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Oil & Gas Roustabout and Roughneck work in the Middle East

There's hardly any other place in the world, where you can find as many oil drilling contractors and oil producing companies, as in the UAE and Dubai / Abu Dhabi specifically. And naturally, all of them not only drill to produce crude oil, but also generate lots of jobs in different disciplines and branches, from highly educated Cyber Drillers or Subsea Engineers in the offshore sector to the low end positions of Roustabout and Roughneck, without whom on drilldeck no oil rig could even start to operate.

Al Nahiya Group Oil and Gas Vacancies in UAE at the time of writing this review included:

• Forklift Operator/Roustabout/Roughneck
• Motor Vehicle Driving Instructor, job opening in Abu-Dhabi, the vacancy for high class expert in desert driving. Job location: Abu Dhabi. Pre-requisites include in part being Desert Driving certified (EDI) Dubai.
• Rigging Supervisor
• Electrical Technician
• Heavy Duty Driver. All oil rig job openings, included in this list, have their locations at the territory of the United Arab Emirates in onshore and offshore sectors.

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Employment opportunities with ADC - Arabian Drilling Company, Saudi Arabia.

ADC's recently announced job openings included the following positions:

• Crane Operator, job location: Eastern Province. Responsibilities of worker in this role will include maintenance and operating offshore rig cranes, servicing oil platform. Crane Operator also will direct and supervise the actions of the Roustabout crew. Pre-requisite: previous experience operating heavy cranes, capable to lift, offload and load the pieces of cargo as heavy as 70 tons. If pre-employment decision is taken, the chosen candidate must be willing to undergo the company's crane operator training course and pass the company approved certification process.

• Similar vacancies announced at the same time by the Arabian Drilling Company and other Middle East recruiters:

Job Title: Roustabout, Roustabout Pusher, Crane Operator. Employer: Arabian Drilling Co, Saudi Arabia
Job Title: Roustabout - Fuschia Careers, job location: United Arab Emirates
Job Title: Floorman/Roughneck, employer: Arabian Drilling Co., job location: Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia
Job Titles: Rig Mechanic, ROV Pilot Tech. Recruiter: Fuschia Careers, job location: UAE.

• ADC may currently be looking to offer a career to one of the following roles on oil rig: Toolpusher, Cyber Driller (Offshore Rig), Pumpman (Offshore Rig), Driller (Land Rig), Barge Engineer (Offshore Rig), Chief Mate (Offshore Rig), Driver, Assistant Rig Superintendent, Roughnecks, Welder, Chief Mechanic, Warehouseman (Storekeeper), Division Manager - Resident, Roustabouts, Chief Engineer, Roustabout Pusher, Assistant Driller (Offshore Rig), Assistant Driller (Land Rig), Chief Electrician, Captain (Offshore Rig), Rig Electrician, Radio Operator (Offshore Rig), Rig Manager - Resident, Floorman/Roughneck, OIM Offshore Installation Manager (Offshore Rigs), Rig Mechanic, Motorman (Offshore), Mud Engineer (Offshore Rig), Rig Medic, Overall Operation Manager - Resident, Crane Operator, Electronic Technician (Cyber Offshore Rig).

• Mind, please, it's possible there may be no jobs available at this time with the companies, who offered the employment on oil drilling rigs in the countries of the Middle East previously.

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Employers and Job Providers Overview

Essar Oilfields Services Ltd. is one of the known job providers, drilling for oil in this region. It is a privately held Indian company that offers onshore and offshore drilling services to oil and gas companies in the UAE and other foreign countries. At the time of writing this review the Essar owned a fleet, consisting of as many as 18 land-based oil rigs and 1 semi-submersible platform for offshore drilling, but was expecting 2 more offshore jack-up oil rigs to be built, delivered, and commissioned soon to start operating them. Besides the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East Essar provides contract drilling for oil and gas for Saudi Aramco, PDO (Petroleum Development Oman), PNZ Development Group at the territory of Kuwait, and Qatar Petroleum company in Qatar. The field jobs, for which Essar is known to have hired in the not so distant past, included the following positions: Roughneck, Roustabout, Roustabout Pusher, Motorman, Welder, Electrical Technician, Floorhand, Leasehand, Assistant Driller, Radioroom Operator, Instrument Technician, ROV pilot, Helicopter Landing Officer, Derrickman, Toolpusher, Barge Engineer, Mud Engineer, Geologist, Mud Logger, Scaffolders for erecting scaffolds on offshore platforms.

Another Indian company that offers contract drilling services in the Middle East is ONGC Videsh Limited (OVL), which is the ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd., India) foreign division. Though the company hasn't yet made its way to the UAE oilfield exploration market, it performs drilling for oil in such countries of the Middle East, as Iraq and Syria (Al Furat). ONGC is owned by the government of India.

Momentum Engineering Pty Ltd., incorporated in Dubai, UAE. Offers exploratory and production drilling services.

Fox Oil Drilling with corporate headquarters in Dubai, UAE.
Nabors Drilling Intl. Ltd. - one of the most notable job provider in the field of oil & gas drilling in the UAE.
Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations (ADCO).
International Petroleum Company, Dubai, the range of services: Drilling contractor that offers horizontal and directional drilling to oil producers.
Weatherford International
Aries oil field services, location: Abu Dhabi, UAE. Offers drill pipe/tubular inspection services.
Schlumberger Ltd.
Total S.A. - Total is the only international oil company that has got contracts with the bigger part of Abu Dhabi's oil & gas and energy companies, such as Shams 1, ADCO, GASCO, ADMA-OPCO, ADGAS, Taweelah A1, Dolphin Energy, and FERTIL.
National Drilling Company (NDC) - drilling contractors.
ZPEB Middle East FZE, Oilfield services and drilling company in Dubai-Jebel Ali.
ADMA-OPCO - offshore oil & gas production.
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC).

Byrne Drilling Company - Drilling & oilfield services. Location: the Emirate of Sharjah, UAE.
BAKER HUGHES - oilfield drilling, completion.
Precision Energy Services Co, the company that offers Oil & Gas Well Drilling Services; headquartered in Dubai.
Gulf Rock Engineering Co. Ltd., another Sharjah based drilling contractor that listed services like drilling & blasting along with quarrying & demolition.
Al Nahiya Group
ANADRILL International SA, Location: Dubai, provides directional drilling and related services.
International Petroleum Corporation (IPC), location: Dubai, the services provided: oil drilling operations, drilling contractors, exploratory drilling for oil
Halliburton. Halliburton presence in the Middle East includes Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Pakistan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Oman, Iraq, and Qatar, where they provide lots of jobs for local residents and foreign oil rig workers at every level, from the entry level to top supervisory and manager positions.
ANADRILL International SA (c/o Schlumberger).
PT. APEXINDO PRATAMA DUTA, office in Abu Dhabi, offshore and onshore oil drilling contractors.
Dhabi Drilling in Abu Dhabi - contract drilling provider

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