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Who hires - Oilfield Development and Integrated Services Co
Title of Oilfield Job Opening: Roustabout. Job location: Beaumont, TX.

The company, incorporated in California, whose clients are oil drilling companies in Texas, will hire a General Laborer - Roustabout to fill an oilfield drilling industry related vacancy to work in the state of Texas. Main duties of Roustabout in this position will include assistance with the installation and removal of fabrics at customer facilities. Besides main duties, will be responsible for performing a range of casual unskilled and semi-skilled operations. The size of salary is not declared. This is an entry-level position, for which no previous experience is required.
Ad status: EXPIRED.

Oilfield Roustabout Job in Colorado, CO

Job Category: General Labor
Job Title: Oilfield Roustabout

Company Location (country, state, region, locality): Keenesburg, Colorado - CO, USA
Job type, as it will appear in the contract: Full Time Employment, Regular.

Oilfield Roustabout Job Description Summary: This position will be responsible for performing a wide range of supervised maintenance, support, and auxiliary tasks on the employer's oil drilling facilities in Colorado oilfields industry. Other minor duties on oil rigs may be assigned and may vary by oilfield location.

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Roughneck / Floorhand position

Job by: Erdogas Oilfield Crewing
Required competence: Cleaner, Roustabout
Work overview: A medium sized oilfield development contractor continues working a project on oil fields of Texas (land based oil rigs). At this stage there arose the need to add several Roughnecks in order to enforce the existing field team of low end employees, including entry level positions that do not necessarily require previous experience, who would be hired on temporary contract. In the position of oilfield Roughneck / Deckhand a worker must do all assisting jobs involving renovation and lubrication of hoses, pumps, and mechanisms, contained in the assembly or found on oil rig, along with performing other normal roughneck labor. In a position of Roughneck / Driller Helper the worker will have to fulfill all secondary jobs. Should be certified as heavy duty equipment operator. The duties of this Roughneck/Floorhand role will also include relocating the supplies from the service truck and Moving them to storage areas. The job may involve the need to travel

Roughneck / Cleaner work

Drilling Crew Field Positions on the Land Based Oil Rig:

These are the most importand field roles, since they relate directly to the drilling operations that are performed in course of oil deposits exploration or production process. Namely, the list of them include: Leasehand (Roustabout, Righand), Floorhand (Roughneck, Floorman), Motorhand (Motorman) / Rig Tech Level I, Derrickhand (Derrickman) / Rig Tech Level II, Driller / Rig Technician Level III, Rig Manager.

Leasehand (RoustaboutI. Sometimes on the land based rigs laborers in this position are also called Righand. The summary of the Leasehand Job Descrition: Leasehand reports to Driller or to another senior drilling crew member the Leasehand might be subordinated to. The primary responsibilities of the Leasehand oilfield position on oil rigs include providing manual labor assistance and help in support of ongoing operations and auxhiliary jobs on the land based oil rig. Leasehand assists to all other crew members, whenever and whatever summoned for. Performs the duties of the drilling crew truck driver, if there's no specially assigned driver to the crew, or on occasions the truck driver is absent, like it occurs on many rigs in Indiana. Works only under supervision, and is charged with none of the supervisory functions himself. In fact, Leasehand is the lowest and the least skilled position on oil rigs that is responsible for doing the dirtiest and/or the hardest unskilled or semi-skilled manual labor, which no one else agrees to do. The job title of Leasehand might originate from this junior crew member obligation to clean, wash, wipe etc. and maintain the leased oil drilling equipment the way it should be maintained.

Floorhand (Floorman; Roughneck - on offshore oil rigs). Floorhand's main task on the drill floor consists in performing the succession of practical actions, involving hard manual labor in the course of drilling process. Under the direct supervision of Driller or Assistant Driller, the Floorhand connects and disconnects the drill stem and sections of the drilling pipe during the oil drilling sessions. Also Floorhand provides rig up and down assistance to the oil well operator, performing a variety of the specific functions that require not only big physical force, but also quick reaction and precise and timely response exactly in the moment the oil drilling pipe calls for prompt and accurate connection/disconnection. Floorman should have the necessary training and certification, allowing him to substitute Derrickman and operate the derrick, or even operate the rig, if necessary.

Driller: On land based oil rig the Driller is a role, responsible for drill floor operations and the personnel, doing their job and found on the drill floor. This way it is on North Dakota oilfields, for example.

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