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Drilling contractors keep hiring new workers, including unskilled manual laborers without previous experience on offshore oil rigs in particular, and even in oil & gas industry in general. Oil drilling contractors look for this kind of people, the tough guys, to fill entry-level job openings like Roustabout, who might perform as per Roustabout Job Description that goes below. What makes offshore roustabout position different is that basically role of roustabout on offshore oil rigs requires nothing more than just strong health, muscles of steel, quick reaction, manual dexterity, and unshakable self-control in order to be taught to do this job on offshore rigs that drill for oil. According to a standard offshore Roustabout Job Description, there are only two limitations for becoming hired as Roustabout: a job seeker must be at least 18 years old and have a minimum education proof in the form of GED certificate or High School diploma.


Individually or as part of a team, Roustabout job description charges this crew member with responsibility for maintaining pumping units, production equipment pieces, oil production flow lines, and wiping spills of oil and reMoving stains of grease that might pollute the working area on the drilldeck.

Roustabout job description also provides that Roustabout in the course of work on offshore platform familiarizes with the other oil field occupations, and this is what makes much sense for young ambitious workers that strive to be promoted to positions with less physical load and higher salary. Roustabout, who picked up some of his roustabout skills from motorman, electrician, rope access technician, assistant crane operator, materials man, scaffolder, welder etc. has every chance to be the next to fill the vacancies in these classifications, as soon as need arises. Roustabout is responsible for assembling, installation, and providing ongoing repairs to oil wells and tank batteries using his physical force, heavy duty equipment, hand tools and acquired skills. Roustabout does his work with little supervision, complying with the company's safety protocols, while performing any of the functions, associated with the job of offshore roustabout.

Physical Requirements:

  • Roustabout duties and responsibilities require oil rig worker in this position being physically capable to lift and carry weights up to 100 lbs and push or pull up the objects that might be as heavy as 75 lbs of weight, doing that repeatedly (and often frequently) throughout the entire working shift (tour).
  • Because for the most part Roustabout's work on offshore oil rigs is outdoors, the unskilled laborer in this position must have no problem, working under adverse weather conditions and hostile climatic environment.
  • Ability to walk and stand on inclined surfaces, on ladders, on scaffolds, operate is awkward positions within confined space etc. for prolonged periods of time during the working day, often in extremely dirty conditions.
  • Should demonstrate ability to move and work effectively, while using or wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), FR suits, hard hat, protective eye-glasses, steel-toed boots, and other job-specific protective/safety gear and appliances.
  • Should demonstrate adroitness and required and set of skills, necessary for performing overhead work, team lifting. Must be able to maintain good balance, while climbing or working from ladders and on heights, sometimes in a suspended position, using rope access techniques.
  • Endure prolonged standing, crawling, kneeling, walking, stooping, squatting, bending.

Main Duties and Responsibilities of Roustabout


Under the broad supervision the Roustabout maintains, cleans, keeps in orderly condition, carries out visual inspection and general maintenance, and performs minor repairs on motors, production equipment, production machines, pneumatic tools, conveyor systems, oilfield locations, machinery, engines, mechanical equipment, found on oil rig's drilldeck. For these purposes the oil rig worker in this role will be required to operate in effective and efficient manner all sorts of heavy equipment, power tools and hand tools, as outlined in the Roustabout job description.

  • Roustabout uses motorized lifting appliances and winch trucks to load and unload pipes from trucks. When appropriate, do the same job manually with the help of other oil rig crew members
  • Operates heavy duty trucks
  • Operates machinery and equipment
  • Constructs or build metal or wooden structures, or repairs and paints them, when needed
  • Climbs ladders, scaffolding, telephone poles or utility poles
  • Erecting and dismantling wooden frameworks or structures
  • Dig holes or trenches
  • Erect scaffold
  • Mix concrete, mortar, slurry, grout
  • Fit, move, dock etc. heavy pieces and pipe fragments
  • Ensures that general maintenance in the working area is provided in a timely and effective way.

Skills, licenses, certifications, permits

  • Valid driver's license;
  • Valid CDL;
  • Rope Access Technician's certificate
  • TWIC Card

Current Openings for Roustabout Jobs

  • Production Roustabout, job location: Midland, Texas. Roustabout job description summary for this position: Main duties of the oilfield worker in this Roustabout role will primarily include assembling, overseeing, and repairing of the equipment on oil rig as per list, applying different power and hand tools. The salary starts at $US 27,000, but further will depend on quality of the performance. [Closed]
  • Offshore Roustabout Crew Leader on drillship in the Gulf of Mexico. Roustabout Crew Leader job description summary: Offshore Roustabout Crew Leaser will directly supervise and lead activities of a small team of maintenance Roustabouts, temporary contract. Previous experience as offshore roustabout, roughneck, derrickhand or motorman and references from previous employers are pre-requisite. [Expired]
  • Roustabout in Palm Springs, California.
  • Roustabouts (general laborer, salary: $900 to $1100 per week; Job location: Louisiana, USA (15 days ago)
  • Experienced Roustabout/Foreman needed for work on oil production platform in the North Sea, UK sector. Roustabout job description summary for this position:

    First and foremost Roustabout in this position is required to show excellent skills in performing various manual labor operations on offshore oil rig under the supervision of Crane Operator. The duties and responsibilities of Roustabout include, but do not remain limited to the following: substituting Roughnecks during relief breaks on the drill floor; providing help and assistance to other crew members on the oil rig, such as Assistant Driller, Derrickhand, Motorman, Mechanic, Derrickman, Welder, Wireman, under the general supervision of Crane Operator; unloading and loading supply vessels, chipping and painting the rig, simple maintenance and repairs of sewer system, clean up, housekeeping, maintenance, chemical sack room duties, relocation of supplies, groceries and equipment on the rig.

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If openings for Roustabout jobs that we announced until the moment you view this page have either been marked as expired or filled by the successful applicants, just do more of your research, navigating through this website to find more entry-level job listings that match the Roustabout job title that you selected and Roustabout Job Description that we provided.

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