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Overview of entry level opportunities on oil rigs

  1. Roughneck training program in Nova Scotia for individuals, wishing to start career on oil rigs, but having no previous hands-on experience. Hands-on training is available under the supervision of the best Floormen at the Maitime Drilling Schools Ltd. privately owned training center in North Sidney.
  1. Getting entry level oil rig job in Norway, be it even only a simple Roustabout position, could be very advantageous, at least because in the Norwegian offshore UK sector personnel work on oil rigs only 3 months in a year, while the salary the offshore workers get there is paid for the entire 12 months period.

  2. This small Middle East country is one of the major providers of employment in the world's oil production industry. Read the review direct from Doha, analyzing Qatar oil jobs and the situation on employment market in Qatar's oil drilling industry.

  3. Plenty of oil rig jobs are available in the Middle East countries, such as Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar and other countries near the Persian Gulf.

  4. It is already almost for half a century that drilling for oil in the the Gulf of Mexico has been creating the bigger portion of offshore oil jobs in the North America, and even in spite of moratorium on shallow water oil production that followed the notorious 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon explosion that resulted in the biggest oil pollution in the history of the United States, the GOM offshore platforms and drillships continue being the biggest source of jobs that pay the biggest salaries at any level of employment.

  5. Oilfield Roughneck/Floorhand is a senior member of a drilling crew that works, following the directions of Driller or Assistant Driller/Derrickhand (Derrickman) on the drill floor. During the process of drilling Roughnecks perform manual operations to support the drill string trip in and out of the hole during the drilling session. Lead Roughneck is usually charged with operating and taking care of the solids control equipment, therefore this position may bear the title of Solids Control Technician.

  6. Job seekers, especially low skilled manual laborers, started seeking for employment on oil fields of Denver Basin since 1901, when the very first barrel of the Colorado crude oil was extracted from the very first oil well, that had been drilled to reach successfully the natural oil reserve. Those ancient times are gone, but Denver area oil reserve keep producing oil and generating land based oil rig jobs for thousands of contemporary Americans. It's not only low-skilled Roustabouts and Roughnecks that flock there, but also many technical college graduates, aspiring to get an entry-level job in a lucrative oil production industry that offers the best salaries, available in some of the richest countries in the world - Canada, Australia, Norway, USA, UAE and other oil producing nations.

  7. Along with Texas, Alabama, and Florida, Louisiana is another US oil state that borders on the Gulf of Mexico and offers entry level opportunities for greenhand seekers of a job and big salary on offshore oil production platforms. In New Orleans and some other cities and localities of Louisiana you can find quite a number of offices of oil drilling companies or recruiters and do the staffing for the US and Canada oil & gas offshore upstream sector. Because of many old rig workers retiring during these years, the companies are forced to hire the new workforce to replace old sea wolfs. It's through starting as an entry level Roustabout you can get promoted to Roughneck position and then keep climbing up career ladder in offshore oil drilling industry.

  8. Overview of a Roughneck positions on offshore rigs and mainland olfields of Alabama. The majority of oil drilling job openings in Alabamy can be located in Mobile area and on the shallow water platforms in the Gulf of Mexico. Offshore sector at the time offers less opportunities for employment than oil rigs, found inside Alabama's territory, while the offshore salaries are traditionally bigger even for the low end unskilled positions greenhand Roustabouts or Galleyhand in the catering department.

  9. Solids Control Technician (Hiring), job location: Texas. Experienced roughnecks are wanted to be considered for the position of Oil Field Solids Control Technician on land-based oil rigs in the state of Texas. Availability of PEC Safety Card and Heavy Equipment Operator certification are the pre-requisites. Only the current residents of Texas, please.

  10. Floorhand/Leasehand/Roustabout, job location: Dickinson, ND. Job Descritption SUMMARY: Rig employee in this position will perform manual work at employer's rigs, as assigned. High School diploma or GED is desirable, but not a pre-requisite. Should have no problems, communicating with other crew members, supervisors, and customers. Previous experience on oil rigs is not a pre-requisite, instruction and field training will be provided at workplace, should be able to learn and pick up skills quickly in the process of doing the job as a part of team. The entry-level salary begins at $24,000, but with the time and by measure of obtaining the oilfield experience can reach $35,000 a year.

  11. Oil drilling contractor is hiring Roustabout to carry out some semi-skilled tasks on the drill deck, requiring manual force involvement, under the supervision of Crane Operator. Will be responsible for rigging the supplies for drilling, pipes, as well as some portable drilling equipment, before them being moved around the oil rig; will be responsible for performing the rig floor area general houskeeping duties and keeping the working zone free from obstructions. The Roustabout job location: Beaumont, TX. Salary: $25,000 - $28,000 per annum. Roughneck oil field jobs in Texas are available as well.

  12. Oilfield rig worker jobs in Indiana

  13. Roughneck career on offshore rigs in the GOM area

  14. Driller Helper work in North Dakota

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