service - Oil Well Drilling in Winters, TX
  • Abraxas Petroleum - energy company that conducts exploratory and oil & gas production drilling in different locations and might offer jobs on its oil rigs, scattered across the states of Texas and Wyoming in the USA, as well as in Canada.
  • Crown Western LLC - Oil Well Drilling in Abilene, TX
  • American Shoreline, Inc. (AMSHORE), with the head office in Corpus Christi, TX, approximately 200 - 210 miles away from Houston. For decades the company's primary activity has been exploratory drilling for oil and gas in South Texas along the Gulf of Mexico coastline, where the AMSHORE was successful to discover several oilfields or oil field and natural gas field offshoots, providing lots of land based oil rig jobs and great salaries for unskilled laborers and specialist staff alike. However, no vacancies on oil rigs for Floorhand / Roughneck employment or other low-end or entry-level positions were found for the time of making the enquiry. It is assumed the questions concerning prospects of employment should be addressed to the firm's employee in charge of hiring/recruiting by calling the phone number 361-844-6726, featured on their website on the web page "Careers".

  • Gem Drilling Co Inc - Oil Well Drilling in Stamford, TX
  • Ringo Drilling I Lp - Oil Well Drilling in Tye, TX
  • Patterson-Uti Drilling Co, Tyler, TX, 12116 Massey Ave - is a well drilling contractor and subsidiary of Patterson-UTI Energy Inc., headquartered at 450 Gears Road Suite 500 Houston, TX 77067 (corporate office address). The subsidiary, Patterson-Uti Drilling Co, offers onshore oilfield drilling services to oil production companies that do their business in Texas. The corporation, Patterson-UTI Energy Inc., operates approximately 400 land based oil rigs across the USA and Canada, but some time ago expanded the geography of its operations overseas, and concluded contracts on exploratory/oil production drilling in Australia and the Middle East countries like Qatar, UAE, Oman. At the time of writing this review Patterson-UTI Energy had the second largest number of oil rigs across the North America after the Nabors. The listings of the oilfield jobs the corporation offered during just a couple of the past years formed quite a list: Lead Floor Hand/Safety Hand, Driller and Derrickhand, Pipefitter, Payroll Clerk, Motorman, HSE Advisor, Assistant Driller, Heavy Haul Truck Driver, Forklift Operator/Material Handler, Driver (CDL), Motor Hand & Derrick Hand, Rig Hand, Lead Floor Hand, Driller - Rig Manager, Drilling Superintendent, Driller, Motorman, Assistant Derrickhand and Floorhand, Swamper/Pad Crew - Oil field specialist, Floorhand/Motorman, Driller, Motorhand, Motor Hand, Rig Hand, Motor Hand & Derrick Hand, Driller, Drilling Superintendent, Floor Hand, Rig Manager.
  • Patterson-Uti Drilling Co Snyder, TX, 79549 - Patterson-Uti Drilling Services Lp, Lllp in Snyder, TX 4500 Lamesa Highway Snyder, TX 79549 - provides the services that include oil well drilling, oil field services, drilling & boring contractor services. Also listed in the drilling category Water Well Drilling & Pump Contractors. The locations, where oilfield jobs from Patterson UTI can be found, besides the state of Texas have included Montana, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Dakota, Oklahoma, Wyoming, North Dakota, and Western Canada. No job listing were found for Patterson-Uti Drilling Services Lp, Lllp in Snyder, TX
  • Apache Energy, LLC, specializes in the exploratory and production drilling for crude oil reserves in Texas. Corporate office address: 2000 Post Oak Boulevard, Suite 100 Houston, Texas 77056-4400.

  • Black Hills Exploration and Production Co. Besides Texas, this contractor is engaged in oil drilling operations in Louisiana, Oklahoma, Wyoming, Montana, California, North Dakota. Its head office is in Denver, Colorado, while there are secondary field offices in Grand Junction (Colorado), Bloomfield (New Mexico), and Newcastle (Wyoming). At the time of writing this review there were no oil jobs from this company in Texas, but there was a job opening in the category OPERATIONS on their website for a position of Gas Fitter Serviceman in Cheyenne, WY, for a local resident with CDL and a valid permit to operate excavator; as for the salary, the pay rate is $39.12 per hour.

  • Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation - onshore Gulf Coast crude exploratory drilling. No hiring at this time. Three Memorial City Plaza 840 Gessner Road Suite 1400 Houston, TX 77024 281-589-4600 - corporate office address; Three Memorial City Plaza 840 Gessner Road Suite 1200 Houston, TX 77024 281-848-2799 - regional office address. The other offices of Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation are located in San Antonio, TX, and Minden, TX.

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