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Oilfield / Rig Worker jobs in Indiana

Position: Roustabout / General Laborer on oil rigs

Job title: Roustabout (Floorhand), Oil & Gas
Agency: StreamTrack Oil jobs
Required: previous experience in either of the following positions in oil drilling/oil production will do: Roughneck, Roustabout, Leasehand, Floorhand, General Laborer on oil rigs, on mainland or offshore. Ex military experience is beneficial
Salary: Hourly payments, wages
Job region: Indiana, USA
Working Schedule: Shift worker, rotation

Employer's details: The recruiting firm would hire Oilfield Rig Worker / Roustabout to work in Indiana on their oil & gas production rigs. More vacancies for Roughnecks and Roustabouts from the same employer are available in the category of North Dakota oilfield jobs, check out, if you don't mind traveling and working in harsh climate.

Applicant for the suggested oil rig job opening will be charged with performing the following duties and functions:

Cleaning, rasping and coloring machinery, available on the oilfield facility and on oil rig's floor in particular. Oilfield / Rig Worker in the position of Roustabout / Floorhand / Roughneck is obligated to execute all minor jobs on oil rig. Oilfield / Rig Worker's duties will normally include preparing the mixture of fluids and chemicals to be used for oiling the drill bit. Transporting materials and instruments to the rig warehouse, chemical sack room etc. Cleaning, servicing and helping in overhaul repairs of drilling devices. Relocating supplies and pieces of cargo from servicing well units to the warehouse premises. Clean and service the machines, oil drilling equipment and the entire operation place.

In Indiana oilfield exploration and development are being performed for the most part by small-sized private corporations, and that's where the oilfield jobs can be found. There is a lot of small companies across Indiana that are contracted for oilfield drilling. Their location is predominantly in the southwestern part of Indiana. The lists of these oilfield companies can be obtained from Indiana Oil and Gas Association, the trade organization that unites oil drilling companies that operate in the state of Indiana.

Indiana Oilfield / Rig Worker job

Vacancy title: Oilfield Rig Worker / Roustabout opportunity
Company that hires: Knars Staffing
Expected expertise: Greenhand Roustabout, Leasehand, Floorhand, Roughneck, USCG
Working experience: trainee
Ex-army experience is appropriate, career based roughneck pre-employment training program
Salary: $29.000
Job location: Indiana
Contract type: full time salaried worker

Oil rig job provider's overview:

Oilfield drilling contractor needs Oilfield / Rig Worker - Roustabout to join new project in Indiana.

This oil rig vacancy requires candidate, whose primary responsibilities will be as following:

Oilfield / Rig Worker must help in the overhaul and oiling of machines and pumping equipment. 2) Clean, rasp and paint the metal superstructure of oil rig. 3) Offloading of the supplies and pieces of cargo from auxiliary ship and Moving them to warehouse premises. 3) Clean, scrape and paint the drilling deck area. 4) Will carry the materials and the instruments to the working area. 5) Dock new part of borehole pipe once drilling moves in depth in the process of exploratory drilling for oil reserves. 6) Will mix the mud and prepare chemicals to lubricate the drill bit. 7) Conduct the functions which are essential for visually inspecting pumping equipment. 8) Purge and serving machines, equipment, and the overall labor zone. 9) In position of Rig Worker / Roustabout the worker should execute all minor jobs. 10) Clean, serving and overhaul drilling machinery. 11) Perform regular Driller Helper functions on oil rig. 12) Operate heavy machinery and equipment as required. 13) Flatting, burnishing and cleanup tubes. 14) Operate lifting mechanisms for storing tools and expendables.

Recruiters or their agents' offices, hiring workers for oil field positions in Indiana, can be found in the following cities across the state: Anderson, IN Elkhart, IN Evansville, IN Fort Wayne, IN Gary, IN Indianapolis, IN South Bend, IN Terre Haute, IN.

Oilfield / Rig Worker - Roustabout - Floorhand

Position title: Oil Rig Worker - Roustabout - Floorhand
Employer: Hasty Staffing
Expected competence/earlier experience: Roughneck on offshore platforms, Roustabout, Rope Access Technician, Rig Painter, Welder, Motorman, Mechanic, Assistant Crane Operator, Mud Engineer, Maintenance technician on oil rigs - any of these will do. Ex-military candidates with the transferrable experience/skills are especially welcome. Salary: $30.000
Job location: Indiana
Occupation kind: rotational worker

Job overview: Currently the company is looking for Oilfield / Rig Worker - Roustabout - Floorhand for oil drilling career in Indiana. From time to time they also offer offshore entry-level jobs for college graduates, the job locations being offshore Louisiana's GOM oil production platforms.

Oil Rig Worker - Roustabout - Floorhand Duties as per Job Description:

Moving materials and instruments to the work/maintenance area. Cleaning, scraping and painting the deck surface. Mating new portion of drilling tube once drill moves into bedrock. Cleaning, scraping and painting of metal framework and parts of the equipment in order to protect them against corrosion and acidification. While doing job of Driller/Helper - Floorhand, should assist in fitting and lubricating of the mechanisms and pump motors. Operate heavy machinery and use the instruments and hand-tools, if needed. Flatting, polishing and cleaning up the pipes. Use lifting appliances to accommodate pieces of cargo. Clean and service mechanisms, instruments, and the entire working zone and perform all auxiliary and assisting jobs. Common roughneck operations.

Conduct operations that are necessary to be accomplished in order to visually inspect motors on pumps.

Roughneck Career in oil energy sector

Job Title: Roughneck, offshore employment
Employer: Gerle Hire
Desired competence: Utility Hand,
Required experience: greenhand
Previous experience on offshore oil platforms is the most important pre-requisite
Salary: $29.000 per annum
Job location: GOM
Contract type: permanent employee

Vacancy overview:

Recruiting agency is looking for Roughneck to work on a new generation oil drilling facility, located in the Gulf of Mexico.

In the specified position the Roughneck will:

Perform generic Roughneck labor. Will assist in cleaning pipe and in providing maintenance and overhaul to the available drilling equipment. Roughneck should help in the overhaul and lubrication of assembly, pumps, and hoses. Preparing the 'drilling mud' to oil the drill bit. On position of Roughneck / General labor worker the employee should fulfill all secondary jobs, like offloading supplies and pieces of cargo from helicopter and relocating them to warehouse premises. Carrying some heavy mechanisms and appliances around rig warehouse, chemical sack room etc. Connecting different lengths of boring tube once drilling goes in depth towards the soil. Operate light mechanisms and tools if needed. Conduct labor that is needed to make it possible to visually inspect pumps and hoses. Clean up, and paint the deck surface. Operate lifting gear and winches to place cargoes. Clean and maintain assembly, tools, and working area.

Entry Level

Oil Rig Roustabout Vacancy

This is an entry level job in Indianapolis (IN) with an attractive salary $55,000) a year to start from. Further the salary can be increased as soon as the Greenhand acquires industry specific skills so his range of duties and responsibilies expands. After several months in a position of Roustabout the worker can be promoted to become Roughneck with adequate addition to the salary. Substituting Roughnecks during their quick breaks will be one of the most responsible functions of thisl oil rig Roustabout position. Any experience as a welder, scaffolder, derrickman, assistant crane operator, rope access painter, electrician and similar construction or industrial trades will be regarded as advantage for candidates applying for this oilfield job opening in Indiana.

Floorhand job in oil energy sector

Vacancy title: Floorhand
Firm that hires: Panes Oil Careers
Assumed competence: Rigger,
Supposed experience: 3+ years
Ex-military experience is regarded as advantage
Wages: Hourly payments
Job Location: Houston area (TX)
Occupation sort: full time salaried staff

Employer is currently looking for Roughneck / Driller Assistant for oil exploration opportunity in the Gulf of Mexico

Responsibilities of this position:

Clean, maintain and renovate the oil drilling machinery. In position of Roughneck / Greenhand worker has to execute all auxilliary and assisting jobs. Carrying, materials and instruments around rig warehouse, chemical sack room etc. Clean, scrape and do the painting of the metal parts of the working environment. Operate lifting gear and winches to accommodate tools and expendables. Offloading supplies and pieces of cargo from boats and Moving them to storage areas. Roughneck has to assist in the servicing, troubleshooting, repairs and oiling of mechanisms and motors on pumps. Also preparrs the mixture of fluids and chemicals to lubricate the drill bit. Rolling, buffing and cleanup pipe. Maintain the mechanisms, devices, and the overall equipment, found in the work zone. Operate light machineries and devices, when required.

Oilfield / Rig Worker - Floorhand Job Descpription:

The Rig Worker's main responsibility will be to operate electrically driven pumps and suppplementary to ensure the flow of oil from wells in the oil field.

  • Prepare and control pumping/blending equipment for acidizing, cementing, or fracturing oil wells and fracking rock formations.
  • Monitor the readings of the gauges and measuring instruments on the control panels in the course of pumping operations so that crude oil and lubricants are pumped at the designated pressure, concentration, density, and speed of flow.
  • Prepare mixtures, made from chemicals, acids, cement compositions and other components, as ordered and instructed for a specific job.
  • Supervise oil pumpers and other workers to tnsure they do their job correctly in the ciurse of oil production.
  • Start, operate, and switch off compressor engines.
  • Switch flow of oil inside oil storage tanks.
  • Maintain, troubleshoot, and repair meters and gauges, and other oil parameter measuring devices.
  • Assemble pipes, using hand tools.
  • Drive specialty trucks and oil cars and deliver fluids, chemicals, or gases for pumping into wells.
  • Change the flow of oil from storage tanks to compressor units in order to separate natural gas and extrude it from oil.
  • Perform routine equipment maintenance.
  • Shut off the wells according to production charts.
  • Open the designated valves to reverse the compressed gas back to the oil wells so they are repressurized and oil is forced out to the surface.
  • Attach pumps and hoses to wellheads.
  • Drive trucks with high-pressure pumping equipment.


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